Cuckolding stories

Playing with Fire Pt. 04

by aaron

08/05/2016 01:04 in slut

****This is the 4th installment of how a want- to- be cuckold transformed the people around him to force him through every deviant thought he ever held. If you aren't into cuckold stories with bi tendencies, or control/blackmail fetishes that aren't being governed under the rule of the law...please move along this story isn't for you.****


It was late and I was alone. I thought many times about breaking free from the chesterfields frame and the handcuffs that bound me, but the true strength of my bonds were in the humility of the video my blackmailer had of me. With each passing hour I was wondering if there was a chance he would walk in alone and admit defeat, but with the rising of the sun through the window it would look more like he would return with another story.

My legs were the only thing asleep when I heard the door begin to budge. As the footsteps made their way closer to the room I heard him clear his throat. "Did you know or did she tell you," was his first question.

"Know what?"

"That she was going to be that easy for me to seduce. I felt more like it was her seducing me," he said with a mocking voice that still seemed wanting.

"Did you do it; did she let you touch her? Why do you need the part of her that made her mine alone, is it that important to you to have me suffer the shame of being your cuckold?" I lashed.

"You promised to help me cuckold you and I am afraid you didn't exactly help as promised. I think you knew she wanted to fuck me, and had the option to watch if you wanted too. You got scared and tried to stop it," he said with perfect clarity of what I attempted to do.

"I was scared you were going to go too far with this and try to take her from me, and we both know you won't be happy unless you fuck her unprotected. I wanted to stop the train wreck before it happened. I love my wife and knew how far you both would go," I admitted. I never told him about my wife's crush, because the fear of their mutual attraction was going to leave me powerless.

"I fucked your wife," he said with a pause. "I won't be telling you more than that, but if your wife is willing to fill in the blanks it's up to her. After all I am not supposed to know that you're aware of me being her back door man, and I'll be back for more." He continued with a warning that I better not prevent future visits or I would be sorry, and since I attempted to thwart him being with her it will cost me somehow.

I was confused and angry. "So are you going to keep fucking my wife, have you not done enough already?"

He explained that he doesn't at the moment have the desire to see my wife in that way. It was all about making her his, and taking her with my knowledge. He explained how my lack of submission and her sheds of guilt left in her eyes have him wanting more. "This will be over when you're both mine."

We didn't say much after that. He unlocked me and helped me to my feet. He had the smell of a well sexed man. He said he would offer me a drive home, but he thought it was best to call a cab to maintain the misdirection of me not being at his home.

As the cab pulled into my drive way I noticed the car was missing. I walked into the home and checked the rooms, but the house was empty. I found last night's dinner still on the table with empty wine bottles accompanying it. I tried to imagine how they must have tried to both pretend to be just friends while setting the mood for the other to be seduced. My imagination met reality when I found my wife's dress lying on the floor at the end of the table. As I inspected the dress and the table around it I found fragments of a torn condom package. It would appear he took her here on the table that I set to serve them on. "They didn't even finish dinner before there urges to be together would overtake them," I thought.

I went through the house and found her bra in the computer room, and the bedroom properly soiled from there play. The mattress and bed board might have had a story to tell; the bed looked like it shifted away from the wall. The smell of their sex lingered in the room. As I peered beyond the bed that my wife betrayed me in; I saw a glimmer of hope. There in the garbage was the condom.

I stood overlooking the garbage and looked down at the condom. I saw other condom packages in the garbage with the condom. I had to know. I inspected the packages to get a count on how many times he might have fucked her, but the packages were all sealed. I checked each package and each of them remained unopened.

I felt my head get light and wondered why he stopped at fucking her once, but had to know for sure. I did the previously unthinkable and hoisted the used condom from the garbage. It was still wet and smelled of my wife. I tried to look through the condom, but could not see what I was looking for. I dared to roll the condom inside out, but nothing was there. This condom was dry inside.

I knew what this must have meant instantly. She either asked him to take it off or he removed it. She wanted him inside her and she gave herself to him completely. He was ready and willing to take her safely, but she must have made the choice to give him everything.

