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Working Girl

by aaron

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Warning: This longish story contains strong cuckold, prostitution and interracial elements.

Note: A surprising number of females pay their rent with sex in lieu of cash at some point in their lives; I've spoken to several who admitted having done so. In fact my brother was such a landlord for a period of time, specialising in letting one room bed-sits to female students and unmarried mothers. Unfortunately for him, he sacrificed too much income for pleasure and when the inevitable cash flow crisis came along his small empire rapidly crumbled.


Joni had just turned nineteen when I first met her, a five foot nothing bundle of fun with big tits, a pert bum and masses of curly blonde hair. I am only 5' 6" tall and of slim build but considered quite good looking - so it was my good fortune that she preferred me to the many more macho types that were always hitting on her. Joni shared with two flat-mates, one of which was easy going but the other a downright prude. So it was only on those occasions that Miss Straight-laced was missing that I was able to spend the night with my girl. Apart from those occasions we had to make out behind bushes in the park or a deserted band-stand if it was wet. Understandably, after six months of this unsatisfactory situation, we pooled our resources and got a flat together.

The place we found is on the second floor of a house in the middle of an imposing row of terrace houses with a small park directly opposite. A hundred years ago the occupants must have been quite well to do people but time had caused the city to envelope the area until it is now technically inner city. More pertinent is the fact that it is now at the heart of the city's red light district. We paid £200 per month for our flat when similar decent furnished accommodation in almost any other part of the city would have cost far more. At that time we could have afforded more but that meant always renting and we calculated that three years of saving would get us the deposit on a place of our own. It was pleasant living there with the only drawback being the need to pass the working girls spaced along the street when entering or leaving our home. This was not a real hardship except that kerb crawlers often propositioned Joni when she was out alone and a few of the whores took pleasure in teasing me whenever they spotted me walking on my own.

Joni loved sex and that was the root of our problems. We fucked like rabbits for six months with more abandon than prudence and, possibly inevitably, she ended up pregnant. We treated this as a welcome development and got married on the strength of it, anticipated parenthood somehow blinding us to reality. The truth of the situation became apparent after six months when my young wife had to give up work and I had difficulty meeting the rent just on my salary. During the last three months of the pregnancy the street girls got far bolder saying things like, "You can't be getting much now - come on, I like giving freebies to pretty boys like you" and more succinctly, "Do you want a quickie on the house?" I certainly wasn't getting much but I was never seriously tempted - I loved Joni far too much.

We had a lovely little boy who we called Tom but from that point our troubles really started. I had absolutely no idea of the expense that would be involved - pram, cot, baby clothes, nappies and formula milk. Joni was estranged from her single parent mother and my folks were dead, so we had no outside help whatsoever and this all took a hefty chunk of our very meagre savings. Now I am basically a very honest person but in this position of dire need, I was presented with temptation. I worked in the purchase department of a large firm and a large part of my job was sitting at a VDU processing payments to suppliers.

It is a two-phase system. I had a pile of payment authorisations and with each one I found the relevant item, typed in the code provided and it set the 'Payment authorised' flag on the record. Then I start with a pile of invoices, again find the transaction, either filled in the bank details from the invoice or pull it electronically from a look-up file. This action set an 'Invoice received' flag. On each record there was also a 'days elapsed' counter which kept track of how long the transaction had been in the system. In overnight off-line processing the file was scanned and payment made on those records where both Authorisation and Invoiced received flags were set but only if the days elapsed exceeds 90 (unless the supplier in question gave discount on prompt payment).

One rare slack day, with no specific records to work on, I began to idly browse through the file and found myself staring at an item for £4000 where the days elapsed was pushing 2000. The authorisation flag was set but after more than four years the supplier had still not presented an invoice for payment. After a bit of careful investigation, I discovered the answer - the supplier had gone into liquidation within days of despatching the goods for which this was the payment. So there was £4000 looking for a home and the true recipient was no longer in a position to want it. I did not act immediately but twenty-four hours later, I nervously entered my own bank account number onto the record.

The next morning, the moment that I stepped into work I was hustled straight into the managers office where I was soon to find that my attempted fraud had shown up on an overnight 'Errors and Exceptions' report that I knew nothing about. The manager showed me a print-out of my bank account number asking, "So you recognise that - we can check." I admitted that it was mine at which he nodded and said, "I thought so. We are not calling the police but you are no longer employed by this organisation. You will not get a reference and we are also going to ensure that you are not given a position of trust with any of the firms that we deal with." I was then escorted to collect pay due, clear my desk and then shown off the premises. I was up a famous creek and seriously devoid of a paddle.

Joni was upset but sympathetic and tried to make the best of things by saying, "Never mind - things will work out somehow."

I was not eligible for Unemployment pay but while able to claim for a wife and child from the Social Security, was unable to get Housing Benefit due to where we lived - something about not paying the rent for prostitutes. As you can imagine, our remaining savings melted away like summer snow. We managed to pay the rent the first month after my dismissal but the following month we were completely broke. When the rent man called I explained that there had been a cock-up with my salary check, promising to pay double the next month and he accepted the story. The month's grace did us no good because there were no jobs to be had and when he called again we were in the same situation. This time I varied my story by saying that I had been made redundant and was expecting a big redundancy cheque at any moment. One again he bought it and went away.

The next month the rent man called on the Wednesday instead of the Friday. "There is no redundancy cheque is there?" he asked seeing the dismay on our faces. Joni and I both shook our heads. "I thought not," he nodded. "You have got to be out of the flat by Monday - that's why I've called early to give you a bit more time to find somewhere else."

There was more conversation but nothing that affected the ultimatum. When the collector left, Joni said, "That was nice of him." The rent collector was aged about fifty, of average height but heavily built with a moustache came down the sides of his mouth to envelope the chin making an abbreviated pretentious sort of beard. The man was always very smartly dressed with a lot of showy jewellery including gold tie pin and heavy wrist bracelet. I had always envied his conspicuous wealth and confidence, so consumed with despair at our desperate situation, I resorted to unjustified anger and snarled back, "There was nothing nice about it - it was fucking patronising and I wished to hell I had smacked the bastard's fat face."

We embraced for a long time until Joni had calmed me down and then sat for the remainder of the evening discussing our severely limited options. In bed we screwed for solace without the usual exuberant abandon. Despite my ingratitude about the extra two days warning, I set out early next morning to take full advantage of it. Although the area where we lived was not very salubrious the flat itself was extremely pleasant and despite a long futile day of tramping round, I could find nothing that came even remotely close. I was sickened by the squalor of the places that I visited and those even slightly better required a deposit that we did not have. I returned home in a very dispirited frame of mind to find my wife looking more cheerful than I felt. Joni made me a mug of tea then sat down facing. She waited until I had taken a few grateful gulps from the mug and then before I could give my negative report on the day, said in a funny kind of voice, "The rent man called again and despite what you think he's quite a nice man. He said that he hated the thought of us being thrown out on the street and wanted to help if he could. I didn't know want to say and after a moment he told me that if I gave him a little something on account then we could stay in the flat for at least another month."

My hopes had risen slightly at the start of her speech but now they plunged again. "Then it's no help at all - we have nothing to give him."

Joni nodded. "I know and that is exactly what I told him but he didn't answer and after a bit I realised that he was staring at my tits - if fact he was staring at all of me and it made me feel completely naked."

"I hope you slapped his face and threw him out."

"That wouldn't have helped at all and I thought there was no harm in finding out exactly what he wanted so I asked what 'little something on account' he had in mind. He smiled, patted my behind and said 'You know the score - if you are nice to me then I can be very nice to you' I moved out of his way but smiled back and asked just how nice would he be."

I was fuming but determined to hear the end of this proposition before exploding. "That put him on the spot," Joni went on with a little grin. "Well he stood there looking me up and down and in the end he said, 'I don't usually pay this much for a bit of tail but you are rather special and I really do feel sorry for you - so what say I forget this last months rent.' This was a lot more than I thought he would offer but I didn't let on. Instead I said, 'So you get what you want and then throw us out because we would still owe two months.' To cover that he said that we could pay off the arrears a bit at a time - he will start calling every week and collect £75 instead of £50."

My rage suddenly died as I gazed at her in horror, "You didn't agree did you?"

"I said that I would have to speak to you first - he's coming back at 4 p.m. tomorrow for my answer."

"You sound as if you are seriously considering it," I said with disbelief.

Our eyes met but my wife quickly glanced away. "It's the only option so far - that is unless you have found somewhere else for us to go today."

I shook my head unhappily. "Everywhere I saw was really terrible."

"Well I certainly don't want to take Tom to some bug infested hovel. Even if we go to the council, I will be put in emergency accommodation, crammed in with other mothers and kids and you'll finish up in some kind of hostel being molested by dirty old men. That's why I don't want to leave this flat if I can possibly help it."

"But you're my wife. I love you and you love me, how can you possibly consider it," I protested.

"Jake it's only sex. If you were my first it might be different but you know that I had one or two partners before we met. I can do it if it is the only way to stay here. We have both got to pretend that it doesn't matter at all."

The smarmy face of the rent collector hovered in front of my eyes. "But with him - he's horrible."

"At least he'll be clean - you can tell by his manicured fingers that he's pretty fastidious."

"You really are serious aren't you?"

"Jake, I honestly don't think I have got any choice, whether I want to or not," Joni said firmly, meeting my eyes head on for the first time.

I started to nod in reluctant acquiescence but then in a burst of childish petulance I shouted, "But what the fuck am I supposed to do while he's screwing you - stand by the door holding his bloody coat?"

"Don't be silly - you can take Tom in the park for an hour. I shouldn't take longer than that and I'm hoping it will be a damn sight shorter."

"He just said that that you had to 'be nice' to him so he might be satisfied with just a blow-job," I suggested, looking for the slightest glimmer of hope."

"I hope that he does want to fuck me," my wife said bluntly, " - if I have to suck him off then I have got to think about what I'm doing but with a shag I can just lie there and let him get on with it.

