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Tanya Cheats on a Business Trip

by aaron

08/21/2016 21:16 in slut-wife

It was a year since we had moved to Bangkok. My husband got a good job opportunity through his company and after much discussion we had decided to move with our two kids to Thailand. The kids had grown up and were going to school leaving me with a lot of time at hand. I had decided to work and Asim had supported my decision. I got a job in marketing department of a multinational pharmaceutical company. It was a challenge and I had a new found passion for my career and was really enjoying this moment of my life.

We had a healthy sex life but obviously were restricted by time. On a rare romantic and sex filled evening we started discussing our sex drives and new found preferences. After much insistence Asim told me that he had always enjoyed seeing me having sex with other men, it was one of his greatest turn on. I always felt that he had enjoyed our past adventures because he loved having sex with other women but I was wrong. I started laughing and just to test him said "Will you enjoy it if I fucked anyone without your permission and told you later?" I knew he would say No but it was a shock when I saw his eyes sparkle and with very little hesitation, he said "Yes." I was amazed, my husband was okay with me cheating on him and this was a complete surprise. It was getting late and we had work the next day, we kissed and went to sleep. The last thoughts I had before i went to sleep were about what Asim had said, I was asking myself if he meant it? Can I have sex with anyone without his consent? The more I thought about it the more this idea turned me on.

My next couple of weeks at work were very hectic as I prepared for an International conference in Zurich. The Company I worked for held an annual marketing conference and I was selected to represent our office. I was very nervous but was also looking forward to the opportunity. Finally, the day came when I boarded the flight to Zurich. It was a long flight but I couldn't complain as I was traveling in business class so the flight was very comfortable. The hotel driver was waiting for me at the exit with a name plank. The hotel was about half an hour drive from the airport. The hotel had a beautiful lobby, I went to the reception to check-in, the journey was tiring but the time was 7pm and it was too early to sleep. I wanted to have dinner and maybe some drinks to help me relax and sleep.

After settling into my room, I decided to have dinner, I got out of my room and was on way to the elevator when the idea hit me. I went to the reception desk and asked the lady attendant if they had availability in the Spa for a massage? The lady called the spa and to my disappointment informed me that they were fully booked.

The receptionist looked at my disappointed face and smiled, she said

"Madam, would you like me to book an in-room massage from a nearby massage facility?"

Without any hesitation I said "Yes, please book it for a couple of hours."

She smiled and made the call and told me that they were sending someone in half an hour. This was enough time for a light dinner and a couple of drinks. I was really looking forward to a massage and as went upstairs to my room. The receptionist had already informed me that if I wanted to sleep during massage I should pay the therapist in advance as they can leave without disturbing me.

As I entered my room i opened the the in room locker and took out 250 Euros, 200 Euros for two hours and an additional 50 Euros for tip. I placed them on the table and started to get undressed. I removed all my clothes and wore a silk robe. I also took the opportunity to call my husband and told him that I had reached Zurich and was going to sleep. He gave me a virtual kiss on the phone. As I disconnected the phone I heard a knock on the door. I got up to open and was surprised to see a tall well built man standing there with a bag.

"Hello, my name is Micheal and I am your masseur."

I was a bit startled and with a confused voice said hello to him and asked him to come in.

Micheal was a good looking handsome guy, somehow, I was expecting a woman and was taken by surprise. I then thought it was my mistake as I had not specified to the receptionist. Micheal entered the room and I immediately handed him the money. He was very delighted to get 50 euro tip before the massage had commenced. I also offered him drink but he politely refused. Micheal then proceeded to dim the lights in the room as I gulped the drink I had just poured. He took his bag and walked towards the toilet

"Please remove your robe and get on the bed with your face down" he said before entering the toilet.

Meanwhile different thoughts were running in my head. I was about to be naked in a room with the handsome man who was about to touch my naked body, I was tired but it was still sending tingling sensations between my legs. After little thought I removed my robe and got on top of the bed and laid face down as I was told.

In a couple of minutes he came out and dimmed the lights even further. It was almost impossible to see anything. I felt him climb on the bed. Micheal then proceeded and covered my legs and bare ass with a sheet. The material was soft like silk, it felt very nice against my skin.

"Please let me know if you want me to adjust pressure," he said.

"Okay" I replied.

It was then I felt his masculine hands on my back, he started from my shoulders, they were tense and he felt that.

"Please relax" he said feeling I was a bit tensed up.

I took a deep breath and to relax my body. Micheal started massaging my shoulders working down on my back. After a few minutes he grabbed a bottle of warm oil poured generous amount on my back. A low moan escaped my mouth as the warm oil met my body. He started rubbing and massaging my muscles with his strong hands it felt so good.

Micheal had now worked his way to my lower back

"You are quite tensed up on your lower back, I will apply a little more pressure here. Did you have a long flight?"

