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Emma Treats Hubby To Hot Date Night

by aaron

06/21/2016 13:04 in slut-wife

Emma treats her hubby to a very hot date night

Pete, my hubby, had been working so hard for the past couple of months that I thought I ought to treat him to a date night to give him a break. He is a defence engineer and at the time was contracting and had to work lots of stressful and unsociable hours. The contract paid very well but, with me running my own business as well, we were not seeing a lot of each other.

Sure we shared a bed but not for many hours of the night. I'd often go up to bed around 10:30pm and he'd come up somewhere around midnight after doing a few hours late work due to the timezone differences and the international team he was working alongside.

Knowing he'd been travelling a lot recently I made sure to choose a night when he was going to around. So many times we tried to have a night out but he'd have to cancel due to work. So annoying to get all excited for a night out to then find the day before that he's got to travel and not be around. Knowing the next project deadline was a few weeks away I thought a Friday night two weeks before would be safe. I even checked with Pete's client and sure, it was confirmed that should be ok.

So, I had two weeks to plan the night out. A plan had been forming and I knew Pete would love it.

Pete loves me dressing up glam for the bedroom but also for going out. He has always loved it when I dress up sexy and flirty. Really found it quite funny when we first lived together and he'd get a hardon watching me get ready for work in a tight pencil skirt, fishnet holdups and heels.

A meal out at a favourite city centre restaurant followed by drinks and dancing then home for some intimate adult fun. That should chill him out and show him my gratitude for his hard work.

On the day of the date I visited my local salon and had my nails and hair done. While there I spotted an offer for a full Brazilian wax session. Pete had often mentioned how he loved a bald pussy but I hated it due to the regrowth itching I experienced. But, maybe today was his lucky day and I'd brave it. So I did. Ouch! It had been years since I'd been waxed down there and never fully. But wow, how amazing it felt. Every single bit of air felt fresh and tingly. Amazing feeling and at least it would be a fair while until any potential itching would occur.

When I got home I had a couple of hours before Pete would be home so I jumped in the shower. While drying off in the bedroom I checked out my newly bald pussy. I certainly preferred the more womanly natural bush I usually kept but wow, it did look very sexy bald. As most women admit, I couldn't resist feeling it and it definitely felt electric to touch and so smooth. Pete was right, a smooth bald pussy is something special. I had to resist the urge to explore further though otherwise I may not be ready on time and I wanted to blow Pete away.

I pulled out of a hidden bag the outfit I'd bought the previous week especially for tonight. Although I like to please Pete by dressing up when going out I rarely wear very short dresses. I'm much more a maxi dress or just above the knee kind of girl. Same with cleavage really, I love showing what I call a healthy amount, however its never enough to satisfy Pete and I guess most men. Tonight though I was going to be completely out of my comfort zones in several ways and I was ready to embrace it for my gorgeous, hardworking lover.

The dress was a pink satin very short halterneck dress. I'd never usually buy let alone wear this very skimpy kind of dress, not even when younger. I'd found this one on eBay and got an absolute bargain winning it at about £100 less than new. It was a worn item which I knew Pete would get some kind of kinky kick out of knowing some other woman had previously been wearing it.

The dress was cut so low in the back and front it would be impossible to wear a bra with it. Not a problem regarding showing nipples as it was all fully lined but I hadn't counted on having to go braless. At 32dd I'm not exactly small but being a halterneck I found I could tie it tight enough to support my natural breasts so they still had a lovely shape but also didn't droop too much to look silly.

As I wiggled into the dress and adjusted the halter I also realised I ought to go without any panties too. Not even a thong. The dress was borderline obscene as I looked at myself sideways on in my full length mirror. Even before I'd put on my sparkly pink strappy 4" heels my bum was just about peeking out from the bottom of the dress. Gosh, a moment of hesitation as I considered if I ought to wear another more decent dress. But no, Pete deserved a treat and tonight was about him.

Pete loved holdups and so I'd also planned on wearing a pair tonight. But, with my bum almost showing, would the lace top of my holdups be showing too?

Sitting on the bed I felt a rush of air between my legs. Wow, very distracting having a bald pussy.

As I rolled up my white sheer lace top holdups I was hoping and praying they would be ok and I'd be able to wear them. Holdups do give a unique sexy classy finish to an outfit I find. The women reading this will also know what I mean about how it's quite erotic feeling the tightness of the grip around the top all the time. Sort of sexy but hard to describe. All I know is it feels good and a reminder that I'm dressed sexy and men (and women) will appreciate it.