I slumped at the realisation that it was really going to happen, dipping my head to hide the tears that had come unbidden to my eyes. In a flash, Joni was round the table and holding my head firmly against her soft breasts. "It won't make any difference to us," she consoled, "If we both consider the alternative I think we can get through this unscathed."

Tom deciding to cry at that moment broke up the discussion and we did not mention the subject again. We had the television on while she took care of our son and soon after he went down we also retired to bed. I felt completely drained with sex the last thing on my mind. Joni lay stiffly by my side and I can imagine that she was equally pensive. After a few minutes a glanced at the bedside clock and this triggered the thought that within twenty-four hours my lovely wife would be lying in the same position but with another man between her legs. In an instant my prick was rigid and as hard as iron. Frantically I rolled on top of her stabbing ineffectually in the urgency to get inside her. Joni helped me in then clung to me wrapping her legs tightly round me. Our love-making session was neither tender nor of long duration. On the contrary it was both explosive and quick but it did the trick because we both fell asleep in each others arms, still joined.

The next day we went through the motions of normal life but both Joni and I were very quiet and as if by unspoken agreement, neither of us made any reference to how the afternoon would end. I know that I had great difficulty sitting still and I also made inroads into my small supply of roll-up tobacco. At 3.45 p.m. Joni said brightly, "It's a lovely day outside - why don't you take Tom for a nice walk in the park."

I shot out of my chair as if jerked by a piece of string. It was the moment that I had been dreading all day. I left with only a casual kiss - why should I make a fuss. I was simply taking my son out leaving my wife to get on with her housework and when I got back, like most husbands, I would not be able to tell what she had done. It was a good defence ploy in theory but the moment that I was seated in the park, it all fell to pieces. I sat looking at my watch until it got to four o'clock - 'He will be knocking at the door now. Joni will open it but will she smile or simply let him to in?' It was easy to imagine the smug complacent look on the bastard's face and the mental picture forced my guts into a spasm of cramp.

When I reckoned that they would be going into the bedroom I felt physically sick and ran to lean over a rubbish bin, but although I suffered a bit of retching, nothing came up. And so it went on with me painfully imagining every moment of my wife's seduction. I have graphically mentioned my mental distress but despite this my feckless penis kept doing a good impersonation of an iron poker and this fact filled me with a profound feeling of shame to add to my other woes. Tom did not get his walk, (I honestly think that for a time my legs were incapable of movement), and although my baby boy grizzled a bit, he left me alone with my thoughts for the full hour.

The instant that my watch showed five o'clock, I heaved a long sight and stood up - at least it was all over by now. Tom gazed up at me and I managed to give him a weak smile. I had actually taken a few steps towards to park exit when I realised that the rent collector might not have left immediately - he was the kind of swine to prolong matter by making unnecessary conversation just to gloat over his conquest. Somehow I had managed to convince myself that if I did not see the man, nothing had happened - so I turned instead towards the small lake. Tom loves the ducks. "Du, Du, Du," he would say - or that's what we believed he said. Now as usual he started bouncing excitedly up and down - during that long hour he must have sat there wondering what the delay was. It was just over fifteen minutes before the small child lost interest and once again I turned towards home only to be stopped by another thought - what the hell could I say when I entered the flat? Should it be some mundane remark like, "I forgot to take crumbs for the ducks" or possibly the polite query "How was it?"

My gut reaction questions were, "Did he fuck your brains out?" and "DID YOU ENJOY IT?" but those were answers that Joni would only answer in her own time. It was another quarter of an hour before I decided to simply walk in, hold her and wait for her to tell me as much as she wanted.

It was almost twenty to six before I arrived at the garden gate, only to find the rent collector walking down the path towards me. He gave me an expansive smile together with a mock salute and congratulated, "Cracking little wife you've got there squire - you're a very lucky man." At that moment I felt anything but a lucky man.

I was trembling when I entered the flat. The encounter had completely distracted my intention to look at my wife's face to see if there was any change. She was not in the room anyway. I had taken one step into the bedroom to check there when I heard the sound of the shower - this was in what was historically a large cupboard at the end of the kitchen alcove. However, it was not knowledge of Joni's whereabouts that caused me to step quickly backwards. The bedroom curtains were drawn, the duvet was in a pile on the floor at the bottom of the bed and the whole room reeked of sex. The finishing touch was the large wet patch in the middle of the sheet. I pulled the door quickly closed just as my wife emerged from the kitchen, completely naked and busily tying a towel round her hair. "Don't go in there for a minute or two - I want to get some clothes on first. Why don't you put the kettle on love, I'm absolutely parched," she said cheerfully.

I got Tom out of the pram and got him playing on the floor and then did as instructed. Joni was over ten minutes before she returned and even then had only flung on jeans and an old sweater. She gave me a big smile and said, "I meant to bring a nappy out, grab me one love while I take his dirty one off - after I get Tom settled we can sit down and talk. With no option, I steeled my self and went into the bedroom, to be amazed at the instant transformation - Sunlight streamed in through the wide open window, the bed was made and the air smelt of springtime. Curiosity caused me to look under the duvet, and sure enough I found a crisp clean sheet.

As if knowing what was required of him, Tom went to sleep the moment the moment he was put down. Joni grabbed her mug, walked over as if to join me on the settee, hesitated a moment then sat instead in an armchair facing me. "I bumped into him outside - he certainly kept you chatting for a long time afterwards," I told her, mainly for something to say.
Joni gave a kind of snorting laugh. "He kept on screwing for a long time you mean - I thought he was never going to finish. The last half hour I was worried that you were going to walk in on it."

This news hit me like a physical blow but to cover my distress, I tried to joke by saying, "I bet you wish now he had wanted a blow job instead."

"Oh he wanted one of those as well, in fact that's how we started off, "Joni told me quite casually. "The moment that I said that I would do what he wanted, he flopped his cock out and said 'Then let's get started shall we?' It was obvious that he wanted me to put it in my mouth so I knelt in front of him thinking that this was possibly best after all. His penis wasn't stiff at all to start with but it was obvious that he had been thinking about what he might be doing with it."

"How big is his cock," I asked, not really wanting to know the answer to my question.

"About the same length as you but a nice bit thicker."

"Nice?" I echoed. "Using the word 'nice' means you would prefer my prick to be thicker than it is."

"That's rubbish," my wife came back with a touch of irritation. "It was a simple figure of speech. It was not a lot thicker than yours but definitely more than a bit - I used 'nice' to mean somewhere in between. If it is worrying you, I like your cock a whole lot better. His is kind of gnarled where yours is beautiful. You know that I love your cock."

Realising that I had been a bit touchy on the subject I forced a smile and this allowed Joni to continue, "It only lasted about three minutes; it was certainly no longer than five before my mouth was suddenly full of his stuff, almost without any warning. I didn't want to swallow it but wasn't sure if I was expected to considering the amount of money it was costing him. At that point he mentioned that a cup of tea would be nice and this gave me the chance to dash in the kitchen and spit it in the sink. I think he would have liked something alcoholic but knew that we wouldn't have anything."

My wife paused and I could tell that she was mentally checking the progression of what happened next. "When I carried the mugs in he patted the settee for me to sit beside him. While drinking the tea we chatted about Tom and other things that had nothing to do with sex but after a short time he put his mug on the floor and started fondling my breast. This progressed to him undoing the buttons on my blouse, unclipping my bra and getting his hand inside. I let him because I thought he deserved something extra for the money and this also applied to him sliding a hand up my leg to finger me. He hadn't done up his pants and suddenly I noticed that his cock was sticking out of the zip and looking very stiff again. 'Time to move to move to the bedroom again;' he said. I hadn't expected this and started to protest but he only laughed and asked, 'You don't think I'd lay out two hundred smackers just to get sucked off - that was only insurance to make sure I don't shoot off too soon during the main event.' I'd got no real choice so I took him to the bed."

"The bastard," I muttered to myself but have to admit that a fair streak in my nature allowed me to see his point of view.

"I started to take my clothes off but he wanted to undress me and he kept saying how beautiful I was while he was doing it. When I was naked I lay on the bed and he removed his trouser and boxer shorts - they were purple and looked as if they were made of silk. He kept his shirt on, I think that was silk too because it felt nice and cool against my bare skin. I expected him to jump straight on top of me but he lay beside me, stroking me and telling me to relax and all I had to do was hold his dick. Even when we started to fuck he was slow and gentle. He didn't make me feel used at all - and that what I was afraid of."

"So how was it?" - Now I could ask the question.

Joni took a moment or two to consider her answer. "It wasn't unpleasant."

"That's double negative," I accused. "If it wasn't unpleasant, that means it was pleasant and that means you enjoyed it."

"No I didn't enjoy it," my wife came back heatedly. The denial hung in the air for a long moment before she said in a softer voice, "All right, I could have enjoyed it but I didn't let myself - as soon as I felt him getting through to me I forced my mind to think of other things. From then on I moaned occasionally and panted a bit to keep him happy but I wasn't really involved. Maybe if I had screwed him back it wouldn't have gone on so long but I'm not so sure. At his age was surprised when he got an erection so quickly after the blow job but I think he had a lot of trouble making himself cum again so soon."

We sat just looking at each other until Joni said softly, "You can come over and give me a kiss if you want." I remained seated. My reluctance was entirely due to a throbbing erection that I knew would be revealed the moment that I stood up.

She gave a little forced laugh and told me, "You don't have to worry - I've brushed my teeth and had a good gargle."

I slowly got to my feet and looking down at the tented front of my pants told her," I'm so ashamed."

My wife's laugh this time was both genuine and relieved. "Come here you silly boy - it's a perfectly natural reaction after what I have just told you. I would have thought you a cold fish if it hadn't affected you at all." Next moment we were in each others arms and kissing as if our lives depended on it." Somehow we graduated to the bedroom and a prolonged session of frantic sex. In the park I had wondered if she would feel different after being fucked by another man but in the fervour of the moment I forget to check. Much later as we lay looking lovingly at each other Joni said happily, "See - it hasn't affected us one little bit. I would do the same thing again like a shot if it saved having to take our little Tom to some grotty awful flat."

