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Cheating and Rivals Pt. 14

by aaron

07/31/2016 18:50 in slut-wife

[This chapter continues Book 2: Rivals]

The next day, Mike got a call on his iPhone while at school. It was Colonel Banks. "You want to be briefed?" he said. "There's a meeting this weekend."

Mike considered for a moment. Then he said "Where?" Banks gave him a flight number out of LaGuardia, then hung up.

"You're sure this is a good idea?" the Secretary of Homeland Security said doubtfully. "Bringing him in?" The FBI and NSA Directors looked concerned too. This was the unofficial "Big 4," the men most responsible for the defense of the United States against internal and external terrorist attacks. (The CIA Director, being an ineffective political appointee, wasn't part of their group.)

"He hacked into the ISIS website in less than a day," Banks reminded the group. "Our people would still be trying to decipher that thumb drive."

"He's susceptible to extortion, blackmail," the NSA Director said waving Mike's file. They all knew about Mike's lifestyle (and had salivated over the pictures of Jen in the file, although none would admit that).

"I doubt it," the FBI Director said. He'd studied the file too. "I don't think they care what people think."

"I agree," Colonel Banks said. He remembered Mike's interrogation. "We put him through a lot and he never cracked. He's a tough fuck."

"Forget all that," the Secretary said impatiently. He was the most political of the group, with ambitious aspirations of higher office someday (maybe with the next administration if Hillary didn't fuck it up). "It's JJ we have to worry about. If he hears about this -."

"Why does he need to know?" the FBI Director said.

"Are you serious?" the Secretary said with a humorless laugh. "This is Jonathan Jakes we're talking about."


"You didn't call," Jim said to Jen on the phone. He was clearly disappointed.

"I talked to Mike," Jen said lowering her voice even though she was alone in her office. "He doesn't want to."

"I knew he had something against me," Jim said sourly.

"It's not that Jim. He likes you, you're his friend," Jen assured him.

"Then why?"

Jen hesitated. She didn't want to betray Mike, but felt she owed Jim some explanation. She said "Because you have fantasies like him."

Jim didn't understand. "Because I have fantasies ..." Then he got it. "Mike doesn't want his wife with another cuck?"

"That's it," Jen said with a laugh. She had the strangest conversations.

Jim thought about it for a minute. "Can I talk to him about it?" he asked.

"I don't think that's a good idea," Jen said warily.

"We're mates right?" Jim pressed. "So I should be able to talk to him about it."

"I don't want trouble Jim. Mike got really upset last night."

"You told him what we did?" Jim asked.

"I tell Mike everything," Jen said bristling.

"Everything?" Jim asked with a raised eyebrow. "You told him I fingered you, and you came hard?"

Jen grimaced. It'd been after Jim came in her mouth. She'd been soooo hot. And she thought she had a freaking free pass! She hadn't been able to resist when Jim reached under her skirt. "I'd rather you didn't tell him that," she said whispering again.

"I won't," Jim promised. "But I need to talk to him. We need to clear the air between us."


Later that night, Mike said "I can't make the party on Saturday. I have a meeting with my new job."

"The government job?" Jen asked surprised. Mike hadn't mentioned it since that meeting with Colonel Banks. "What's the meeting about?"

"Just background briefing, nothing exciting," Mike said, trying to downplay things. He didn't know what he was allowed to say to Jen.

Jen gave him a knowing smile. "Is this an excuse so you don't have to go to the party?"

Mike grinned. "That's just a side benefit," he joked. He looked at her with a sly smile. "This way you can get to know Frank Tower better."

Jen sighed inside. Back and forth, back and forth. That's how Mike was. Last night he'd been so upset about Jim. Now he wanted her to play with Frank? Alone, without him?

Speaking of Jim, she needed to tell Mike something. "Jim called me," she hesitantly told him. She quickly added "I told him you said no. He said he'll call you."

Mike's smile faded. "Fine, I'll talk to him," he said with his lips pressed together.

Jen took his arm, leaning into him. "When will you be home baby?"

"Sunday afternoon probably, why?"

Jen kissed his arm. She said "You said we'd play this weekend."

Mike looked at his wife. She kind of had a cum face on. "You're horny after talking to Jim?" he said eyeing her.