Standing in front of the mirror I fortunately managed to pull the dress down enough to allow me to cover up the lace at the top of the holdups. But only just. Doing this meant showing more cleavage but I thought that would be a good compromise. Heels next and I loved these strappy ones. I definitely never had enough opportunities to wear them. Again, checking in the mirror I was relieved to see that even though my bum was now sticking out further and looking more pronounced, I looked half decent and didn't show my holdups or bum. Not too much anyway. Whether walking would be a different story we'd have to see. At least I knew Pete would most definitely enjoy seeing me dressed up like this and even more knowing we were going out and lots of men and women would be lusting over me. This thought also turned me on so much.

Sitting down at my dresser I looked and saw I had only half an hour before Pete would be home. I began getting my makeup on and went for the deep dark smokey eyes with a heavy eye liner. I coupled the eyes with a deep solid pink lipstick and lipgloss. Dark pencil for the eye brows too and a bit of blusher for the cheeks. I used makeup regularly but hardly ever put this much on. Pete, like most men, loved the smokey eyes look and I have to admit so do I. Takes a surprising amount of practice to get right though.

I hope this detail isn't boring you but I know some really appreciate the mental pictures of what us women look like.

As a special extra I'd been saving some new contact lenses to try out. Some friends had recently been experimenting with colour lenses and I thought it'd be fun to try wearing some bright blue lenses. My eyes are naturally a dirty blue colour so I knew Pete would notice something was different. I'd be amazed if a man noticed what was actually different!

Just as I was finishing off touching up my eye liner after inserting the lenses Pete pulled into the drive.

Stepping down the stairs as he entered the door and looked up was a priceless look on his face. His jaw had never been closer to the floor. He came over and hugged me. Smelling my perfume he whispered into my ear 'so when did my wife like getting waxed?' Wowa! I stepped back in shock. He giggled and said he wasn't sure but he handed me a receipt he'd found on the driveway path outside the house that I must have dropped. I slapped him playfully on the shoulder as I walked off to the kitchen for a drink. I was so glad my surprise hadn't been foiled so quickly!

One reason for getting ready before Pete arrived and got himself ready was that I set the bar high for how I expected him to dress. Pete was a smart guy but was never one to volunteer to wear a shirt or shoes. If he could wear a smart t-shirt and trainers he'd try to get away with it. Even if I wore a sexy dress and heels.

Coming down the stairs I was incredibly pleased to see Pete looking incredibly sexy in casual jacket, a pressed white cotton shirt, with three buttons open showing his hairy chest and smart dark jeans and some gorgeous brown shoes. He looked so gorgeous I actually felt myself getting physically turned on instantly.

Walking through the city centre I became aware that indeed keeping my dress in place was going to be challenge. It kept riding up my legs but every time I pulled it back down it revealed more of my cleavage. Pete found it hilarious watching me strut along try to juggle this dress predicament.

Whilst sitting eating our lovely meal I felt I needed the loo. The toilets were upstairs and Pete swears that as I walked through the restaurant and up the stairs, which were transparent glass, he saw a lot of men turn to perv as I strutted along. Even from a good few tables away he said he could clearly see the lace tops of my holdups as I lifted each foot onto the next step. I'm glad I only found out once we had paid the bill and were walking back through the city centre to our favourite bar. I could have died. Imagining a restaurant full of people seeing that as I walked up the stairs! Oh well, this was his treat and it was certainly pleasing him so far.

As we entered the bar I wondered what fun we'd have in here before heading home for really thanking my lovely hubby for his hardwork. This bar had been the scene for many of our dates nights and antics over the years. When we were first married we used to play the cliched game of pretending to strangers. I'd walk into the bar, wedding ring and engagement rings in my purse, on my own and roleplay the woman who was stood up by her date. It didn't usually take long for a man or two to come over and start flirting and buying me drinks. The first time we did it I wasn't sure it would work out but surprisingly it was a lot of fun and I had a good number of quality men flirt and tease. A few freaks but generally most were good guys. The bar was the local hot spot for professional people aged between 25 and 45 so you knew there would be a good crowd with an effective dress code and bouncers on the door.