As I stared at the used condom and smelled its used aroma I found myself excited. My wife has just taken her first lover without protection and I am lost in sexual desire for her. I sniffed the condom and tasted the juices she created for another man from it. My raging hard on is pushing me to know; to really know. I tore my clothing off and stood nude with the condom in my hand. I placed the used condom on my cock and imagined it being me wearing it as he had my wife bare back. The condom felt loose and far too big for my cock. I stroked my shaft inside of its baggy interior with a furor to pay homage to my wife's infidelity. As I stroked and imagined the worst I was more and more turned on. I wanted the worst and wanted to be a cuckold that would be the nature of stories that would sound impossible to translate to rational sexuality.

I then heard the door open. My burning sexual rage had to wait as I instantly felt ashamed and completely unprepared to explain the act of celebrating her fucking my friend unprotected. I dashed into the joining bathroom and leaped into the shower. Behind the closed curtain I tugged the condom off and hide it above the ceramic tile.

I ran the water and waited. The door opened and she called out my name. I was slow to answer, but replied with a question of where she had been. She was returning from coffee, and was thinking it wasn't going to help because she had no sleep. She asked if she could come in the shower with me, because she needed to talk.

As she entered the shower I stood turned towards her. She was flushed and looked like somebody returning from the gym.

"I did it," was her first words. "I wanted to, but wouldn't have if you didn't ask me too. He did want me like you thought, and he was very easy to seduce," she said with a laugh. What she was unaware of was that I never actually asked her to be with him last night, it was an email that he wrote using my email account poising as me that gave her all the permission she needed to find herself into bed with him.

It might have been from the stroking or her admission of being with him, but it was at that moment after telling me she was with him did she notice I was rock hard. She smiled from ear to ear with my apparent pleasure with what she did and took my cock between two of her fingers. She continued to say "He fucked me all night long and for the first time in years my pussy is sore from using heavy equipment."

As she slowly rubbed my cock she talked about how he admitted to seeing erotic pictures of her in the past, and she admitted that she knew I was showing them. He wanted her to show him the pictures again, and she had enough wine that it excited her to be the one hearing how she looked in them. She admitted to not finding them on the computer, but was unaware that he knowingly deleted them earlier. "He wanted to see my lingerie pictures and I could not find them, and stripping for him seemed like a good alternative," she whispered.

She kissed me with the reminiscent smell of his cock on her lips. As we kissed I felt the body that was just with another man, and knew parts of him were still inside her. I felt her breasts and groped her ass. I wanted this woman so badly. I made my way around her hips and to her swollen mound. My touch made her wince in pain.

"He was a bit big last night, I am kind of sore," she said looking very apologetic.

I continued to kiss her and celebrate the rest of her body with my hands. She was stroking my cock, but I longed for it to be in her pussy. The building denial was so alluring. She suddenly stopped stroking and moved her hands to my hips and began to twist me.

"What is that on your ass," she questioned in shock.

I forgot! The black permanent marker written on my ass by her lover was still there. It was his name and with the tag of me being the property of his. It was originally meant to keep me dressed and away from her sexually by having me avoid unwanted questions. She stared at me in disbelieve and I wondered how she might react to this. How could I explain how my written admission to being the property of the man that may have bred my wife in our martial bed was in good taste? I went to open my mouth, but never found the words to say. She looked at me and waited before answering her own question.

"Thank you, I am so happy you support me the way you do. I worried you wouldn't be able to handle him being the guy that broke my vows," as she motioned for me to lower myself down to my knees. Could it be that all my actions are so obviously accepting of what she did, or is she just seeing what she wants to see? I was so lost for words at that moment I didn't see what was coming next until she pressed her swollen pussy on my face.

She didn't smell the same. Her pussy was mixed with the water in the shower, her current arousal, and the smell of what he left inside her. As she pulled my face into her crotch I let myself go for a second and allowed my tongue to pleasure her.

"Oh god yes, I wanted this for so long. I wanted to make you lick my used pussy for so long and your best friend from it, "she moaned. As she worked up a rhythm with my face and tongue to break into another round of confessions, "The condom broke." She then stopped speaking and waited for my response as she continued to gyrate with force on my face.

I saw the condoms, and they were either still in the packages or completely intact. I considered her lie, but kept my tongue out as I thought. The taste of her cheating pussy was over my lips and running into my mouth. My reluctance to pull away after her confession was building a fire of lust inside her.