Our baby's cries brought us back to reality and after he had been fed and changed we grabbed a bit of supper for ourselves. While we were eating my wife, my wife said seriously, "Make the most of this because we will not be able to buy anything nice to eat for a long time. I've been working it out and we are still in trouble. By the time we have put aside £75 for the rent and got all the stuff that Tom needs, there will be almost nothing left to buy food for us. There's not a lot in the cupboard as it is but when that is gone we can't replace it. So it's going to be beans on toast and more beans on toast from now on. I'm sorry darling but that also means no more tobacco for you."

The shock of losing my crutch made me ask sarcastically, "And when pray did you work all that out?"

"I told you that I made myself think of other things - I mentally went through our accounts while Maurice was humping away on top of me."


"I know it sound ridiculous but that is his name, he told me. I mean, I can hardly keep on referring to him as the rent man know."

At times during the following week there were times my brain was preoccupied with visions of Joni being screwed by 'Maurice' and at others I hardly thought about it at all. To be honest there were more pressing considerations to occupy my mind. I suffered lot from pangs of hunger and having no pleasant anticipation for my next meal exacerbated these. My wife did her best to vary our diet but it was still unappetising fare. My worst problem was tobacco deprivation and I'm ashamed to say that I started scavenging for butts in the street to satisfy my craving. I found that outside supermarkets and some business premises were the best places to look because people often discarded half smoked cigarettes when they entered. Those that were not too badly crushed I managed to smoke and others I broke up to use in my roll up machine - but never in front of Joni. The rest of the time I trailed about on foot from office to office looking for clerical work but found that even in the small firms I had been effectively black-listed - I would not have thought that my transgression warranted all that trouble.

When it got to Friday I gave up at lunchtime and spent the afternoon lounging on the settee. I was trying to think of a reason to pop out and smoke an illicit reassembled cigarette when Joni took the painfully hoarded £75 rent money out of her handbag and placed it ready on the table. "Maurice will be here in a few minutes - I don't know how I am going to face him after last week," she said with an embarrassed laugh. I didn't want to face the sod at all so I jumped up, grabbed Tom and exited the flat at speed, muttering that I was taking him to the park for half an hour or so. It was just short of the hour when I set off back to the flat. I would have gone back sooner had not Tom been highly entertained by the antics of a group of dogs (being far too young to know that they were all taking turns with a young bitch). I had enjoyed a couple of smokes and recovered that amount of tobacco from rescued dog-ends - so it was a quite successful outing.

Joni gave me a big smile when I walked into the flat, "I've got a big surprise for you," she said happily. "Maurice brought us a barbecued chicken and it's still warm - wasn't that kind of him?" My mouth immediately watered at the thought but, knowing where it had come from, my instinct was to refuse the feast. Joni also had a look of indecision on her face but then plunged a hand in her pocket to bring out a £10 and a £5 note. She held them out to me saying "While I see to Tom, can you pop along to the supermarket. Get yourself some tobacco and a four pack of lager. While you are there you could also pick up a loaf of bread, a pack of butter and some marmalade - oh yes, a jar of pickles would be nice."

I made no move to take the cash. "Where has that come from?" I wanted to know. My wife's blushing face gave me the answer without her needing to speak. "You let him fuck you again, didn't you?" I accused.

"We needed that money," she said simply. "Jake, it's only been a week but I'm hungry and I'm sick of having nothing but most of all it hurts me to see how you are suffering without your roll-ups. Nothing is going to change because every week there's going to be nothing left after the rent and Tom - it's going to be the same week after week. So if I can live like a normal human being by letting Maurice stick his dick in me for an hour, I'm going to do it and I don't care what you say."

"Last he paid £200 for a fuck, this week £75, what is it going to be next week - a fiver?" I said nastily.

My wife stepped forward with a hand raised as if to slap my face but stopped and instead said quietly, "Last week was different. Last week Maurice was the first other man since we met and he paid for that privilege. Today he had already had me so what did it matter if I let him do it again, especially as we need the money so badly." I said nothing - the tears in her eyes making me bitterly regret my cruel words. "If he had tried to buy me, I think that pride would have made me refuse, but it wasn't at all like that," Joni went on slowly. "First he had brought us the chicken out of the kindness of his heart. Then when I gave him the money he started to place it in his wallet but put it back on the table instead and asked if we were managing. I managed to nod but he said that he thought we needed it far more than he did. I just stood there looking down at the cash."

'Pick it up and put it back in your purse.' he said, 'there are no strings but if you want to show your appreciation I will be very grateful.' So I did take the money back and then I walked into the bedroom but I did say that he couldn't go on too long because you didn't know to stay away. 'Then I better skip the starter and begin with the main course,' he said with a little laugh - and that seemed to make everything all right. I know that you don't like him very much Jake but I think that I do. Despite what you say, he seems basically to be a nice man."

At the supermarket I was choked at the thought that the rent man had been fucking my wife while I had been watching dogs engaged in the same activity but by the time I had purchased my tobacco and the other things my feeling of resentment had eased somewhat. At home Joni was sitting waiting with the succulent chicken on the table in front of her. We ate with our fingers. It was a feast for the Gods with fresh bread and butter and pickled onions for variation - and afterwards with a nice thick roll-up I basked in the depths of contentment. Inevitably, I soon began to feel amorous and soon found that my wife was in a similar romantic frame of mind. We kissed and fondled on the settee for a while but then graduated to the bedroom. When I entered her, her vagina felt so silky smooth. For several thrusts I revelled in the sublime pleasure of the sensation but then the reason for it his me like a cold shock. Ceasing all motion, I said harshly, "You didn't make him use a condom."

"No I didn't," Joni admitted. "Last week I didn't like to with him paying so much and today there didn't seem much point when he had already had me bareback. It's not as if I can get pregnant."

I said a little prayer that eagerness to fuck had made me skip my customary oral foreplay but in a perverse way, the knowledge that the other mans cum was still in her cunt greatly excited me. With my brain inflamed I began to ram my cock into her like a rutting stag, aware of little except the fact that Joni was clinging to me with equal passion. I climaxed in a mind-blowing explosion greater than ever before and from the way that my wife was panting I know that she had also enjoyed a major orgasm. "Oh Jake, that was wonderful," she sighed when we had both regained our breath. "I wish you would make love to me like that more often."

Eating and smoking normally, the following week passed quickly and it was the Friday again almost before we knew it. Although never explicitly mentioned I think that it was tacitly accepted that Joni would have sex with Maurice again, if he wanted - neither of us could face the prospect of going back to that week of short rations. So at 4.45 I stood up saying, "There are some crusts left and it will amuse Tom if I feed them to the ducks." Joni just nodded and I left the flat without ceremony. All the time in the park I was in highly aroused state and although I still suffered a great deal of jealousy there was none of the anguish of that first time. Thankfully there were no dogs around. On the homeward walk I thought not of what had occurred in my absence but rather the hope that there would be another chicken.

I could detect no appetising smell of warm meat but Joni was as excited as before, pointing to the kitchen and saying, "He brought us a microwave. Maurice said that someone vacating one of the flats left it behind and he thought that we could make use of it. He didn't have to do that did he?"

"Very kind," I conceded, " - but I suppose you rewarded him."

"Yes I did. For the microwave - and so I could keep the rent money."

That evening we watch the long two first parts of a new series on TV so it was late when we finally went to bed. The gap of almost six hours had made me forget all about the rent man and I had spent several pleasant minutes with my head deep between Joni's legs when a subtle difference in taste made me remember. I was so aroused by then that for a few seconds I was tempted to continue but the sense of distaste won out and I switched to normal sex. Joni was far more passionate than usual and I idly wondered if this was a side benefit of her having been fucked by another man earlier in the day. Despite this, I could not manage the sexual ferocity of the previous Friday until Joni whispered, "I rather like doing it with Maurice you know - he is quite a good lover." Those few words did the trick.

The next week he brought two carrier bags filled with packets of frozen food. "Maurice said that having a microwave is no good without anything to cook in it so he checked the freezer of that same flat and found all this stuff," my wife explained. Joni insisted on showing me everything item by item before giving me the bad news. "Maurice needs to collect the rent money from now on." She went on to tell me that our benefactor had suffered an unexpected loss and could no longer afford to lay out £75 every week for sex. "I told him that I would do it for fifty but he couldn't manage that either," Joni said sadly.

Later on when I had been staring at the TV but really contemplating our impending return to penury, Joni switched off the set and said hesitantly, "Maurice did mention an alternative. He says that a friend of his would be willing to pay £200 for an afternoon with me."

"NO," I said adamantly.

"Think about it Jake," my wife said in a coaxing voice. "That amount of money would pay off a whole month of arrears leaving us only owing less than a month. As Maurice pointed out, that would leave us paying only a little over fifty per week and he would help us out with that whenever he could. He says that he would never put me in danger and that this friend is a very nice man who will really look after me."

"Just one afternoon?" I queried.

"Yes but it would have to be for three whole hours and this guy wouldn't want to wear a condom."

"Where would you have to go?"

"Nowhere - this friend would come to the flat but that means you having to take Tom somewhere and it is rather a long time. If I say 'Yes' it will happen next Wednesday."

"I don't like it," I muttered.

"Please say that I can love. It's only sex - you know that me doing it with Maurice hasn't affected us in the slightest." That was not strictly true but the effect had on the whole been beneficial. I knew that I was weakening but it took me by surprise to find that I was nodding my head. Joni came to me quickly and gave me a long loving kiss. "After this we will be like normal people and I will be able to stop being a bit of a whore to help us get by," she said, snuggling happily against me.

The following Wednesday morning, Joni fussed around like a mother hen. Constantly checking that the bag on the back of the pram contained everything that I might possibly need and telling me for the umpteenth time, "When Tom gets bored with the ducks he might like to watch the skateboarders at the other side of the park. There's a café just across the road from there. When you get hungry go to the canteen in the supermarket and get yourself something nice - there's a baby changing room there with facilities for heating his bottle."