"Not Jim, I don't care about him," Jen said, wishing the Jim thing had never happened. "I'm just horny," she said with an embarrassed giggle. She kissed his arm again. "You like me this way right?"

Mike couldn't help grinning. "Yeah," he said. "Why don't you play with Frank?"

"Too complicated," Jen said. "Besides, I want you there. It's our game." She kissed his arm again.

"You think Frank would be okay with me watching?" Mike asked.

"If I ever do something with Frank - which I doubt - I'll make sure you get to watch," Jen assured him.

Mike grinned at his wife. "After I get home Sunday then," he suggested.

"Should I call someone?" Jen pressed.

"You ARE horny aren't you?" Mike teased with a delighted laugh.

"Don't be a jerk," she said with a pretend pout and hit on his arm. "So should I set something up?"

"You have someone in mind?" Mike asked, excited and intrigued.

"Yeah but ... I'm not sure I have the guts to do it," Jen said with a downcast smile.

"Who? Deshawn? That other black guy?" Mike asked excitedly.

"Carl," Jen reminded him. "I'd rather not say. In case I chicken out."


(Saturday morning)

A car met Mike at the Ronald Regan airport and drove him to the headquarters of the Cyber Anti-Terrorism Task Force (CATF) located a few miles outside Washington DC in Virginia. He felt growing anxiety as they neared the facility where he'd been held prisoner and tortured for almost a year. He forced himself to not show his nervousness, he didn't want to give Banks that.

Mike met with Allen and Trent. Allen was Chief Scientist. Trent was Banks's Chief of Staff.

"Where's Banks?" Mike asked.

"Colonel Banks doesn't attend these low level meetings," Trent said dismissively, emphasizing "Colonel."

Mike immediately disliked Trent. Also, he found Banks's power games to be childish.

Mike knew Allen from before, when he'd been held prisoner here. He could relate to Allen better, since he was a scientist. He considered Allen almost human, if that was possible in this godforsaken place.

Trent and Allen briefed Mike on the current terrorist landscape. They briefed him on the bad guys, their leaders, their tactics, their funding sources. In the modern world, computers and the internet were critically important to every organization and that included terrorist groups. If CATF could tap into that, electronically infiltrate terrorist computers and communications, then the world would be a lot safer for everyone.

Then it was Mike's turn. To a large audience, he explained how he deciphered the thumb drive and hacked into the ISIS website. Most of the audience (all software and intelligence gurus from CATF, NSA, FBI and CIA) had heard of Mike through Sapphire, Liberty-Gate and Apple. The meeting went long into the evening as they peppered Mike with questions. By the end of the day Mike was exhausted and collapsed into his bed. He called Jen briefly to tell her he was okay but was too tired to talk about her day.

The next morning (Sunday) was more of the same. As Mike was about to go catch his flight back to New York, he was briefly introduced to the CATF's "brain trust," a small group of men and women tasked with solving the biggest cyber threats facing the United States. Everyone was gray haired and at least 25 years older than Mike. There were more than a few Nobel Laureates among the elite group.

Mike raised an eyebrow at a long series of mathematical expressions scratched on a white board. "What's that?" he asked.

"Our quandary," Abraham said with a humorless laugh. Abraham was one of the Nobel Laureates and the unofficial leader of the brain trust. "As you may know, we're close to developing quantum computers. MIT is close. So is Intel. Other companies are close too, including a few outside the US. Here's our quandary. Is it possible to break encryption done by quantum computers? If not, then the United States needs to ban or severely limit their development."

"You're just trying to figure out if it's possible?" Mike asked, intrigued.

"You make it sound so easy," Abraham said with another humorless laugh. Some of the others laughed too. He motioned to the complicated math on the board. "We've been working on it for a year."

"But," Mike said, pointing to a point halfway down the white board. "It looks like you're using a deterministic approach."

"That's right," Abraham confirmed, looking curiously at Mike.

Mike studied the board. He said "I'm not sure the solution time is bounded by a polynomial. I think it's an NP problem, not a P-problem." Among mathematicians, NP was "nondeterministic polynomial" and P was a problem bounded by a polynomial.

Abraham's mouth dropped open. "You're saying -."