She broke the silence while looking down into my eyes while I was peering up from her mound. "Do you taste him?" She was like a sprinter waiting for the gun to go off. She asked again, "Do you taste him, do you like it?"

I nodded yes before burying my tongue deep into her folds. She moaned in ecstasy as she neared cumming. I was a cuckold both in what she had done, and what I was letting be done to me. I licked her pussy completely clean as she edged closer to cumming for the first time after being with another man.

"Yes, yes, yessss your my cuckold. I made you my cuckold now lick him from my pussy. I love this. Lick your friend from my pussy because I made you too...argggg."

Her passion left her body with her passing orgasm. She motioned me to my feet and hugged me. "Thank you so much for everything, and let's change that name on your backside to something more flattering to me," she said before stepping out of the shower. She left me alone in the shower with my still hard cock. I felt so ashamed that she left before finishing me, but needed the relief to calm my overcharged senses. I beat myself till I came down the drain of the shower.

After leaving the shower I returned to my room which had slightly changed. The garbage full of unused condoms was gone. There was only one remaining and it appeared torn. "She is supporting her lie," I thought.

We then talked more about what happened. How she stripped and how she asked for him to give her a show in return. This lead to her taking him into her mouth as his cock hung in front of her face. From that point he fucked her in several rooms before finishing inside her without knowing the condom was broken. She asked how I felt about my first cuckold experience, and if it was what I imagined.

I was spent emotionally and sexually after the shower. I felt like throwing up. I explained to her it was more than I could imagine her doing and that I knew I put her up to what happened, but I was unsure if I would like to see it happen again.

She looked disappointed. "You started this. Why did you let me fuck him knowing I wanted too so badly? If you were there it might not have went so far, and now that you're a bit scared you want me to stop. This isn't fair," she was getting angry.

"Honey I have to live with the knowledge that my best friend had you in our bed, and we will all be reminded of it every time we see each other," I pleaded.

"Then why stop at one time? It is done and I did this initially for you and now you want to make me feel guilty for it. I don't want to stop. I really like this cuckold thing now and want to give it real try," she said as convincing as she could.

With a man that demanded to see her again and a wife that demanded that she sees him I was out of cards. I knew if I fought this and caused a real argument it would be hard to come back from. I betrayed her virtue when I set her up with the idea of him long ago. She couldn't be allowed to be made guilty for the things I encouraged, and a fight now would only push her into his arms. I couldn't bare the world knowing the truth on how I have finally become the cuckold I longed for. I was safe and asked her how she wanted this to play out.

She wanted more control in the bedroom, and loved the control she had over me with having another lover. My years of initiating my fetish to be humiliated has led her to vicariously want to see me humiliated by other man, and they have to know how my masculinity is hers to handover. She admitted to not showering before I got home in hopes she could have me lick her first. She even said it pleased her knowing that I pleasured myself after her leaving the shower. The writing across my ass made her feel secure, and knew that my humility in that way left me sworn to her. She then asked me if I meant what I said many times before, "Would you really do any fantasy I choose if I did yours?"

"I said I would, but it doesn't mean I want to lose you. I am scared that you're not as interested in fun between just us anymore and it's scary for me," I said. "You went from not wanting to participate in this lifestyle to falling in love with my friend, and now having me consummate your love by degrading me."

"You won't lose me, but I want to be shared with him for a while. I want to have him like I did last night till he is comfortable with me and then I want him to know you had no choice but let me be with him," she said while looking as if she was scheming. "I am not even sure if you have a choice now, I am going to be with him as long as he will have me", she affirmed." Are you planning on keeping his name written on your ass, or can we change it to something more appropriate? You are my property not his."

I thought about the answer and knew that choice might not be mine. He might want to keep it there even though she seen it; he has been unpredictable. "I might keep it there for your pleasure," I tried to joke.

"It's not my pleasure, it's the fantasy I have yet to finish telling you about," she paused and I listened. "I need to know you're sworn to me and me alone, and it's hard to have a person sign that kind of contract. I saw a picture of a tattoo while looking at porn with you that I liked. It was a picture of a man with a cuckold tattoo. There were a few types, but I liked the tattoo of the small male symbol being eclipsed by the large male symbol penetrating the female symbol." Her fantasy was to mark me in a humiliating way that would give her comfort in our relationship while actively being with other men. "I really want you to show me in a physical way who you are to me."