It was a lovely day and the afternoon passed quite quickly. I was in a state of arousal most of the time but not excessively so. My wife had reasoned that as a good friend of Maurice, her visitor was likely to be another older guy. "He probably needs all afternoon with me because it takes so long for him to get him to get it up," she had joked. The last hour was a bit of a drag so that by the time we returned home my son was in a mangy mood - and to be honest, so was I. Joni greeted me enveloped in a kind of glow and a big smile on her face. "It was fantastic," she announced before I could ask, "Just wait until I have got Tom settled and I'll tell you all about it."

When Tom had been fed and was sleeping happily, with a cup of tea to hand, Joni began to describe her afternoon, barely able to contain her excitement. "He was a younger guy, not much more than thirty-two," she said. "He is over six feet, very black, loads of muscles and he wears his hair in brads though not dreadlocks."

I did not take in much beyond the important word. "B-black?" I stuttered.

Joni grinned. "I know - I was a bit shocked myself when I opened the door. I quickly let him in though because I always have been a bit curious."
All the myths about black male endowment prompted the inevitable question, only to be immediately confirmed. "Massive, over nine inches long and very thick," my wife told me happily.

"You look as if you enjoyed it."

"Of course I enjoyed it."

"And you admit it - just like that?" I was shocked that she had not tried to tone down her degree of pleasure for my benefit.

"There's no point in lying - if any woman tried to claim that she didn't enjoy having something that big inside her, nobody would believe her."

"Did he give you an orgasm?"

"Before I answer that you ought to know that I let Maurice make me cum the last two times I was with him so this wasn't a first. Yes, Jamal fucked me three separate times and made me cum at least once every time - I didn't have much choice with him.

"You better tell me the full story," I said unhappily.

"He's very forceful but at the same time amazingly gentle, especially at the start. For instance, he waited until I was fully adjusted to his size before he began any heavy humping.

He knew exactly what he wanted - there were times when I didn't do it right that he stopped and explained how to make it better. It was funny - part of the time I almost felt he was giving me an audition rather than a just right royal fucking." There was nothing that I could say so I sat in sullen silence but, seemingly unaware that she was talking to an unreceptive audience, Joni continued to enthuse, "Apart from his magnificent cock he's a fantastic lover. After I had got so that I could take it all he would push it in as far as it would go and then hold himself perfectly still. I don't know if he twitched his cock or just made it swell but it almost sent me out of my mind."

This was too much. "How can you possibly claim to love me and then tell me all this?" I burst out.

Joni leaned forwards, put her hand on mine and said softly, "Darling don't you know yet that a woman can have fantastic sex with another man without it affecting her love for her husband the teeniest little bit. You make me feel good in bed but that's not why I love you so much. My love for you is the kind that will still be there when sex is no longer as important as it is now."

By rights I should have been won over by my wife's loving words but my mind was too filled with images of her writhing on the bed in ecstasy with a big stiff dong stuck up her so be swayed so easily. Consequently, I tossed her hand off as if it disgusted me and this in turn hardened her attitude. "Did you or did you not you willingly agree that I could have sex with Jamal to pay off some of our rent arrears?"

"Yes I did but I didn't know it would be Jamal and I certainly didn't expect you to enjoy it so fucking much," I told her petulantly.

"Now that is a selfish attitude. Would you rather that I had just lain there hating what was happening to me every single second?"

"Well no, " I conceded, coming round a bit. "I could handle Maurice and I thought this would be the same but I am having trouble coming to terms with this. Give me time."

Joni took my hand and squeezed it. "This probably isn't the best time to mention this love but

Maurice got it wrong when he said that the £200 was for just one afternoon. Jamal thinks that

he has paid for two so I am going with him again next week. To make up for the confusion,

Jamal says he will take me shopping and buy me some nice things. The good thing is that

you and Tom won't have to stay away - after the shops we are going to his place, he's got one

of the new flats in a converted warehouse down by the river."

The tentative rapprochement was rather spoiled by this news and the atmosphere between us was strained for the rest of the evening. Every time that I glanced over at Joni I could picture her with her legs spread wide and a large black man on top of her. Largely due to this, despite my mood, once in bed I rolled to embrace my wife but the moment that my stiff prick jabbed into her leg she stopped me. "I'm sorry darling but you can't have me tonight. I know it's not fair but I'm so tender and bruised inside. I'll suck it as much as you like and use my hand if you want but you will have to wait till tomorrow to fuck me." I foolishly rolled away in temper and eventually had to resort to relieving myself in the early hours of the morning.

Joni certainly made it up to me the next night and this made me a lot happier with the situation. I can't remember much of the next week except that I had managed to convince myself that the black Adonis sexing her better than I could didn't really matter. It was also rather nice on the Friday seeing Maurice go away with rent money instead of his usual shag. When the next Wednesday came, I managed to kiss Joni quite cheerfully as she set out for her date but the moment that she had gone I was convulsed with jealousy and in an intense state of arousal. My prick was so stiff that it was painful to wear trousers and I spent all the waiting time in the flat with my member sticking uselessly out through the gap in my underpants.

My young wife arrived as excited as a girl and bringing several carrier bags with her. "You won't believe the amount if stuff Jamal has bought me, I hate to think what it must have cost him," she gushed. "I've got some really lovely things."

"Such as," I asked without enthusiasm, unable to escape the thought that this guy was trying to buy her affection.

"Two thongs, three bra and panty sets, a suspender belt and two pairs of real silk stockings - not tights. Then there is a pair of Italian shoes, very expensive and terribly high heels, an absolutely fabulous little black dress and two other pairs of very erotic knickers. The thing is he picked it all not me. In every shop Jamal walked about grabbing stuff and dumping it on the counter in front of the sales staff, he seemed to know my size and exactly what would suit me perfectly. All of it is a lot more daring than I would have chosen but I love it. Oh yes - and there's this." As she spoke Joni dived in her pocket, pulled out five £20 notes and tossed them on the table. "You take that and buy something for yourself and a couple of nice toys for Tom."

As each item was gleefully produced it was easy to see that the quality was far better than we could afford and as I mentally totted up, despite myself, I became more and more impressed.

"He bought you all this and gave you £100 pounds?"

"Not exactly - but put the kettle on and I'll explain everything."

"He's got the most amazing flat," Joni began when we were sitting comfortably, "The bed is completely round and about double king size, on top of that there is a big mirror on the ceiling and all round the walls but the most stupendous room is the one next door. This is a very big room with couches and small low tables dotted everywhere. The floor is all marble and there are some round marble columns but you simply wouldn't believe the big sunken bath at one end of the room. I took one look and said, 'Blimey, couldn't you just imagine a Roman orgy going on in here?' Well Jamal grabbed me, kissed the top of my head and said, 'Joni, you are simply brilliant.' I still don't know why he said that."

"What happened next?" I interrupted, part dreading and part eager to know my wife's new carnal excesses.

"I'm getting to that. Jamal said that as a reward for buying me the things I had to pose for him wearing them. The rules were that I had to wear the shoes, suspender belt and stockings but apart from that I could only wear one item at a time - but in any order that I liked. Well I was just going into the bedroom to start when this other black guy walked in. Jamal said it was his brother Lewis and that I should just carry on. I went out first wearing pants with my tits bare but having someone else there made me very shy. Next I wore just the bra and that was even worse. With the first two or three garments, Jamal kept sending me back to come in again because I hadn't done it right. This made me a bit cross so I started flaunting myself a bit and after that there were no complaints. About half way through both of them had their cocks out - Lewis is nearly as long as Jam but nowhere near as thick. This made the atmosphere a bit raunchy so I went up close and pretended to do some lap dancing - I was only doing it to Jamal but he told me to perform for his brother as well. I had hardly finished when Jamal jumped up and rushed me back into the bedroom - it was what I had been hoping for but I wasn't very pleased to see Lewis following. I tipped backward onto the bed and Jam had his cock in me before I knew what was happening, he started fast and he wasn't at all gentle this time. For several minutes I was just enjoying being fucked and had completely forgotten that there was anybody else there until I felt something banging against my lips. I opened my eyes to see this long thin stiff prick right above my face. I tried to ignore it but it was distracting me from what Jamal was doing, so I turned me head and let it go in my mouth."

I think that I made a choking noise at this point because my wife paused to take a long look at me. "I had only been sucking for a minute or so when Jamal finished, far quicker than I had expected and the moment that he pulled his cock out of my pussy, Lewis pulled his out of my mouth and ran round to stick it where his brother's had been. By this time I didn't care one way or another but after only a few thrusts, Lewis pulled out and told me to stand with my feet on the floor, bending over the bed. I assumed that he just wanted to fuck my cunt from behind but instead he stuck it up my back passage. I couldn't understand why it went straight in without any trouble. I always thought that being poked that way would be agonising - the only time that you tried it I couldn't stand the pain before you had even really started. This didn't hurt at all - it felt a bit strange and uncomfortable to begin with but that soon wore off and I started to get real feelings of pleasure. Then Lewis started shouting, 'She's so fucking tight. Oh God, I think I've got her cherry, I have, I've got myself a fucking cherry.' As he said that, I could feel him shooting off and it was all over, just as I was starting to enjoy it."

I won't elaborate on my feelings at that moment but I am sure you can guess. Joni however was oblivious to the effect her story was having on me and blithely continued, "I had to dash to the bathroom and when I came out, Lewis got up and made as if to leave. 'Give Joni her money before you go, that will be a hundred notes.' Lewis stared and then said, 'A whole ton for a five minute shag, isn't that a bit steep? Christ, I've bought myself a whole weekend for less than that.' 'You've tasted some class merchandise and scored yourself a first - how many times can you say that. Give the lady her money." Both Jamal's face and his voice said that he didn't want to be argued with - so with rather bad grace Lewis dug in his pocket and counted out five twenties. So that's where the cash came from, Jamal didn't exactly give it to me but he made sure I got it."

"And that's the end of the story is it?" I asked, aware that my voice sounded more like a croak.