"I don't know, I only just looked at it," Mike said. "But maybe it makes sense to look at it using a nondeterministic Turing approach."

Allen walked into the room. "We have to get you to the airport," he said.

Mike hurriedly said goodbye to Abraham and the rest of the brain trust, then picked up his small travel bag. He limped slightly as he followed Allen out.

Mike was intrigued by their "quandary" but he needed to get home. He wanted to find out what happened last night at Frank's party, and he hoped to play the game tonight. Thinking of that, he called Jen.

"Hey baby," he said when Jen answered. "I'm on my way to the airport. How did it go last night?"

"Can you talk?" Jen asked.

Mike eyed Allen, who was driving. "I guess not," he said.

"I'll tell you later then," Jen said. "How'd your meeting go?"

"How's Frank?" Mike asked.

"I'll tell you later baby," Jen whispered.

Mike's cock twitched in his pants. If Jen was reluctant to say on the phone, then something must have happened with Frank. "What are you doing now?"

"I'm getting ready to go out," Jen said. "Maggie's babysitting again."

"So ... you called your friend?" Mike asked, eyeing Allen again.

"Yeah ... I kinda hope something happens tonight," Jen whispered.

Mike could hear the horniness in his wife's voice. She probably had her cum face on. He desperately wanted to know what happened last night and who she was about to meet with. "Am I meeting you at home, or someplace else?" Mike asked choosing his words carefully so as not to reveal anything to Allen.

"We're meeting at Death & Co.," Jen said, referring to the latest "it" bar in New York City where they handcrafted classic and new wave cocktails.

"Okay," Mike said.

"How'd your meeting go?" Jen asked again.

"Good, I'll tell you later," Mike said evasively. "I'm looking forward to tonight. I love you."

"I am too," Jen said with a giggle. "I love you too baby."

After hanging up, Mike asked Allen "What can I tell my wife about what I'm doing for CATF?"

"You shouldn't say anything Mike," Allen said seriously. "I don't mean to be melodramatic. But it's for your family's safety."

"What do you mean?" Mike asked.

"It's always been a concern, but it's worse now with social media," Allen said. "Your wife might say something on Facebook. You don't want to be targeted."

"Targeted by terrorists? In New York City?" Mike said incredulously.

"You and your wife travel abroad, right?" Allen said. "Don't call attention to yourself Mike. We fighting ruthless, evil people. You don't want to get on any lists. This is a dangerous business, you have to be careful."


As Mike drove with Allen to the airport, Colonel Banks stared at the monitor showing the brain trust furiously debating Mike's idea. They were erasing the bottom half of the board and frantically scratching out new equations. He assumed they were following up on Mike's idea. A nondeterministic Turing approach? What the fuck was that?

How was it Mike Andrews deciphered the thumb drive when his staff failed? How did Mike Andrews hack into the ISIS website in under a day? How was it possible Mike Andrews hand waves at a white board and sends his brain trust of Nobel Laureates scrambling?

"What the fuck do I have with Mike Andrews?" Colonel Banks wondered to himself.


[Flashback to 6AM Saturday morning]

When Mike awoke Jen was already up, looking at him. "When do you go to the airport?" she asked.

"Not until 8," Mike said.

"Anna's not up yet," Jen said. She had a desperate look on her face. She traced her fingertip along Mike's lips. "Can you do something for me baby?"

Mike grinned at her. He pulled the covers off and got between his wife's legs. She wasn't wearing panties, she must have already prepared for this. Her pussy lips glistened with excitement. "You're wet," he said.

"I can't help it," Jen said with a giggle. "I told you my nympho switch is back on."

"Do you fantasize about big cocks at work?" Mike asked running his finger between her lips.

Jen moaned and arched her back as he touched her clit. "I try to keep busy," she joked. She reached for his head. "Come on baby," she said pleadingly.

Mike never denied his wife. He lowered his head and began eating her. It didn't take long before Jen was writhing on the bed, and then she came all over Mike's face.

Jen had barely stopped panting when she pulled Mike on top of her. "I want you inside me," she said, still clearly horny.

"You should save yourself for Frank tonight," Mike teased.