I knew exactly what tattoo she was talking about. Her pleading to make her feel in control and secure after doing what she did was extreme. Most people would think the cuckold would have all the jitters, but it was my wife that feared losing me if I rejected her fantasy or got angry with mine happening. The permanent marker only made her realize she needed security in her ownership of me while she was away, but the marker would wash off in time. The conversation of her seeing him again sexually was over; this was if I wanted to remain part of it on her terms. I could have cried or screamed and left the room but I realized that I needed her regardless how things were changing. I asked where she would want the tattoo so that it remained so precious to her ego, and she replied it should be on my lower belly near my cock so it can't be missed.

The twisted bond I felt at the moment of her wanting to control me and humiliate me at this level had me agree to do almost anything. I wasn't thinking about the other man pounding her as I remained loyal, or how I would be despised by most vanilla couples. The thrill of going this extra step with her had me forget the real goal of her wanting to be with other men. In agreement I started the online search for a tattoo parlor, but the wife already knew a spot.

The tattoo parlor she chose was in the next town, and not busy that day. It was the weekend and we went to look at its appearance. It gave us time to talk and discuss what happened. I never had the courage to question her about the condom not breaking, but that torment gave me the twisted desire I needed to enter the tattoo parlor. As we entered and introduced ourselves they proceeded to show us previous work they had done. She showed the group of artists a printed sketch of the tattoo she wanted and said, "We would like this one for him please." One of the male artists looked at me with a huge smirk and replied, "Sure."

He sat me in a large black recliner placed all the way back. Before sitting I removed my pants and sat on a chair liner, my freshly shaven complexion looked pearly white under his lights. As he prepared a stencil for my tattoo I was squeamish how large it looked. I was thinking it would be a small tattoo the size of a quarter to the right of my cock and well below my belt. The stencil he drew was possibly part his impression or the one implied by the picture my wife gave him. It was several times larger then what I wanted and it was instead placed directly above my shaft. It would completely cover my shaven pubic region, but her encouragement was relentless.

He tried to make small talk with my wife, and it was obvious he was trying to flirt with her. He wasn't her type at all, but the closer the simple black tattoo came to being complete the more she flirted back. It became very awkward when he asked if she was restricting herself to one other guy, and if the tattoo was in the dedication to him. He was hitting on her right in front of me; while he was making it impossible for me to be respectable with my pants off ever again. My cock began to rise even with the enduring pain as there conversation reached personal levels I didn't expect to have with a total stranger. My rising cock had us laugh a bit in admission to how strong my approval must be, but the artist was seriously not pleased with his distraction.

"You will have to put that away before I continue, I am not interested in having your cock waving in my face as I ink. You know we have something in the shop that can help that," he joked.
"What a bag of ice," she laughed.

"No the other side sells sexual novelty items and we have a few male chastity models in stock," his words had my already weakened state boom with ideas. She knew from pornography what a chastity device looked like on a man and asked me what I thought. My reply was it could be fun while I am getting the tattoo on. My partial agreement was making the commitment part of her fantasy to cuckold me more complete. She looked to the artist in approval that we wanted one.

As he left the room to retrieve the item from the other side of the shop I wondered how I might get my manhood to fit while so stiff. As he entered the room with the device it became about putting it on me. I felt like he both wanted the sale of the device and the gratitude of my wife for helping her in this extra way. As they both watched I carefully tried to stroke myself flaccid again, but the pain from the tattooed area was distracting and my erection stubborn. She was holding the device in her hands and trying to encourage me to cum as he stood behind her looking clearly at her frame. I thought it was only his view of her from behind that was keeping him in the room, and he was eyeing her like a hungry wolf.

As I stroked my shaft she was bending over me and talking dirty, "What would you like me to do so that I can put this on you? I want him to finish your tattoo." Again I found myself looking at him looking at her bent over in front of him. As she caught my glance looking behind her she became aware of him ogling her. "Isn't it enough he is branding you, and fitting you with a restraint for you cock? You have to enjoy him looking at me too, he is..." she said implying as if I might be getting a bit greedy.