"More or less. After his brother had gone, Jamal did shag me again for a nice long time but there's nothing else significant to tell. Oh yes there is, I'm seeing Jamal again next week. Don't look like that, he only wants to talk - he said he would have spoken to me today if his brother hadn't turned up. So next week he has promised to buy me another pair of shoes and a couple of dresses that we hadn't time to get today but then we are going to have a talk about something or other. Jamal specifically said, "If your hubby worries about such things, tell him it is going to be strictly business.' So you see, you've nothing at all to worry about."

I managed to hide my feelings of disquiet and I am glad that I did because in bed later Joni was boiling hot - I had never known her quite so passionate. I matched her for fervour and I have to admit that in the heat of the moment, the knowledge that she had already been well fucked by a couple of well endowed black men was an extra turn on for me. I had to acknowledge that having her well warmed up at the start made me into a net beneficiary of the situation with the one drawback that I had consciously skipped the tongue tiring oral preliminary that I love so much. The rest of the week was filled with hot sex to because Joni was happy to keep giving me the same fashion show that Jamal and his brother had enjoyed - and using the same rules.

When Wednesday came I saw Joni off without a care, had a pleasant hour with Tom and then was playing happily with him on the floor when I suddenly got the certain conviction that my wife was engaged in sex at that very moment. By the time she got back I had worked myself up into a right state. She came through the door carrying two large carrier bags and a big smile on her face but before she could speak I asked, "Did you fuck him?"

Pretending that she hadn't heard my question, Joni said excitedly, "You won't believe what Jamal has suggested."

"Did you fuck him?" I repeated but this time far louder.

My wife stopped and looked at me with a hurt look on her face. "I did as it happens. He wanted to, I wanted to and there was that fabulous bed so I thought why not. He had also just bought me over 150 pounds worth of lovely gear and that was after negotiating a massive discount, so you can hardly say that I did it for nothing. It was only a fairly short shag anyway because he really did want to have a serious talk with me."

She had a point and this enabled me to calm down. "So what was this talk about?" I asked forcing a smile.

"He wants me to work for him."

"What doing?"

"Well he has already got four girls working for him - a couple of them have pitches just a little way along from this house."

"He wants you to be a prostitute?" I asked incredulously.

"Not exactly. It does involve sex but certainly not walking the street like his other girls. He wants to move up market anyway and get them all working from the telephone."

This situation as it was then explained to me is as follows. Jamal worked three nights per week behind the bar at a private businessmen's club. All the members knew that he had access to girls and he was able to arrange discreet liaisons for them. However several had asked if he could arrange something better than a hooker for them - preferably a married woman picking up some spending money on the side. "That's where I come in," Joni told me happily. "The men will come to the flat and will be paying £180 for just an hour with me. Jamal will want a third of that for setting up and it seems that I have to bung Maurice a tenner. But that means I finish up with over a hundred in my hand and Jamal says I will almost certainly get presents on top, apart from any extras that I want to charge for. The beauty is that you won't have to disappear anymore because most of these guys get an extra kick from knowing I have a husband around."

"You are not doing it and that's flat," I said adamantly.

"Come on Jake, think about it," my wife coaxed. "We may not lose the flat now but we're still struggling. If I go with just one punter a week we will be able to live fairly comfortably and possibly even save a little. I honestly don't see why not."

"Because I don't want you having sex with other men, that's why."

"Jake, I have already been fucked by three different men during the past month so I don't see that a few more makes any difference. Can you honestly say that you have suffered from what I do - I'm always willing to have fun with you in bed afterwards aren't I?"

"You knocked me back after that first time with Jamal," I reminded.

"That was exceptional. I gave you a turn the next time he fucked me didn't I and I even let you stick your cock where Lewis had had his, even though I was a bit tender back there."

"I still say no," I insisted.

My wife's face took on a hard look and she gave me a long look before saying slowly, "Jake, I have never reproached you but you got us into this mess with your greed and stupidity and I am getting us out the only way I can. Until you start bringing some money into the house, I am going to do what I have to do to ensure a decent standard of life if only for Tom and me, no matter what you say."

I spoke no more on the subject but it was never far from my mind. It was Sunday evening before I realised what I had to do but first thing on Monday morning I walking into the first building site that I came across. The foreman looked at me doubtfully but they had just had an accident and were in need of a labourer. I could manage the cement mixing well enough and even pushing a wheelbarrow filled with the stuff but carrying hods of bricks up to the second storey was beyond my capability and I had to make three journeys to effectively carry two loads. On the ladder I was terrified of overbalancing and falling - and this fear did not abate with practice. I returned home that night bone tired and with my hands blistered and bleeding but was able to proudly place twenty-five pounds on the table. I was really too tired to eat and quickly went to bed.

The next day I had hoped that I might have become acclimatised to the graft but in fact seemed to have lost even the little resilience that I had when first starting. That evening I was so tired I barely had energy left to climb the stairs to the flat and once inside, after again placing my earnings on the table, I ignored the prepared food and staggered through to collapse into bed.

The next morning Joni blocked the door as I tried to leave saying "This is stupid, at least come and have a cup of tea before you go." I agreed this and while I was sitting drinking she began working on me. "You are killing yourself and for what. You've worked like a slave for two days for just £50 and yet I can earn more than twice that in one hour without even breaking sweat. You know how much I love to fuck so it's no hardship to me at all. I want a husband who can make a fuss of me in bed, not some zonked out zombie who passes out the moment his head touches the pillow." At this point she paused and with a cheeky grin added, "If you were like that for too many nights, I would have to start fucking other men anyway just to satisfy my natural needs."

My intention was to ignore her words and still go to work but after I had staggered and almost fallen the moment I stood up I was unable to resist her gently guiding me back to bed. I awoke just after twelve thirty to Joni shaking me. "I let you sleep as long as I could but my customer will be here soon. If you get up now you can get something to eat before he arrives and Tom is going to need feeding at an inconvenient time so can you look after him darling while I'm busy. Through bleary eyes I looked at my wife and couldn't believe it. She was fully made up and completely dressed in the things Jamal had bought her. I had not seen her wearing the full outfit all at once and she looked fantastic. It was a very sexy available image and yet at the same time restrained enough to be neither too slutty nor blatant.

The punter was middle aged and I don't know if he was a bank manager or not but he exactly fitted the popular image. On catching sight of me he started slightly but then said "Good afternoon," and started to walk towards me with his hand extended. After a few paces he stopped and withdrew his hand feeling slightly foolish but by then Joni had grabbed his elbow, acting as if he was the man she had been waiting for all her life.

During the next hour and twenty minutes I fed Tom and then played with him on the floor but all the time my ears were cocked for sounds from the bedroom. I actually heard very little. It was not a noisy bed (but I should have heard something if he was giving her a real shafting) and neither were there any cries of passion from either party. When the bedroom door finally opened, the satisfied customer scurried out and exited the flat looking to neither right nor left. Then Joni came out triumphantly waving two twenty-pound notes. "This is a tip - the other money is in there," she said happily. "He shot off far too soon so I spent some time working to get it up again. Giving him that little bit of extra time and attention is what earned me the £40 and he wants to see me again. By the way love - there are a couple of condoms in the waste basket, get rid of them when you take the trash downstairs." And that is how my lovely wife first started being a real working girl. That evening to celebrate we went out for a meal, with Tom in a high chair by our table. On the Friday we gave Maurice £70 on top of the rent, ten was for him with the rest to be passed on to Jamal.
From my point of view it had been totally painless and it was even better the next week. I thought that the client looked a bit odd when he arrived and Joni confirmed this after he left. "What a weirdo, didn't even want sex - or at least not sex as I think of it." For a lot of the time he had her posing wearing nothing but her heels and bending down facing away from him, holding position until he had seen enough. When he was ready he finally got undressed and produced several items from a large bag. "You know, I could swear that I spotted a dog-collar in there," she grinned. The things were a large black PVE sheet, a pair of yellow rubber gloves and a bottle of baby oil. "He lay on the black sheet on the floor and I had to straddle his face and wank him using the oil while wearing the gloves - and you simply won't believe the next bit. When he gave the signal he wanted me to piss in his mouth. That's all he asked for but I still got a twenty pound tip."

It was all too easy so I should have guessed that there would be a snag. Friday we passed the commission as before and then just after Saturday lunch we were getting ready to go into town and spend some ill-gotten gains when there was a knock on the door. When I opened it a large black man standing there and it could only be Jamal.. He barged into the room, looked round and not seeing Joni walked over to stand gazing down at Tom. "This kid needs a walk in the park," he announced. I started to protest but Joni had emerged from the bedroom and was now making frantic signals that I should take Tom and leave. "Let him watch the ducks for an hour love," she whispered as I hastened to comply.

I guessed what he had come for and in the park I suffered all the old jealousy and arousal problems but when I got back I still had to ask, "What did he want?"

"To fuck me of course."

"How much did he pay?" I asked, my mercenary instincts coming to the fore.

"Nothing - he's my pimp now and pimps don't pay for it."

"So how often is this likely to happen?"

"Any time he wants me," Joni said simply.

I can't say much about the next two clients, mainly because of Tom and his teeth. From before the first guy arrived until after he left I was sitting on the settee vainly trying to pacify a bawling child. Joni was not very pleased. "Couldn't you have managed to keep him a bit quieter," she asked me later. "It's very distracting when I'm working to have that row going on next door and that's not just me, a couple of shrieks in particular really put my visitor off his stroke. If Tom is still teething next time you will have to sit with him on the stairs or walk about outside until I've done." So when the time came, as it was a very nice day I did the same as I had when all this started, disappearing early and not going home until it was over.

The following day with the weather holding we went out as a family to enjoy the sunshine and did not return home until late. Joni popped into a shop to buy something and I continued with the baby. When I had struggled up to the flat I saw a male figure standing outside our door and recognised him as Joni first proper punter - the bank manager type. Hearing my approach he walked forward expectantly but seemed disconcerted to see that it was me, muttering, "I was actually hoping to see the lady of the house."