Tonight as I entered the bar alone I felt more exposed and vulnerable than ever before but, I knew I looked great and wondered what would transpire. Pete wished me well before walking off down the street to a cash machine and to check on our car.

It was already about 10pm and the bar was busy with good music and the dance floor was swaying and fun was in the air. I made my way to the bar and before I could think of which drink I would like a guy next to me turned around and began to chat me up. He was a complete loser though who blatantly had no idea how to communicate with an educated and professional woman. Much to be my relief a man who had been stood on my other side must have understood the situation and butted in on the conversation drawing me away from the idiot. My saviour began an incredibly natural flow of conversation. He was probably about 45 and so at least 10 maybe 15 years older than myself but as with most older men I found myself drawn by his sexuality as an older confident and assured man. He was single and the CEO of a very successful company in the city. This just added to the buzz I felt by chatting to him and the attention he was giving me.

I explained that I was waiting for my date to arrive but he'd obviously been delayed somehow and I hadn't received a message or any news. This man, called Chris, was very clever in never suggesting I was being stood up but instead that he ought to keep me company, shielding me from idiots, and we should have a good time while we waited for my date.

As finished our drinks a great tune started and he asked if I liked to dance to which I said I loved to. We hit the dance floor and had a great time, Chris definitely knew how to dance with a woman and it made me wish, watching him, that Pete would take me dancing more often. After a few dances we found out way back to the bar. I was now wondering where Pete was as I couldn't see him on our way through the crowds. Making my excuses for the loo while we waited for bar service I sent Pete a message on my mobile asking if he was ok. He replied almost instantly saying he was indeed fine but outside. Apparently by the time he'd got to the bar it was full to capacity and it was being limited to a one in, one out system. I apologised and said I'd come and find him if we was wanting to go to another bar or head home, I felt awful. But he insisted I stay. He'd seen me with a gentleman and had spotted me dancing with him and I looked like I was having fun.

I should explain here that Pete is a bit of a cuckold. He's always talking about much fun he gets from thinking about me with other men. Earlier in our marriage we experimented with swinging but in later years it dropped off as our careers had made it very difficult to schedule times to meet others. We had a couple of close friends we played with fairly frequently but it certainly wasn't as often as it used to be. In fact, due to Pete's busy work life for the past two years if there was an opportunity to play I'd go on my own. This was such a turn on for us both.

Back to the bar anyway, Pete said I should stay as long as I liked and if I wanted he'd even go home and I could let whatever happen that I wanted. I already knew that I would love to have some fun with Chris but tonight was about Pete. Gosh, I didn't know what to do. It then dawned on me that I'd already been inside the bar for nearly 90 minutes. Pete was in their outside bar and having a few drinks but I thought I ought to try and work something out.

At midnight people usually started moving on from the bar to nightclubs further down the road if that's what they were looking for so I wondered if Pete might have a chance of appearing then. So, that was my plan. Pete could be my date who was locked out and I could introduce him to Chris and see what would happen.

About 30 minutes later I was slow dancing with Chris on the dance floor when he said that he felt my purse vibrating. I found my mobile and it showed a txt from Pete saying he was only second in the queue now to get inside the bar. He also said he could see me dancing and was hard at the image. I put my mobile away and turned to Chris. It's funny how these things instinctively happen but he looked down at me and together our lips met for the first time. As out lips parted and we looked into each others eyes again we embraced again but this time out lips parted and our tongues explored each other's mouths with deep passion. Knowing Pete had a clear view of me kissing Chris was so erotic and turned me on incredibly. I was dressed for Pete and yet here I was snogging a strange man in a bar while Pete was kept outside and only able to watch. Chris' hands were moving over the back of my body and I felt a real rush as I could feel the air moving over my pussy as people moved slowly around the dance floor. I so needed this man tonight.

Too soon the song ended and we headed back to the bar for another drink. By now I was definitely feeling the affects of alcohol. This was probably most evident in that I'd stopped trying to rearrange my dress every few seconds.

As I sat on a stool with Chris' hand on my thigh I spotted Pete walking over to us.

Pete came over and hugged and kissed me on the cheek. I introduced Pete and Chris together. Chris bought Pete a drink and we moved to a sofa where we could all talk without the music being so loud.