"You two are the biggest sexual deviants I met all day," he said laughing again. He took a step closer behind her to have a better view what was happening on the other side. As he approached I let go of my cock and pulled my wife's dress up over her bent frame so that it was sitting just below her ass.

Her eyes went wide open, "What are you doing?"

"I think your husband liked the way I was talking to you miss, and it would appear he wants to earn that tattoo already," the artist said coolly.

I wanted to watch. I wanted to see what I missed the night before. This man is in the process of humiliating me in a way that can't easily be undone. With only a suggestion he had both of us wanting to conceal my ability to be a man and it was clear he would be man enough for her. I wanted this man to humiliate me more.

She looked back and forth from me to him and asked, "You are making a very big request right now; do you know what you're asking me to do?"

"Yes," I answered quickly.

"Will you include regular use of the chastity device as being part of the tattoo," she said with a deep swallowing of her fear and apprehension.

I didn't even listen to her question, "Yes."

She then changed her posture. She moved to stand with her legs wider apart as she bent over towards me. She was slightly wiggling her ass, and she closed her eyes and placed my hard cock in her mouth. I took control for the first time and lifted her dress higher on her frame, but this time so high it slide over her shoulders and onto the floor. As she nervously wiggled her ass in wait for the strangers touch he moved to view his offerings. He slid her panties off her smooth inviting body, but instead of them falling to the floor he placed them into his pocket. As the artist dropped his own pants he hesitantly reached for a condom in a drawer, but by force of will I made our eyes lock. I nodded no to him while looking at the condom, and signaled to put it away. He looked confused, but she was unaware of what was happening with her face buried on my cock. It was only when his cock was sliding into her did she ask if he had a condom. His answer was, "No."

She looked at me a little upset and murmured while sucking my dick that this wasn't what she planned to happen. He was no less than 15 years younger than us, and the only thing harder than his cock was my ability to remember ever being that erect. This complete stranger then plunged deep inside her. It was the first push that moved her body closer to mine and let me know that he was thrusting inside her. This was the first time I witnessed another man take my wife, and this man was especially humiliating. He gripped her hips and pulled her deep onto his cock. I could hear the flap of his body on her ass, and feel her grunts as he pounded her pussy. He was treating her not like a lady, but like a fuck toy. The image of the panties in his pocket and my trophy wife on his cock was too much for me to handle as I began to cum in my wife's waiting mouth.

As she was taking my cum he began to push harder and she let herself fall over me. He was fucking her on top of me and holding her by her hair now. Her face came closer to mine and our lips met. She kissed me with a mouth full of cum to my surprise. She let it drop from her mouth and into mine as she was being fucked rough from behind, and before we could trade it back he pushed her farther on top of me so that I was nearly looking up at his barely legal aged balls slap against my wife's swollen pussy. As I laid there trying to swallow and watching as he fucked her my cock began to fade. He pulled her back onto his shaft while standing and let her gather the chastity device. This young buck showed her nothing but his dominance as he buried her face near my crotch so she could go to work positioning my restraint as he man-handled her from behind. As she was putting the tube on me and finding the collar to lock it he slowed his thrusts so that it went on perfect. After locking the collar and securing the penis restraint he asked her where he should cum.

I answered for her, "Please cum in her. Another man came in her and I want to see it for myself. Please cum in my wife". I was feeling oddly powerful. My wife looked concerned and it was only the leverage of giving me what I wanted so that I would commit to every favor she was asking that kept her from pulling away.

"So you want me to cum in your wife you fucked up cuckold? I would but I think she will enjoy something else," as he pushed her again over my face. This time his thrusting was hard and fast. His intent to cum was guaranteed, and his ability to pound my wife had her nearly splashing on my face with each impact. I was looking at his balls rise, and waiting for the contractions of his cock to start when he pulled himself from her sheath. I was taken by total surprise as he instead reached for my hair and pulled my face in line with his spurting cock. Stream after stream sprayed across my face. My wife turned in surprise to what was happening, but only showed relief to his kindness not cum inside her. His cock was finishing its final pulses over my face when my wife placed one hand on his shaft and moved to kiss him.