"Nothing's going to happen with Frank or anyone tonight," Jen said. She pushed Mike onto his back and got on top, straddling his hips. With her hand she guided his cock into her.

"Have you set it up for tomorrow?" Mike asked excitedly as Jen rode on top of him.

"I'm still thinking about it," Jen said.

"Why won't you tell me who it is?" Mike asked.

Jen grinned. "Because it's fun making you wait," she said with a sly smile.

"Bitch," Mike said grinning back.

"You'll see how much a bitch I am if you cum too fast," Jen said, closing her eyes and riding her husband hard.

Afterwards Mike showered and dressed. "What are you doing today?" he asked.

"Just hanging with Anna until the party," she said. "Maggie's babysitting."

"I guess they'll be playing the World Cup," Mike said. "Golden State won in 6 games."

"Oh," Jen said with a shrug. She didn't really care what game they showed. The only sport she really liked to watch was college football.

"It should be good," Mike said, always the sports fan. "They're playing China. If they win they'll probably play Germany, the number one team. Their best player is coming back from injury."

"Oh, okay," Jen said trying to sound interested but not doing a very good job. She thought soccer was cool (especially women's soccer) but had never really gotten into it.

Mike tenderly ran his hand through her long blonde hair. "It's really okay with me if something happens tonight," he said encouragingly.

Jen gave him a weak smile. She was still gun-shy after what happened with Jim. She didn't want to play again unless Mike was involved. Also, she was nervous about doing anything with Frank. Yes, she was attracted to him and maybe still had a school girl crush on him. But what if she was reading the signs wrong? She didn't want to offer herself to him and then be snubbed. That would be too embarrassing.

"We'll see honey," she said noncommittally.


[Saturday evening]

Jen wore a sundress and heels to the party. She was afraid of being overdressed but this was a work thing after all.

Frank's apartment was in a high rise building right next to Central Park. It was one of the most luxurious buildings she'd ever been in. When Jen walked into his apartment she realized she was underdressed, not over. While she was in a casual sundress, the men wore expensive Italian suits and the ladies wore designer cocktail dresses. Jen frowned, embarrassed at her faux pas. They were only watching the freaking World Cup, why all the Prada and Versace evening gowns?

Jen hid her embarrassed and tried to mingle. She was tongue tied though. She couldn't believe all the famous people there. Well known politicians, actors and professional sports athletes. Was that Al Gore over there? Talking to Beyoncé? She felt like she'd stepped into another world.

Jen spotted Frank across the room. She thought he looked handsome and dashing in his suit. She marveled how men got more handsome and desirable as they aged, whereas girls just got old.

A lot of people surrounded Frank, seeming to hang on his every word. Jen recognized many of them from TV. It reminded her of his parties growing up. Now though, Frank was holding court with movie stars and Senators instead of people from their neighborhood. She couldn't help being impressed.

Jen finally ran into someone she knew. Leo. He looked nervous. "What's wrong?" Jen asked.

"Jasmine's talking to JJ," Leo said looking across the room.

Jen followed Leo's eyes. She saw Jasmine Kelly talking to an older man. Her heart sank seeing what Jasmine was wearing. An elegant Chanel dress. God. Now she felt even worse in her casual sundress.

She looked at the older man. He was balding, thin, just barely taller than Jasmine in heels. He looked unremarkable. Why was Leo so nervous?

"That's JJ?" Jen asked. "Who's he?"

"The maker of dreams," Leo joked. "Special Advisor to the President. Influential, powerful. He's been with 3 administrations."

"Bush too?" Jen asked surprised.

"JJ's well respected," Leo said with a nod. "That's what makes him so powerful."

"He doesn't look powerful," Jen said looking at JJ. She wasn't being mean, just making an observation. "I've never heard of him."

"Beware of the people who walk in the shadows Jennifer," Leo said sagely, patiently explaining the way things worked in the real world. "They're the ones with the real power."

Jen looked at Leo. He could be describing himself, as he walked in the shadows too.

"By the way, did you and Mike get what you wanted from the government?" Leo asked.

"It's complication," Jen said evasively. She didn't want to get into it with Leo. Wanting to change the subject, she looked back at Jasmine talking to JJ. She was good at reading people. She furrowed her eyebrows as she read Jasmine's and JJ's body language. "Jasmine's trying too hard," she whispered to Leo. "Whatever she's saying, he's not listening."