It was here that I explained to Chris that my date had actually been locked out of the bar due to the full capacity entry policy. I could tell Chris was a little curious and uneasy about Pete being with us and wondering why Pete was and I were being so familiar. I said that I'd really enjoyed my time with Chris and wanted him to hang around. I went on to explain that actually Pete was my husband and we had a fairly open marriage. Over the course of the next half hour we discuss at length our marriage, Chris' background and situation and all got on really very well.

It turned out that Chris was actually divorced recently and came out as a single male looking for a professional single woman to start dating. He didn't have time for internet dating and believed the old ways to be best. He wasn't sure about a relationship again but definitely wanted some no strings fun and to see where it led. He'd heard about swinging but had never experienced anything like it. His ex-wife was very conservative and couldn't handle any kind of slightly adventurous sex which he really struggled with. They has split because he had found out she was fraudulently spending their money. He was fine about it all now as they'd been separated some three years, just the official divorce took a lot longer to process due to the legal proceedings and the value of his estate.

As Chris spoke I was so drawn by his sexuality I couldn't help myself cupping his head as I leaned in to kiss him again. I knew Pete was enjoying this as I felt his hand slowly rubbing up and down my thigh encouraging me.

We finally broke the kiss where I explained that tonight was my idea to treat Pete to a proper date night as he'd been working so hard. I said I needed to go to the loo but that the two men should discuss what they would like to do next as it was approaching 1:30am and we ought to be moving on.

While I was in the loo I really hoped the two men would hit it off. Pete is older than myself and I hoped they'd have some common interests rather than simply wanting to take me home and have a threesome. As I walked over to the sofa I was relieved to see the two men chatting and joking around like two long lost friends.

They excitedly told me, as they stood to meet me, that they thought the next best thing to do would be to go back to our house for a night cap. Pete hadn't drunk much so suggested he could drive our car home while Chris and I got a taxi. I looked puzzled as we could have all jumped in our car together but Pete winked and said he thought we could do with some more time alone.

With that Chris and I got into a taxi and immediately were snogging all the way back to mine and Pete's house. The £10 was well worth the expense as I could see why Pete suggested it. It helped confirm that both Chris and I were happy with what was happening - that we would be more than comfortable once inside our marital home. No one likes those nerves creeping up again once the moment is upon them.

I felt like a giddy teenage girl on a date as I walked up our garden path holding Chris' hand. Kinda hoping and also hoping not that a neighbour would see.

Pete opened the door for us and presented two wine glasses. We toasted to a lot of fun and Pete suggested I went upstairs and got comfortable. I said I first needed to take my heels off so sat down on one of our lounge chairs and proceeded to take off my strappy heels one by one. I knew doing this would give the men a perfect view of what was under my dress. I made no attempt to pull it down as I had sat on the chair. Sitting opposite me on the sofa they were both staring and drinking their wine. After taking both heels off my legs were spread wide and then I began to roll down my holdups one by one. One knee bent showing my completely bald pussy. Pete said 'wow babe, when did you do that?' I replied 'earlier today hun, I told you tonight is all about you'. Chris said he hadn't seen a waxed bald pussy since he was a student. With the holdups down I stood up and untied my dress at the back of my neck. Instantly it fell to the floor and I was totally naked.
Looking Chris directly in the eye I said 'Pete thinks I need to get comfy upstairs. Would you like to help Chris?' With that I simply walked off upstairs hoping he would follow.

I was laying on our bed naked for a good few minutes wondering where he was when suddenly he appeared at the door fully naked himself sporting a large hard cock. Pete has an average cock of about 6.5" but his real skill is in other areas such as fisting, kissing and slow passionate anal sex. However, Chris possessed a weapon - it had to be about 8.5" and very thick. I love some fairly risque sex such as fisting so enjoy a larger than average cock. I simply couldn't wait.

What surprised me next was that Chris didn't proceed with any foreplay. I think he knew that everything that had happened so far was more than enough to prepare us. He simply climbed onto the bed and positioned himself above me in the missionary position as he began to passionately kiss me. No other part of his body was touching me at this point. Once I felt I couldn't take it any longer he lowered his cock onto my pussy and slowly entered me. I thought I was in heaven as he invaded me so deeply. Finally he was fully resting on me with his cock deep within me. I let out a slow deep moan as I accepted and submitted fully to him.