At that moment my wife came up behind saying, "Hello Harry, I was hoping you would be back to see me. Come in - Jake will make us all a nice cup of tea." However, once inside she said, "You two guys can get to know each other while I get myself ready," and with that she disappeared into the bedroom shutting the door behind her. While I was busy with something to do it was not so bad but when I was sitting facing the unwelcome visitor and awkward silence fell between us. In the end he asked, "Have you lived here long?" followed by, "How old is the baby?" and other meaningless pleasantries. I answered with monosyllabic replies but the query, "What do you do for a living?" allowed me to described my futile search for work without touching on how I came to be unemployed. On his part he managed to avoid any reference to Joni or the reason he was there. It was the height of hypocrisy sitting there making polite conversation when both of us knew that within minutes he would have his stiff prick stuck up my wife's steamy twat.

It was fifteen minutes before Joni appeared all dressed up in her harlot gear and looking like a million dollars. She took two or three gulps of her cooling tea but then affectionately stroked the back of Harry's neck murmuring, "I think that you and I deserve time for a little private chat," upon which he jumped up and followed Joni into her boudoir like an eager puppy. This time it was less than five minutes after the end of his allotted hour when he literally ran out of the bedroom and made a rapid beeline towards the outer door, apparently unable to face me after the act. Two minutes Later Joni came out, grinning like a Cheshire cat and waving a small wad of crisp freshly printed £20 notes. "Two hundred pounds and it's all ours - what's more, Harold wants to see me regularly every week."

"What about Jamal and Maurice?"

"It's nothing to do with them. Anyway, nobody knows about it and Harold has stopped going to

that club - he says that he doesn't like dealing with black men which is why he took a

chance on waiting outside our door." It was only later after we had eaten our delayed meal

that Joni elaborated, "Don't look for a condom to tidy because there isn't one. When he said

that I was the only woman he's had sex with apart from his wife for nearly thirty years, I

thought 'Why not?' and I think that is what decided him to see me every week. Two things - he

wants to come in the evening rather than afternoon and after this week he is going to put my

money in a bank account every week. You see he wants to think of me as his girlfriend and

that way he can pretend that he is giving me an allowance rather than handing over cash."

Won't me, your husband, being here rather spoil that illusion?" I asked.

"Not necessarily - there are a lot of men you know who actually get a kick out of their wives

having boyfriends."

"Not me!" I said emphatically - and it was not until much later that I realised what a classic case of self delusion that statement was.

The following Wednesday there was a return visit by the kinky cleric and the next night Harry came by appointment at 8 p.m. for a generous hour - once again he was sociable beforehand and made a rapid exit afterwards. The next new punter was an Australian. Not short but with a very stocky appearance, his ruddy complexion making him the archetypal sheep-shearer. Joni met him at the door but just outside the bedroom he stopped and looked over at me saying, "Gdday - you the hubby then?" I automatically started to respond to the greeting only to be rewarded by a contemptuous sneer as he followed my wife into her lair. There was certainly more noise emanated from the bedroom than on previous occasions but I was unable to tell if Joni was having a genuine orgasm or putting on a very convincing show. When he came out he again spoke to me saying, "Gave you plenty to hear did I - had your ear glued to the wall every second I bet."

Joni waited until he had gone before emerging herself but she had a very pleased expression on her face. "An extra £50," she reported. "He didn't want to use a condom so I said he could go bareback for that but at the end he said I was going to get that as a tip anyway. I'm not bothered because I enjoyed it - apart from Jamal and his brother that's the first man-sized cock I have had since I started. He knew what he wanted and didn't mess about - it was fun."

Her very obvious pleasure got through to me so I muttered, "If he was 'man size' - where does that leave me?"

"Come on Jake - it was only an expression meaning big."

"You are still admitting that you especially like big cocks and I'm well aware that mine is nothing special."

"You're being silly darling," Joni said impatiently. "I'm very happy with what you've got and I love you for far more than just sex - anyway, none of them are better than you are with your tongue."

"That's not saying much, I mean how many men beside me suck your pussy?"

"Well, just Harry. He is only learning but he's very enthusiastic. It's far too much hassle when he shoots off too early so now I stop him when I know he is getting close. Instead I get him doing other things, pacing him through the hour and then pressing the button at the right time."

I was growing more and more unhappy the more I heard. Apart from Jamal, (who I had forced firmly out of my mind), I had convinced myself that with her johns, Joni indulged in almost clinical acts of straightforward sex. But now I was finding that one had almost certainly made her cum and another was invading what I still believed to be my private territory. I would have voiced my disquiet had not she skipped off cheerfully to the shower leaving me with orders to change the sheets on the bed.

That was a low point because by just after lunch on the Saturday, after considering our vastly improved financial position, I was in a good mood and contemplating a leisurely afternoon. When I answered the door Jamal pushed roughly past me. Joni was a few paces behind me and as I turned I saw the look of happy anticipation on her face. "You - in there," Jamal told her harshly, putting his hand on her chest to project her backwards before him into the bedroom. I heard one loud slap, then another, each one accompanied by a shriek from my wife. I quickly ran to the door and opened it to see Joni sitting on the side of the bed, holding her head in her hands and crying loudly. Jamal was facing the door. "Fuck off," he said with deadly menace and that moment destroyed any pretence I had about not being an abject coward. I had always believed that either Joni or Tom were in danger then I would sacrifice myself without question but it only took two words to make me step back rapidly and stand trembling in the living room.

There were no more blows. I had left the bedroom partly ajar so I could hear them talking fairly clearly but could not distinguish more than individual words. Jamal spoke angrily at first, gradually moderating, but his words came out rapidly in a pronounced Caribbean accent and when it was my wife's turn to speak it was in a soft voice with sobs interspersing every other word. I think I shut myself off from the world for a time, closing both my eyes and my ears for when I again took note, conversation in the bedroom had ceased. Instead, Joni was emitting a series of gasps as if being punched sharply in the stomach and yet each gasp was accompanied by squeals of a definite sexual nature. Curiosity drove me back to the bedroom door and even dared me to push it slightly further ajar the better to see inside.

They were lying on the bed directly way from me, Joni on her back with him on top. I could see my wife's small feet above his shoulders but my best view was directly between his muscular legs. It looked as if he was powering a thick black rolling pin into her, with 'powering' being the executive word, for he was pulling his cock almost clear and then ramming back with such force that the whole bed jerked forward to bang against the wall. With each slam Joni's legs jerked wide and the desperation with which she clung on to him was evidenced by the many small trickles of blood running down his back from where her nails dug into his flesh. At this point she became vocal crying, "Harder, harder, hurt me, HURT ME," over and over again like a mantra, with the other accompanying ecstatic sounds issuing from her throat being either from a myriad of connected orgasms or one major all consuming cataclysmic experience.

It looked so magnificent that I had to wonder if this was the natural order of things, with beautiful women coupling only with prime males and that men like me were only bit players, mere spear carriers on the sexual stage. Magnificent or not there was an animal brutality involved that disturbed me and despite the fact that I was by now aroused to almost fever pitch, I walked clumsily to sit on the settee and put myself back into self imposed mental oblivion.

Jamal's heavy tread as he left the flat brought me back to reality. I went to peer hesitantly round the bedroom door to see Joni still sprawled on the bed in an attitude of exhaustion. Her face was puffy (more than from just crying I thought) and her cheeks were very red. She was still wearing her dress and she had pulled this down to cover herself but it did look very crumpled. Seeing me she gave a wan smile and said, "Make a cup of tea love - I'll be out in a few minutes."

"Did he hit you?" I asked, feeling the anger that would have been more appropriate earlier.

"He slapped me a couple of times but I deserved it - or at least he thought I did. He thought I had held out on him and from his point of view I did. He said that he has cut girls for less."

"I don't see how you cheated him."

"I'll tell you in a little while when I have recovered from what has just happened - I think it was part of my punishment. It was terrible but wonderful at the same time. I never knew I was a masochist but I must be - it hurt so much but the pain opened up a new dimension of unbelievable sensations. The trouble is that now he has stopped, I still hurt but without the pleasure and my insides feel like mush."

It was ten minutes before she came out, walking very slowly with one hand protectively between her legs. "It's all to do with Harry and the little private arrangement - well Jamal knows all about it," she explained. "He says that I owe him £120 from three times with Harry and that I should also have given Maurice £30. I asked 'Why?' I said that I could understand paying him commission when he sent me the punter but Harry had come to me directly. Jamal said that in the first place I was now one of his girls and that he wanted his slice of any money I earned on my back, no matter when or how. Apart from that he had well over a grand invested in me that he wanted back. I admitted that he had bought me a lot of lovely stuff but said I had no idea that it cost him over a thousand pounds. 'It's not just the gear' Jamal told me, ' Add to that the nearly £300 of arrears that I covered plus another three month's rent while Maurice was poking you.' I had absolutely no idea that I had been set up like that."

The full explanation is that while going round collecting rents, Maurice acted as a talent scout for Jamal by reporting on any young single females who were getting into financial difficulties. Being married Joni did not fit every criteria but Maurice had said that her unusual attractiveness made her worth considering and after looking her over from a distance Jamal had agreed. Normally after defaulting on the first month we would have been first hassled and then quickly evicted but Jamal decided to let us get in deeper, banking on the presence of a young baby to make it less likely we would do a moonlight flit. We were first offered a temptingly easy way out of our troubles and then slowly reeled in.

"And I have to go to his place with the money every Saturday afternoon from now on - or at least until he can trust me again," Joni finished. I knew what that would involve and with a sinking heart, mentally calculated how long it would take to work off the alleged debt.

There was no sex for me that night - Joni could hardly walk the few times she ventured away from her chair and on Sunday, although she moved far more easily, I fared no better. Monday we did make love but only in a very gentle manner as she was still tender 'down there'. Tuesday night she was back to her old self and declaring that she was ready for anything, which is just as well because on the Wednesday afternoon the Aussi turned up again. With no wish to be patronised again I kept my attention fixed firmly on my newspaper until I heard him call, "Hey mate - you can come in and watch if you want." Without looking in his direction I politely declined but was very aware that he was not moving into the bedroom. After several long minutes he spoke again, "You don't get do you - I want you to come in and watch. I suppose you need paying." Now I looked to see that he had pulled a massive roll of notes from his pocket and was peeling off a twenty that he tossed in my direction. This was followed by another one that I also intended to ignore but Joni appeared behind him nodding wildly. I stood up at that point but I'm convinced that had I hesitated a moment longer, a third banknote would have joined the two on the floor.