Leo looked even more worried. "That's not a good thing," he said. "We need JJ's support in the party." He looked at Jen. "You need to tell her."

"Me?" Jen said looking like a deer caught in the headlights.

"You're on the team now Jennifer," Leo said. "I know you're not best friends. But you agree with her positions, right?"

"Ask Deidre," Jen said stubbornly.

"Jas'll listen to you on something like this," Leo pressed. "Look Jennifer, I know you don't like her. But who would you rather see in office? A conservative Republican?"

Jen sighed. "Whatever," she thought to herself. She moved across the room, waited for a good moment, then tapped Jasmine on the shoulder.

Jasmine's smile disappeared when she saw it was Jen. The 2 women were silent, looking at each other, like 2 boxers in the ring before the start of the fight. It was the first time they'd been together since Jen's "You're not giving yourself a chance to win" speech.
Jen had to admit Jasmine looked beautiful. Part of her was glad Mike wasn't there. In fact, honestly, she'd been relieved when Mike said he wouldn't be able to go to the party.

Jen tried to be as diplomatic and non-confrontational as possible. "You're trying too hard," she said gently.

"What?" Jasmine said frowning at Jen.

"You're pressing too hard," Jen whispered. "I can see it. People aren't listening."

"I'm being myself. I'm talking about issues I care about," Jasmine said exasperated. She'd swallowed her pride and followed Jen's advice. Now the flat chested bitch was giving her shit about it?

"Yeah but, maybe ease into it," Jen said, thinking fast. She looked at the TVs playing the women's World Cup soccer match. "Do you know anyone on the US team?"

"I did a story on Alex Morgan and Abby Wambach," Jasmine said.

"Talk about that," Jen suggested. She'd vaguely heard of the players, especially Wambach.

"I'm trying to distance myself from ESPN," Jasmine said frustrated and impatient.

"Jasmine, ESPN is part of you, everyone knows you worked there," Jen said. "This is a sports party, it's appropriate. Talk about the players, what they're like, tell funny stories. Give people a reason to listen to you. Then ease into your positions."

Jen sighed as Jasmine glared at her. She could feel Jasmine casting daggers into her back as she walked away. Whatever, she did her best.

Jen looked over to Frank. He was still holding court, the crowd even larger now. She'd hoped to talk to him. Maybe flirt a little. She enjoyed his company, and liked when he looked at her.

Frank Tower surreptitiously watched Jen as she mingled and moved through the crowd. Every male head turned as she passed. He wasn't surprised. Jenny Johnson was exceptionally beautiful. She looked striking in the slim, simple sundress, a stunning contrast among the sea of expensive (and many gaudy) cocktail dresses.

Frank compared Jen to Jasmine Kelly. Both blondes were beautiful (although he preferred brunettes over blondes). Jen more leggy, Jasmine more busty. But their tits weren't the only difference.

Jasmine was ambitious, pushy, hard-driving. People skills weren't her strength (although she could be charming when she tried). When Jas was focus on something - a story, an election - she was relentless, it was like she had blinders on.

In contrast, Jenny Johnson was adorably charming, always smiling and laughing, so engaging and captivating. She'd been that way as a girl, the most popular girl in high school. She was still like that, although now she was more mature and sophisticated. Combined with her physical beauty, Jenny Johnson was delightful and practically irresistible. (He knew she was Jen Andrews now, but he still thought of her as Jenny Johnson.)

A little while later, Jen turned and found herself looking at the face of Frank Tower. "Frank," she said surprised.

Frank smiled at her. "Like the view?" he asked waving at the large window. His apartment was on the 80th floor and had a stunning view of Central Park.

"It's awesome," Jen said amazed at the incredible view.

"Leo has us going to Chicago for a fund raiser," Frank said.

"I know, he told me," Jen said with a quizzical look. "Why would people in Chicago donate to Jasmine?"

"This is Hillary's former seat," Frank reminded her. "Democrats all over the country want to see a Democrat win. Do you have a moment? I want to show you something."

"Sure," Jen said.