"Yes, the flight was around two hours but adding the waiting time at the airport it got close to 15 hours" I replied.

I could feel his strong hands taking away the knots in my lower back, he was working his magic and was gradually moving down towards my hips. I don't know why but as his hands reached the curves of my ass, I instinctively raised my hips, it was an involuntary action and I had little control over it. I am sure he felt and saw that. He the removed the sheets from my hips and poured generous amount of oil on my hips. He started massaging and like before my hips raised to the movement of his hands even though I was trying not to. His strong hands were cupping my cheeks, his hands were slowly parting my hips and his thumb was now flirting with my door number two. I was getting turned on and could feel my pussy lips moistening as this stranger was exploring my body.

My imagination was working overtime as my thoughts were on how things will develop. I was in these thoughts when Micheal stopped, he moved the soft sheet to my back now exposing my hips and legs completely. He started working on my legs oiling them up and massaging the cramps, I don't know why but I was feeling unfulfilled. He meanwhile continued moving down towards my feet and started massaging my feet and ankles.

Soon my body started to relax again, I had many thoughts in my head as I was contemplating where this was going, my body wanted more than a massage my basic instincts had kicked in and I knew my Pakistani pussy was aching to breed this man. Again, I was brought back to reality when he held one of my legs and parted it by bending the knee to one side. With the other leg in its straight position this exposed my warm and moist pussy to this man.

Micheal started massaging sides of my bent leg working on the calf and moving up. He had positioned himself between my legs, as he moved up I felt myself moisten again and then what I was waiting for happened. Micheal used his index finger casually rubbing the lips of my aching pussy. He was probably testing water to see how receptive I was to this. A soft moan escaped my mouth and I raised by hips a little. If he was looking for my consent I had given that to him and it was now his decision. He then straightened my leg and bent the other leg the same way working on it like he worked on the first leg. I again felt his hand again my pussy lips. This time his touch lasted longer then the first and he must have noticed how turned on I was.

I think Micheal knew he had the go ahead as he positioned himself in between my legs parting them both as he sat between them. I made no attempt to control my ass which was raised in the air inviting him like an open door. He knew what i wanted as the palm of his hand rubbing my pussy. Loud moans of joy escaped my mouth as Micheal started working on my pussy playing with the folds of my pussy lips. He continued and soon reached my clit gently rubbing it while he inserted his middle finger in me. I was reaching an orgasm when he suddenly stopped.

I was left frustrated as I felt him get off the bed when I heard

"Please turnaround when you are comfortable."

I was cursing him in my head as he left for the toilet. I got up disappointed and laid down straight on the bed. I placed the sheet he put on me on one side and decided to lay there full frontal naked. I was going to do my level best to fuck this man. Micheal came out of the toilet, I had closed my eyes in disappointment. I felt him get on the bed as he covered my eyes with a small cloth and started massaging my feet, gradually moving up.

After a few minutes I felt him getting closer to my thighs, his pace reducing and his touch getting more gentle and soft. Slowly he placed his hand between them and started parting my legs. Do it this time I told him in my head. And then it happened again, He was now touching the folds of my pussy lips.

I exhaled strongly, my body was tensing and I knew he could feel it. The moment I was waiting for was nearing. He proceeded to bend my knees and and part them once again as he moved between my legs and started massaging my breasts. My nipples needed no invitation and were now fully erect. He continued massaging me as soft moans escaped my mouth. Right then I realized what I was waiting for was about to happen. Lost in passion, I had clasped my knees together and was met with his naked skin. He was sitting between my legs and that was the reason he had asked me to turn around and visited the restroom. He was now completely naked and I knew he was about to fuck me.

Micheal had now spread my legs and had started licking my pussy with his tongue. My moans started to get louder as my body shook and moved to his expert cunnilingus. I was breathing heavily as my first orgasm hit me, my body tensed and shuddered. He didn't stop and continued making me dance to the movement of his tongue.

My pussy had again caught fire and it was then when Micheal stopped moving closer to my spread legs, I was waiting for this moment. He started rubbing his large bulbous tip on my pussy. I couldn't see it but the girth of his tip was a good indication of his size. After lubricating the tip of his manhood, he then proceeded in pushing his tip in me with a firm push. With another thrust he entered more of his cock in me as I clasped my legs around his back, he had now moved on top me kissing my lips and sucking my breasts. I started responding to him, our tongues meeting and hands on his back. With another strong thrust he entered more of his cock in me and started fucking me. It was surprise as all the while he was going deeper and deeper, whenever I thought he could go no further he surprised me by going further in. Soon his pace quickened and he started fucking me hard, the bed was now rattling and my moans growing. My hands were on his head playing with his long hair while his mouth was meeting mine. Suddenly with one strong lunge, he erupted in me bringing me to another intense orgasm.