In the bedroom he started to take every ounce of value by handling Joni both lewdly and possessively, staring at me triumphantly all the time. It was even worse when she had his cock in his mouth because he positioned them so I could see every nuance of the act - also waggling his tongue at me and panting in an excessive, vulgar display of pleasure. When they started to fuck, although his attention was no longer centred on me it was no relief from my torment because as he thrust into with some gusto (and no little expertise), it soon became evident that my wife was enjoying it immensely. Suddenly he stopped and again looked at me with face flushed and impassioned eyes, to say, "I'm going to dump a massive load in there, do you want the cream pie. I suppose I have to pay to see that too, what do you want, fifty, sixty - oh Christ, name your own fucking price." That was too much - I turned and walked out of the bedroom.

When he had gone and Joni joined me there was a look of displeasure on her face. "So we are so rich we can afford to throw money away - not only haven't we got the cash he was offering you but I think you lost me a good tip," she said angrily. "I have to get cum in my mouth all the time whether I want to or not - most of the time it doesn't taste at all unpleasant you know. Jamal's has a lovely flavour but you can tell his is special because it's so white and thick." The reference to her boss seemed to take her mind off track because she had to pause a moment before returning to the attack, "What would it have cost you? All you had to do was show that you had some of it on your tongue but from then on all that was needed was for you to suck on my clit - I would have moved my legs to hide the fact you weren't doing it properly. You've got to start pulling your weight Jake; I'm sick and tired of keeping our family afloat all by myself."

The following day I seemed to have been forgiven and the hours passed pleasantly until Maurice called for the rent. It was waiting for him on the table (plus three extra £10 notes) but when the man came into the house, Joni snatched up the cash saying, "I'll pay Maurice in the bedroom - I want to apologise to him in private." It was fifteen minutes before they came out and when we were again alone I said rather nastily that it had taken a hell of a long time to hand over the money. "Well I gave him a quick blow job to compensate for the misunderstanding - and he was very kind to us right at the beginning."

"Like hell was he kind to us," I shouted. "He was just doing Jamal's dirty work, getting us into this trap."

"Well I don't care. I didn't mind doing it - he's got a rather nice prick for sucking if you must know," Joni told me defiantly.

Little over half and hour later, when we were just settling down for a cosy evening, Jamal turned up. "You - out, and take the kid with you. Don't come back for an hour," he ordered me.

After a prolonged Indian summer the weather had suddenly taken a drastic turn for the worse.

Now I may have fallen short in defending my wife but our child was a different matter. "It's cold, it's raining, it's almost dark and I'm not taking my baby out anywhere on a night like this," I told him.
Jamal stared at me deciding whether to make this an issue but then gave a little ground. Tossing his car keys to me he said, "OK, you can sit in my motor, it's outside by the kerb. Use the heater if you want but don't touch anything else."

This was the best concession that I was likely to get. I managed to ease the sleeping infant out of his small bed, into the carrycot and down to the back seat of the black man's flashy vehicle without rousing him. Seated behind the wheel I spent some minutes studying the controls before I got the heater working but then my mind drifted inevitable to what was almost certainly happening up in the flat. My attention was drawn to a tall girl coming towards me on very high heels carrying a flimsy little umbrella. She had very long legs and a skirt so short that it barely covered her quim. Instead of going past she tapped on the passenger window and after I pressed the button to lower it, leaned in displaying acres of inviting cleavage. I recognised her as a girl that I had regularly noticed standing further along the street. "What yer doin in Jamal's motor?" she wanted to know.

"He is upstairs fucking my wife - he told me to wait here until he has finished," I explained bluntly.

"Well let us in then, I might as well get myself warm for bit," she said taking my news completely in her stride. I released the door and she scrambled into the passenger seat, in the process he skirt riding even high to reveal an strip of material less than an inch wide trying to cover an almost hairless vulva. "Bet she loves it too - yer wife," the girl went on cheerfully, "I mean what girl wouldn't - that man Jamal's got a really wicked weapon." When I failed to respond she threw me a sympathetic glance and conceded, "It must be a bit rough on you though."

"I'm getting used to it."

"It doesn't look that way, at least not from where I'm sitting," she grinned, nodding towards where my dick was making a valiant effort to burst through my trouser front. "Like me to give you a hand with that?"

I nodded mutely, incapable of speech. With that my new found friend hitched he skirt up and swivelled round on the seat with one leg tucked under her, leaving her working asset fully exposed to my lecherous gaze. Leaning forward she expertly released my turgid cock from its confines, at the same time insinuating the fingers of her other hand under my balls. After only a few light teasing strokes she lowered her head, red lips parted to take my throbbing penis into her hot wet mouth where her active tongue began to describe tantalising circles round my glans. But just as I was beginning to relax to the exquisite pleasure of the sensation she stopped. The disappointment must have shown on my face because she murmured," Sorry love, if I blew you I'd have to charge because it's on my list of services but no-one is going to pull me for giving a bit of hand relief. Now just close your eyes, lean back and enjoy."

She had incredibly talented fingers and varied the pace as she wanked me, fast then slow, hard then soft, occasionally using her finger nails to give extra sensation. The physical feelings were awesome but she accompanied her hand action by saying in a low husky voice, "Just imagine what is happening in your bed. Even before he touched her, while your young wife, Joni isn't it, was lying there naked waiting, her all the nerve endings of her insides would be tingling with anticipation making her so wet for him. Then as he slowly pushed his big black cock in, and in, and in, penetrating to her very core, she would be holding her breath and quivering all over. And as he began to move, whether it was hard and fast or slow and sensual, she would feel on fire, totally consumed by lust, wanting more and more, wishing it need never end. There is possibly not another man in the world could make her feel quite like that - certainly not you." I heard a throaty chuckle and the digital ministrations ceased for a moment as she gave my prick a playful squeeze to illustrate her last remark.

The graphic image conjured in my brain combined with delicious sensations in my groin made me rapidly build towards an explosion but then an amazing thing happened. Somehow she stopped the whole process dead so that for several long seconds I enjoyed all the pleasure of a climax without anything actually happening. As I began to come back down from the plateau, panting like a hot dog, she continued in a more factual voice, "That is how it is under any circumstance but if he ever gives her a power fuck it will be far more extreme. He only does that to girls he thinks are getting out of line but if a girl ever has one of those she is in thrall to his cock for life, doing every little thing that he wants. Why do you think I freeze my tits off out here in all weathers except to earn my turn at having that magic black meat inside me?"

When I was calm again her hand once more started moving and she resumed painting ever more detail pictures of what was happening upstairs. Everything was described as if from my wife's perspective and that magnified the effect. "Despite what they say," she told me, "- most men don't cum enough to overflow a tablespoon but Jamal really does do a cupful. I know because the girls got together with him one day and actually measured it. Your Joni will feel so marvellous with all that inside her womb and some secret part of her will wish that she was ovulating and not on the pill - I know that's how it gets me." I was taken to the brink and back down again once more but the third time she either miscalculated or had decided to let me blow. I think that I must have squirted out more stuff than ever before in my life. One errant jet hit the windscreen but most arced gracefully to splatter across the top of the dashboard fascia, with a large quantity immediately disappearing down an air vent. "Oh Christ - what a mess," she laughed. While I sat there feeling stunned, as if in slow motion, she sensuously licked my goo off each individual finger then opened the car door. "Better get that cleaned up quickly," she advised, "The only thing in life that Jamal really loves is this car." With that she was gone, sauntering off as if nothing had happened.

At first I was in a panic, pulling old tissues out of my pocket and frantically wiping. Gradually I calmed down and worked methodically, fairly easily removing all evidence except for the air vent. I did make a couple of futile attempts to poke down with my finger but then reasoned that Jamal need never know. The more I thought about this the more satisfaction I got from what had happened - Jamal may deposit spunk in my wife but I had effectively fucked his car.

My watch said that the hour was up in ten minutes but it was half an hour before he did get back and by that time, a sense of triumph and memory of my little encounter had got me nicely aroused again. "Your wife wants you," was all the big black man said as he opened the car for me to get out. I retrieved my still sleeping child and transported him upstairs to his bed still in dreamland. Joni was not to be seen but she called from the bedroom, "I'm in here."

I had expected her to be tidying up but she was still naked, sitting on the bed with her knees together and tucked under her chin. "Jamal says that the Australian guy has complained about you," she announced. "He also said that a lot of other possible of customers had asked if you did clean-up duties. So I told him that you didn't like the idea of cream pies but Jamal didn't buy that - he said we were missing out on a specialised market. Anyway, Jamal says that you should be made to like it and to be honest, I agree with him." As she said that, Joni spread her legs, knees bent but forming an angle of almost 180 degrees. Her cunt gaped open and I could plainly see that the inside was filled with the pearly whiteness of cum.

"No, "I said in horror. "NO."

"Please yourself," my wife replied easily, "- but until you do you with get nothing else from me, not a single damn thing. Make up your mind quickly because if you turn this chance down I'm not at all sure when I will give you another."

This was the ultimate deterrent. I would find it hard enough going without under any circumstances but Joni continuing to fuck other men in my bed without me getting any all was a prospect I could not even contemplate. My feet had advanced another three paces forward before I remembered that the alternative was more immediately repugnant. "If it helps at all, you have already done it once without realising," Joni told me. "On Monday, while you were attending that compulsory interview at the labour exchange, Maurice called to see how I was doing and I let him screw me. Well you got back a lot sooner than I expected so I did not have time to clean myself. Anyway, something must have really turned you on because you bustled me straight into the bedroom and had your head between my legs before I could stop you. The thing was that you ate me more roughly than usual and I did wonder if you knew."