Frank led her down a hallway. Jen noticed as people looked their way. She felt flattered that Frank was paying her so much attention.

Frank led her to an elevator. "This goes to my office," he said as they stepped in. Jen watched as the floor indicator went from 80 to 5. They stepped out into a huge office. The office was just as luxurious and richly decorated as Frank's apartment.

"This is your office?" Jen asked in wonder.

"I work here when I'm in the City," Frank said.

Jen assumed Frank wanted to show her something involving Jasmine's campaign and their upcoming fund raiser. But instead Frank led her to a balcony. "I wanted to show you the view of the Park from this floor," he said motioning at Central Park. "The high view is impressive, but it's like a painting. I prefer this lower view, it's more real."

"Yeah," Jen said seeing what he was talking about. "It's like you're in the middle of Central Park."

"Exactly," Frank said smiling at her. "So how do you like the crowd?" he asked motioning up to his 80th floor apartment.

"Kind of intimidating," Jen said with a laugh.

"Not exactly one of our neighborhood parties in Belmont," Frank said with a grin. Belmont was where they lived, a small town outside Cambridge, MA.

"No," Jen agreed with another laugh. "Do you still have those parties?"

"No, not since Sally died," he said, sadness coming over his face. He forced a smile. "I should though. You'll come right?"

Jen noticed his mood change. His wife had died over 2 years ago yet he still wasn't over her. Hoping to cheer him up, she gave him a big smile and said enthusiastically, "I'll definitely be there."

There was an awkward silence. Jen glanced to the right and saw a reflection of herself in the glass door. Wanting to change the subject, she bemoaned, "God, I can't believe how under-dressed I am."

"You look wonderful," Frank said giving her an up and down look. "Gorgeous as always."

Jen was used to compliments over her looks, but coming from Frank she couldn't help blushing. She rubbed her arms. It was chilly outside.

"You're cold?" Frank asked. He was looking at her chest, not her face. Jen knew what he was looking at. Like her breasts, her nipples were small. But when they got hard, they got really hard. The chill in the air was making her nipples hard, and she knew they were denting her dress even through her bra. That's what Frank was looking at. "Perhaps we should go back inside," he said, his eyes lingering on her chest.

"Alright," Jen said, pretending not to notice his stares. They walked back in. "You have a lot of art," she said looking at the walls of his office.

"One of my indulgences," he said with a chuckle. "I collect Impressionist art. Let me show you." Frank walked Jen through his gallery, explaining the history of his favorite pieces. As an art fan, Jen was stunned by his collection. Renoir, Pissarro, Monet, Matisse, Cezanne, van Gogh. She felt like she was back in her college art history class. She knew Frank was rich, but she never realized he was this rich.

As they toured his collection, Frank walked just behind Jen. Jen's sundress was partially backless, from just below her bra strap to a few inches above her ass. Walking behind her, Frank had a great view of her toned back. The sundress hugged her curves, so his view also included Jen's incredible ass. He found himself getting hard.

As they moved from a Renoir to a Matisse, Frank put his hand on Jen's bare back like he was guiding her. Jen felt his hand on her back of course. She didn't encourage him. She didn't okay his touching with a smile, or lean back into his hand. But she didn't pull away from his hand either.

Frank stood close behind Jen as they looked at the Matisse. Despite his wealth, his hand felt rough and calloused. Jen liked that. For a moment, she imagined those rough hands on her breasts, on her ass, rubbing her clit. The thoughts made her pussy tingle.

Frank stood so close behind Jen she could feel his breath on the back of her neck as he described the Matisse. There was electricity between them. Jen found herself breathing harder. Did Frank feel it too? The sexual tension?

Jen knew if she took a half step back she would rub up against him. She didn't, but was tempted. She wanted to know if he was hard. She wanted to know if he was big.

Then as he pointed out a detail in the painting, Frank leaned closer. He momentarily pressed his crotch against the back of her thigh. Was it intentional? It didn't matter. Jen knew now. Frank was hard and felt big.

Jen was so horny. Her nympho switch was back on, and that thing with Jim - while a disaster - had also been a tease. She needed fucked.

Jen imagined Frank pushing her against the wall right next to the Matisse. She imagined him pulling up her skirt and ripping off her panties. She imagined him taking out his cock and ramming it into her. She knew he would fuck her hard. Frank was that kind of man.