We were panting heavily with our lips locked, he rested his muscular body on top me. My legs around his body and my pussy milking his gorgeous cock. In a few minutes I unwrapped my legs as he moved. I thought he was getting off me when i was surprised to see him move on top of me and moving his cock towards my lips. I was happy to know that he was not done and neither was I. Without any hesitation i started sucking his cock which was soft and tasted of our combined juices. All the while my pussy was leaking a cocktail of his sperms and my juices. Soon I felt him grow in my mouth and then realized his size was almost 9 inches.

Micheal was now fully erect and proceeded to move me on my left side. He then laid down behind me and entered me from behind. I bent my body to ensure that my hips were bent towards him to ease penetration. I was making sure that I get his full length in me again. Micheal was a man on mission and entered me fully in a few powerful thrusts and started fucking me senseless. My Pakistani pussy was being well used as our bodies met with a thump and his balls slapping against my legs. He continued forcefully fucking the depths of my cheating cunt and with one strong thrust brought me to another intense orgasm. He again emptied his load in me. After resting for a couple of minutes he got up and went to the rest room. I looked at the time and it was around 9.15 pm.

He came out in 5 minutes, I pretended to be asleep. I felt it would have been awkward saying bye to a random man who had just fucked me.

Micheal moved close to the bed and kissed me as I pretended to lay asleep. He then covered me with sheets and left. I was very tired and fell asleep a few minutes after that.

I woke up in the morning fresh and energetic. As I removed the sheets and turned on the lights, I could see the aftermath of my adventure. My pussy, legs and backdoor were covered with dried cum. Whatever had seeped out also stained the bed sheets. It didn't bother me as I was in a hotel and didn't have to clean the mess we had made. I went to shower and to get ready.

This adventure had broken all my shackles, I had cheated on my husband and had enjoyed it a lot. I had also decided that I will share these adventures with my husband. Meanwhile, I also felt that I was use this opportunity to explore this side of mine a little more.

For the two conference days I wore short dresses which were barely covering my mid-thighs and were giving ample view of my cleavage. I attracted a lot of attention from attendees, especially from a participant Jasper who was from Iceland. He interacted with me a few times during the conference and during the lunch breaks.

On the last day a dinner was arranged in the ball room and I had decided to wear my black dress. The dress was strapless and was offering an amazing view of my breasts, bare back and legs. The dress was barely enough to cover the top of my nipples, it then flowed down till my mid-thighs. I had decided to ditch my bra and underwear completely.

I couldn't believe the response I was getting when I got out of my hotel room. Everyone from the hotel staff and the visitors were eyeing me. I was blushing from the naughtiness of doing this. I got a very special reception at the ball room, and men were chatting me up. I loved the attention and knew each of them wanted to get the prize.

Eventually the dinner started and I ran into Jasper. I could see he was in awe as he started stuttering and told me I looked beautiful. His gaze was on my neck going down to my milky white breasts. I saw him eyeing my breasts as the tips of my nipples were visible through the thin material of the dress. Whenever I turned I felt his eyes fixed on my bare back going down to my well rounded butt.

I flirted with him during our conversations, looking him in the eyes when I was speaking to him casually giving him hints of my motives by dancing with him and getting close to him. I could see he was getting very interested as he moved closer and held me during our dance. When the dinner was about to end I told him I needed fresh air and was going to the rooftop and left.

The rooftop of the hotel had an indoor pool and an outside jacuzzi, the weather was quite cold so the hot tub looked like a good idea. I was at the observation deck when I saw him getting out of the elevator. Using my finger I called him towards me and started walking towards the hot tub.

Jasper was in a trance.I turned my head and looked at him, he was close enough to see everything but not close enough to touch me. I unzipped my dress from the side and dropped it on the wooden floor. I had decided to give my body to him, the trip had made me lose all my inhibitions and I was ready to build on my experience. Jasper had a good look at my naked body in the dim light and was coming close to me like a Zombie. I slowly climbed the ladder of the Jacuzzi with my back turned towards waiving my hips at him and got in the hot tub.

I looked towards Jas, he was stripping like flash and was walking towards me while taking his trousers off. He got in the tub and immediately grabbed me and started kissing me. I kissed him back, his giant hands were probing my body as his tongue entered my mouth. He then moved towards my breasts and started sucking and gently nipping on my nipples. I was getting wet and was lost in lust. This giant man was going to take my Pakistani body tonight and I wouldn't put up a fight.