I remember that day well. The interview was with one of the senior managers and was due to my not having found a job. I was rather dreading it but the moment I entered the man's office I recognised him as a guy who had been between my wife's creamy thighs - and he recognised me. There was a long awkward silence as we just looked at each other and then he gave a nervous smile. "I cannot write down that you are in receipt of undeclared income without divulging how I came by the information - and I do believe that the opposite argument also pertains," he said slowly. "I do however intend to mark your file so that you need not attend for interview ever again." I just nodded to agree to our unspoken agreement. "You have a very lovely wife, I think you are a very lucky young man," he added as I made a hasty exit. For some reason this unexpected encounter with one of Joni's punters had worked me into a high state of arousal by the time I reached home.

"Come on, close your eyes and dive in - you might find that you like it. If you do it I'll be really good to you afterwards," Joni promised.

My wife's gentle coaxing got me onto my knees in front of her but again I balked, feeling nauseous and with stomach heaving. "Come on love, it's not that terrible. Just one minute, that's all you need do and then it will be over."

With an effort of will I moved my head closer but at a certain critical distance a strange thing happened. I do not know if it was the strong sweet bleachy smell of semen or the warm aroma of well fucked cunt (or a combination of the two) but the effect on my nasal membranes acted as a powerful aphrodisiac inflaming my brain. Beyond control my head plunged forward and protruding tongue plunged into the centre of the glutinous mass. The next moment I was in a feeding frenzy, licking and slurping as if my life depended upon it. She had demanded a minute, I gave her five, ten more. We were both in a delirium of passion. I felt her cum more than once, each time her vaginal muscles squeezing out more for my hungry tongue as she urged, "That's it darling, suck all of Jamal's lovely cum out of my cunt, eat every bit."

It was the pressure in my loins (rather than tiring of the task) that caused me to desist and clamber clumsily on top her. The moment that I did so Joni pulled my head down to hers, I thought for a rewarding kiss but instead she happily licked the residue of semen and cunt juice from around my mouth. That first plunge into her welcoming twat was sheer heaven with a sensation like sliding into hot blancmange but that rapidly died and after only I few thrusts I realised that I could feel very little. My wife was aware of it too. "I better roll over for you darling," she suggested. "I do get a bit stretched by Jamal so in future you better fuck me the back way after I've been with him."

Much later, I asked if she had given Jamal his money. "He wouldn't take it, he said I had to take it to his flat tomorrow as arranged," she told me cheerfully, apparently not as dismayed by the prospect as I was. However, on returning from the black man's riverside pad at 5 p.m. the following afternoon, she looked a lot less than happy. "They weren't very nice to me. After yesterday I thought I had been forgiven but I think I was still being punished. It wasn't rough like before it wasn't pleasant. Lewis was there and he was the nasty one, calling me 'Slag' and 'Cunt' all the time but Jamal didn't even try to stop him. For two solid hours I was at it, continuously being fucked or having a cock pushed down my throat - usually both at the same time."

I sat her down and produced the meal I had produced. After eating, Joni cheered up somewhat and said, "There was one good bit. Jamal was lying on his back and I was bouncing up and down with his prick in me when he pulled me down so that my tits were pressed against his chest. The next thing I know is that Lewis is pushing his thing up my bum. He had already had it up there once so I was nice and slippery but I thought it would be impossible to get two such big cocks inside me at the same time. Well he managed it easily. It felt wonderful and then when they both started squirting almost at the same moment it was absolutely out of this world. I really am going to have to do that again."

That anecdote very effectively transferred my wife's dismal mood to me and I had not yet heard the bad news. "Jamal did make his brother pay me £100 again and he gave me this," she said, producing a small mobile phone. "It's so he can let me know when someone is going to arrive." Jamal said that he had intended to keep sending just one customer a week until I had got used to the game but by deciding to screw two off my own bat I had shown him I was ready for more. He wants £200 off me every week and that means he is going to fix me up with another three johns."

"What happens if any of them don't turn up," I wondered.

"I asked him that - he said that I couldn't live in a better spot for picking up passing trade outside my front door. He did say though that it wouldn't happen because he had more than enough men queuing up to keep me well supplied."

As is the way of life, the third of her three extra clients failed to materialise and by the time Joni had finished entertaining Harry, it was getting late. Late the following morning, looking more and more worried she said, "I should have rung Jamal and told him about the chap not turning up but I was frightened it would make him angry so I've been putting it off."

"You're worried that he will be rough with you again tomorrow," I sympathised, thinking I understood.

"No - I'm bothered that he might punish me by not doing it to me at all," she said honestly.

After hearing that, I confess that I was content to let her sweat for the rest of the afternoon until she suddenly jumped up saying "There is nothing else for it - I'll just have to do what Jam said and flash myself outside." I glanced up expecting to see a look of determination her face but finding her on the verge of tears, my heart melted. "Oh Jake, I don't know what to do," she sobbed. "If one of the kerb crawlers stops, should bring him up here or will he expect me to go somewhere with him in his car? And what if I stand in another prostitute's pitch - they are all a lot bigger than me and I don't want to get in a fight."

You may not think I am a very decisive person but I can give the lie to that. "You are staying here," I told my wife firmly. "We've got a bit of cash put by now - you will simply give Jamal his £200 and pretend that the chap turned up." That is what we did and the crisis was averted.

I was rather dismayed by the increased male throughput inflicted on our flat but on the whole Joni was very happy with her heavier workload. Even so, life for her was not without its ups and downs. For example, one night having entertained three different guys, two in the afternoon and another in the evening, she finished the evening bouncing naked on the bed in happy exuberance with cash strewn around, saying, "What a wonderful life. I just love cocks in all their different sizes and shapes - it's a real fascination. You know, when a new guy turns up I always get a thrill of excitement wondering what he has brought me." And yet a week later, after servicing exactly the same combination, she pushed me away in bed grumbling, "You really are a very selfish man Jake - don't you ever think I might get tired? I seem to have had my legs spread for hours - how many other people after finishing a hard day's work are expected to do more of the same as unpaid overtime?"

That is about the end of the progression that led to where I am today and all that remains is to tie up a few loose ends. My wife's weekly number of tricks gradually increased to eight or nine (apart from Harry).The Aussi became a monthly regular and leaves with no complaints. Joni advised, "I know that you quite enjoy doing what he wanted now but pretend that you don't because Bruce is the type who will pay more if he thinks you still hate it." I keep what I earn in this way as my personal spends.

One day Joni asked that I take the empty buggy along to the greengrocer at the end of the street and bring back a sack of potatoes she had ordered. Well the delivery had not yet come in so I had to hurry home empty handed. I noticed Jamal's big car standing outside the flat but thought nothing of it as it was often parked somewhere in the street. However, when I got upstairs the bedroom door was wide open and just inside Joni was on her knees with his prick in her mouth. She had originally told me that it was about nine inches long but what I saw made me think that she had badly underestimated because although her mouth was full there was still enough space for her to have two hands wrapped round the shaft side by side. Suddenly I understand why she was so enamoured of that oversized black organ. After he had gone Joni came out of the bedroom licking her lips and although surprised to see me sitting the settee, she was not at all put out. "Jamal saw you pushing the pram and thought you would be gone for a while, so he popped in to let me have a nice suck," she explained.

Harry was her most stalwart regular and, because he was paying over the odds, Joni usually spent ninety minutes with him or even longer. "When he first started I just thought that Harry was a sweet man but under my guidance he has turned into quite an accomplished lover, my wife told me while we were chatting one day. "When he first rang my bell you would have thought he had won the lottery." Telling me this setting her laughing and then she had a thought that caused her even greater amusement. "I should switch from whoring and set myself up as a 'Sexual Techniques Tutor' - I could run a twelve week course at £2000 per head. It would be all one to one with perhaps one or two group sessions thrown in."

One day Joni was obliged to slip in (no pun intended) an extra client whose hour would finish only minutes before Harry was set to arrive and to make matters worse Harry actually turned up over half an hour before his allotted time. I had no resource other than to sit the poor man down in front of the TV and provide him with something to drink. The trouble was that this new guy was a shouter and so the two of us sat there with a constant background of sexual sounds emanating from the bedroom. The lovesick swain got more and more agitated and it was easy to see that he was suffering the twin pangs of jealousy and arousal even worse than I was. The good thing from this was that from then on he always brought with him some small expensive jewelled trinket to guarantee my wife's continuing affection.

My wife became both mercenary and ambitious and I date this from the Roman orgy. Jamal had rounded up a dozen subscribers willing to pay £600 per head for a twenty-four hour fuckfest. £100 of that was for the venue (Jamal's flat) and £100 for the catering (professionally done with exotic food and bare breasted waitresses dressed as slave girls). The remaining £400 went into a kitty to be shared equally between the four girls who were to provide the entertainment (this meant £1200 each with Jamal only claiming 10% commission). The event was set to run from lunchtime of Saturday until late on the Sunday afternoon. "Jamal has warned us not to expect an easy ride because they are being given free Viagra as part of the package," Joni told me gleefully. I did not like it one little bit but I have to admit that her fee plus presents made a very nice boost to our savings.
When it all started, Joni had said that she would only keep on going with other men for money until Jamal had recovered his investment and then we could return to being an ordinary family. However, when that goal was reached she argued that it would be better to carry on until we had a bit of money behind us or else we could soon finish up back in the same mess. Then she said, "If I keep on doing it for another year at the most then we will have enough to put a deposit on a house. We can then move somewhere a long way from here where you can get a job and by that time Tom will be old enough to go to nursery and I can do part time work in a shop or something to help." Now she has abandoned the idea buying an ordinary house. "There's a new development almost finished down near the river and they will be selling two bedroom flats. Jamal says that with that kind of address I could charge two and three times what I do now - even advertise myself on the Internet. He says I've got a real fortune between my legs and could easily pull in a hundred grand a year. The deposit will only be £20,000 and he has promised to lend me £10,000 to furnish the place really posh. The nice thing is that living so close to me Jamal could pop in to see me anytime he wants and I could also visit him very easily - he might even let me stay with him all night occasionally. You wouldn't mind - would you?"


Harry, without warning or explanation, suddenly stopped calling and it was not until some months later that we discovered the reason in a newspaper. It seems that he really was a bank manager and been sentenced to eighteen months in prison for misappropriation of funds.

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