I had a new pain I never felt before. It was from the part that most deserved the pain. My cock strained against its restraint as my wife thanked him for what he did. Her hand was still lingering on his cock as she was now facing him. He reached out and hugged her naked body and thanked her for a good time. She returned his thanks with another big kiss as she pointed at his pocket with her panties, "His trophy wife wants you to keep those." She had a new appreciation for this man suddenly.

After being offered a cloth for my face he returned to the business of finishing my tattoo. After completing the tattoo she had to ask him why didn't he cum in her. "I don't like bossy cuckolds," was his answer and offered one more piece of advice. He tossed me the panties he had in his pocket and said, "Put them on." He was being rude and this request wasn't his to make. I would have liked to been able to stand up and act offended, but wearing women panties seemed so trivial compared to what just happened.

"I said put them on," and he finished his statement with my complete name. "You know my dad very well and he would be shocked to know what his son just did." I didn't recognize him or hear his actual name while in the shop. I looked at him closely and could have fainted. He was the son of another of my good friends, and the son of the 2nd of my wife's ex-boyfriends. "Just put the panties on and promise that you're going to start listening to your wife and what happened stays here" he said coolly.

I slide the panties on and by their appearances it pleased them both. My manhood was held tight, and helped provide a feminine look. The cuckold tattoo was bright and visible over the outline of the panty. The fact my wife knew his mother didn't seem to faze her when looking at how undignified he was making me look. She was turned on, and it was written all over her face.

"Oh my god honey, I never noticed how little hair you have on your bikini line. It's like you were meant to look like a women in panties." She said while touching my restraint over the panties. "You will have to find a way to keep our friends son from telling everyone how you got me to fuck him, maybe you should start by keeping those panties on for a while."

It wasn't the same when he slid his hand up the back of her dress as she was inspecting me this time. "If for any reason he doesn't play his role you can always let me know" he said groping her bare ass. She turned to face him once more and put her hands around the back of his neck and kissed him. I stood watching this barely legal kid stare me in the eyes as he for a second time lifted her dress up and over her head. As he held her naked body I saw him whisper something in her ear, and she answered back. I imagined it was something that made her uncomfortable as she looked to loosen herself away from him for a moment. Was she trying to appease our friend's son in order to keep our actions discrete?

He looked at her thoughtfully as she dropped to her knees in front of him. She took the cock that was in the prime of its life from his pants and started to devour it to his balls. "No," he said. "You tell him the truth."

She stopped sucking and removed his cock from her mouth and spoke into it as if it was a microphone. "Honey, this is where I used to buy our sex toys before he started to work here. You were too shy to come with me remember. I knew he might be here and picked him as our artist for a reason. I didn't plan on fucking him, but that was your idea wasn't it? He just asked if I wanted to be fucked by him again now that we know who he is. I already knew the truth the first time, but asked him if you could watch him finish what you asked for earlier," she said sounding muffled while talking into his crotch.

He cut any comment either of us had off and sternly spoke to us, "I wanted him to hear what you asked me so I could tell you NO. You saw where I left the condom in my desk. I want you to get dressed and take it with you as you sit in our waiting room and wait for use to be done," he said while trying to concentrate with her already sucking on his cock again.

I remembered this man as a child, and used to tease his father that he looked like the mail man's kid. Now I found myself putting my pants on over my wife's panties as she straddles his bare cock. As I collected the condoms from his desk I saw him pick her straddled body off the ground. His strong arms carried her skewered body to the door ahead of me and opened it wide. "Get out and take a seat until we are finished".

As I walked out the door I could see she was already about to cum as she watched me leave. As they continued her moans were getting louder so that everyone in the room started to hear her excitement. I heard him bang her lifted body against the wall, as my cock banged against the hardened sides of its cage. As the pace of her body thumping against the wall grew faster so did the strength of her voice. The sound of her body bouncing between him and the wall created a rhythmic pulse of pain in my newly printed tattoo. I couldn't see his man hood prepare to bred her, but the soft feel of her panties on my skin reminded me how he claimed her. As the sound of her body hitting the wall reached a speed indicating his end was near her voice could be heard moaning his name and begging "Don't stop, say my name and please don't stop." The final sounds of his triumph over her body were signaled with him calling her by her complete name for the store to hear as he pushed her hard into the wall and held her there for several minutes before hearing her shoes touch the floor again.

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