We lay there motionless for a good few minutes as we just took it all in. That has to be one of the most erotic and powerful moments I've ever experienced. Then slowly he began to thrust in and own but very carefully with an increasing amount of with drawl before going back deeper again. Oh gosh this man was a real lover. I just couldn't get enough of him. Soon I felt my orgasm rising and he slowed down again. I giggled calling him a tease and he laughed and kissed me saying he wanted it to last forever. That he hadn't made love to such a gorgeous sexual woman for years. I whispered in his ear that I thought this wouldn't be the last either...

I looked over at the bedroom door expecting Pete to be standing there but he wasn't. I then knew he'd be downstairs letting us play alone as that is what also turns him on so much - letting me be free to express myself without him around.

After much teasing Chris asked, while suckling on my nipple, if I was ready and of course I begged him to cum. It felt like I was having one constant orgasm. I just felt light headed and tingly all over. He steadily began to pick up the pace until he was holding onto the headboard and roughly pounding in and out of me. And then it began. He was grunting as I felt his cock enlarge and spurt upon spurt I could feel entering my pussy. At that moment I realised he'd gone inside without a condom on but I just didn't care. I wanted him bare. I wanted his cum deep inside me. I was coming up to my period and so I was incredibly horny, more so than usual.

Once he'd come he rested on top of me and we passionately kissed for ages. It was such a lovers moment. Everything about him felt right and kissing him while his cock began to soften felt so romantic and the submissive in me was melting.

Eventually he rose up on his hands as he looked me in the eye and withdrew his cock. Immediately I felt my bum become damp and wet as Chris' huge load of cum began to leak from my pussy. I'm not sure why but I instinctively wanted to feel it so put my hand down there and rubbed it around my bald pussy. Chris asked if I liked it and I just moaned. With that he shifted up and presented his cock to my mouth. I'd never cleaned Pete up but I didn't hesitate to take his cock into my mouth and begin to suck and lick it clean. tasting my creamy juices mixed with his.

We rested for a while before I remembered about Pete. Chris apologised saying he felt awful for Pete being left out. I knew Pete would be waiting and I definitely didn't want the night to end. I proceeded to then pull out a hidden bag from under the bed that contained a new satin and sheer lace teddy I'd bought to wear that night. Pete loved seeing me dressed up in the bedroom and I knew he'd go nuts over this. If I wanted sex, no matter how he felt, if wore something like this, Pete was hard and fucking me in minutes.

Chris gazed as I proceeded to fight with putting the teddy on. By the time I reached the bedroom door the gusset was already soaked in Chris' cum. I told Chris that Pete would love it as we had one last passionate kiss before leaving the bedroom to find Pete.

When we got back to the lounge Pete was naked, hard and reading porn on his mobile.

He looked up and when he saw me he jumped up and hugged both Chris and I. He then said 'she's amazing isn't she Chris?' 'Yes, everything you said and more mate'. This struck me as a bit odd. Looking quizical I asked what that meant.

Both men looked at each other and then Pete proceeded to tell me.

He and Chris had been good mates while at University in another part of the country. They'd even lived together and Pete had known Tracey, Chris' ex-wife very well - he'd even been at their wedding.

However, over the years they'd drifted apart until a few months back when Chris had been relocated to our current city with a new job after his divorce had completed.

They got back in touch via LinkedIn when it showed Pete that Chris had a new job in our city.

One lie that Chris had told me was that he had in fact experienced group sex as he and Pete used to have threesomes when they lived together.

Once while I was away on business recently Chris had come over for a night of football on the TV with Pete and commented on how good looking I was in the photos around our house. One thing led to another and they were apparently soon talking about sex and if I might be game for playing with them both.

So Pete hatched the plan a few days earlier once he knew of my plans for a date night. I was pretty speechless by this stage but taking it all in. I'd planned this night for him but somehow he'd managed to flip it so I was having the most fun ever and he too enjoyed it.

Pete knew we'd probably go to our favourite bar and no surprise he was the one who was so keen to play our little roleplay game. Unbeknown to me though, as I entered the bar alone, Pete had sent a message to Chris to say I was in the bar and ready. That was when he came over and began flirting. No surprise he also knew all the right things to say as Pete had primed him!!!

Anyway, listening to this I cut them off and said 'So, is that it or are we playing any more tonight? I forgive you men but I'm a woman who needs more!'

With that we proceeded to go to our bedroom and play for several more hours until the sun began to rise.

In the morning I ached so much but it felt so satisfying. Chris ended up staying most of the weekend and I'm very glad he's now become a close friend of Pete's again and a regular lover of mine.

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