Jasper was now fingering me, I took the opportunity to grab his beautiful cock, it was uncut, very thick and white as ivory. He was at least 9 inch long and thick as my wrist. It was already rock hard. I started stroking his cock which he appreciated. He had started moving me towards the edge of the tub. With my back against the edge he lifted my legs and started licking my pussy, he had a long powerful tongue which was penetrating the folds of my pussy lips going deep inside me. He was so good with his tongue that it only took a minute and my first orgasm hit me. I blacked out completely and had squirted in his mouth. When I regained my conscience Jas was about to mount me. He had moved me to a doggy position. My torso was on the ledge of the hot tub and my back was bent.

He proceeded and started rubbing the mushroom head of his amazing cock on my Pakistani pussy, juicing the tip for the penetration. After teasing me for a few seconds he entered the bulbous tip in my wet and ready pussy. I squirmed with the penetration as with one swift push he was 4 inch inside me. A loud groan left my mouth. Jas was on a mission, he didn't give any time to adjust and started pounding away entering inch by inch sending me to heaven. All 9 inches of his gorgeous cock were inside me now I was impaled on his long shaft. My pussy lips were wrapped around his thick member and were now milking him.

Jasper was relentless as my pussy was bearing the brunt of his sexual tension. He was taking out his cock till only the tip was inside and went in balls deep with a hard powerful thrust. His body was slapping against mine, his balls were slapping against my stomach and my moans were filling the air. This was just raw fucking. Meanwhile, the lights had went out as it was very late. This didn't have any affect on Jasper who had now moved me into a cart wheel position which enabled him to go very deep inside me. I was in intense pleasure as screams of joy escaped my mouth and I didn't realize that someone else had joined us. I only found out when my breasts were cupped by two hands and someone inserted a cock in my open mouth.

I started sucking this new cock who had joined our play when suddenly Jas groaned and moaned and with one swift lunge was balls deep in me. I felt a volcano erupting inside me bringing me to an intense orgasm, his pulsating cock was sending waves of sperms like hot lava in me. He kept himself buried to the hilt in me as my aching pussy lips milked his huge balls. He then gradually retracted as gush of sperms flowed out into the water. I was recovering from my last orgasm while being face fucked by another cock. The cock was now stiff and I could taste the precum leaking in my mouth. The other man had now moved behind me.
The new man was now licking my asshole, it felt so good when he inserted his tongue in my butt-hole. After a few licks he proceeded to insert two fingers up my pussy will pleasuring my butt-hole with his tongue. He was lubing his fingers with Jas's cum and my pussy juices. I was getting turned on again when he inserted his now lubed fingers inside my butt-hole. He continued lubing and stretching my door number two. Then it was time to lube his cock which did by inserting it in my wet well used pussy. Till now I was unaware of who was about to fuck me.

I looked back but due to darkness couldn't figure out who it was, I only saw Jasper getting dressed and leaving. I was brought back to reality when the thick tip of the cock entered my asshole.

I squirmed and let out a scream, the guy who entered me brought his head close to my ear and said

"I will fuck your brains out."

To my horror the voice was very familiar and upon close inspection I found out it was actually my boss. I didn't say anything and was thinking very hard on what to do now, I was again brought back to reality when with a powerful thrust he pushed all of his cock in me. Another loud scream left my throat as his thick cock entered the depths of asshole.

My boss was relentless, he was fucking me like there was no tomorrow. He was true to his word, he wanted to fuck my brains out and that is what he was doing. David was drunk and obviously very horny, he also also started rubbing my clit while fucking me without a pause. Soon pleasure took over me and I started moaning. My pussy was still leaking Jasper's cum which lubricated his clit rubbing fingers.

Suddenly my boss David moaned and with one final thrust buried himself to the hilt in my ass. He emptied all his load in me as I clenched by butt cheeks locking his cock in me and milking him. Soon his cock softened and came out. David got out of the jacuzzi and passed out on the edge of the water. I was totally spent and took a few minutes to catch my breath.

I was now in a predicament on what to do as he was definitely going to get sick outside the hot water. I got out and was unable to walk straight with the pounding both my holes had received. I realized that in getting dressed Jasper had managed to kick my dress in the pool. I took a dive in the pool, grabbed my dress and got out. I ended up doing the walk back to my room not wearing anything. Completely drenched I used the stairs to get to my floor. It was quite late and thankfully no body saw me like this.

While coming down I used the phone in the pool lobby to inform the reception of a gentleman passed out in the jacuzzi area. As I got to my room, I went for shower, both my holes were gaping and were still leaking semen.The next morning I went down for breakfast and saw David. I looked around for Jasper but he was not present. The good thing was that there was no way that they would have interacted or figured out that they had fucked the same girl last night.

I went to David, he immediately said Hi and asked me to join. I was very nervous and hesitantly asked him how was the dinner, he didn't say much and said that it was good and he enjoyed it. It was a relief that he didn't remember fucking my brains out last night. It would have been a nightmare working with him again.

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