Jen felt flushed with these thoughts. Would she let him fuck her if he tried? She had a thing for older men, and Frank was handsome, powerful, charismatic. The wicked naughtiness of fucking her friend Sophie's father turned her on even more. Frank was unattached so she wouldn't have to deal with the moral issues of bedding a married man. On top of all that, she had Mike's permission to do what she wanted.

At that moment Jen's iPhone rang. She looked at the screen. It was Mike.

"Hi baby," Jen said into the phone. She looked at Frank and mouthed "my husband." She stepped a few feet away. "How'd your meeting go?" she asked.

"Pretty exhausting, I'm wiped," Mike said. "I'm going to bed. I just wanted to let you know I'm okay." Jen had worried about Mike returning to the place they held him prisoner. Mike had been anxious about that too but hadn't told her that. "Are you at the party?" he asked.

"Yeah, you won't believe all the famous people here, I saw Beyonce," Jen gushed. She decided not to mention to Mike that she was with Frank at that very moment. She knew Mike would ask a lot of questions, and that would be uncomfortable with Frank standing just a few feet away.

After hanging up with Mike, Jen said "I guess we should go back up."

"Oh alright, if that's what you want," Frank said looking disappointed.

Jen saw his disappointment. She suspected he was hoping for more than just a tour of his art collection. Jen was definitely tempted to get intimate with Frank, and she knew Mike would be all for it. But ironically, talking to Mike had broken the moment. After hearing her husband's voice, she felt uneasy about doing anything with Frank. She wasn't sure why since Mike was encouraging her to sleep with Frank.

Back on the 80th floor, Leo watched as Jasmine talked to JJ. Unlike before, JJ was all smiles now, laughing and actively engaged in an animated conversation with Jasmine. Leo grinned happily. "Whatever Jennifer said to Jas worked," he thought to himself.

Speaking of the devil, Leo noticed Jen and Frank coming back into the room together. Leo had an idea of Jen and Mike's relationship (he thought they were swingers). He also knew something of Frank's reputation and history. Was there something up between Jennifer Andrews and Frank Tower?

"Whatever," Leo said with an unconcerned shrug. In a campaign there was always some fucking among the staff. It was inevitable given the long hours and close quarters. As long as Jen and Frank kept it out of the newspapers (and internet blogs), he didn't care what they did together. Especially since they were both really important to Jasmine's campaign.

Frank led Jen to a TV and they watched the game. "Do you like soccer?" he asked Jen.

"I've never really gotten into it," she admitted. As she watched the action on the screen she added "It's exciting though."

"It's a great sport, especially now with the US team," Frank explained. "A lot of interesting plot lines. Like Abby Wambach and Alex Morgan. They're both forwards. Abby has the record for most goals. Abby's retiring, and Alex is rising to take her place as the face of the US team. Abby followed Mia Hamm, and now Alex is following Alex. It's really interesting, the dynamics of the US team."

"Yeah," Jen said, her eyes moving between the TV and Frank. Suddenly she was interested in the game. Somehow he made it more than a game, he made it about people and the human drama.

Jen sensed people looking at them. Frank was the host of the party and in high demand, yet he was spending a lot of time with her. And here she was, with a big wedding ring on her finger, spending a lot of time with Frank. She needed to be careful, she didn't want rumors. "Frank, could you get me a drink?" she asked.

"Of course," Frank said, moving to the bar. With him gone, Jen used the opportunity to mingle with other people.


[Sunday morning]

When Jen woke up she was horny. She'd left Frank's party horny and gone to sleep horny. God she was such a slut!

Jen pushed her hand into her panties. She needed an orgasm before starting the day. She pulled up the white nightie so she could play with her nipples as she rubbed her clit. Just as she felt an orgasm approach she heard the pitter patter of little feet. Anna! Jen barely had time to push down the nightie and fix her panties before Anna walked into the bedroom.

"Hi mommy," Anna said smiling and climbing onto the bed.

"Fuck," Jen silently thought as she hugged her daughter. Her pussy throbbed, she so needed release. But now she wouldn't have a chance to get herself off until Anna's afternoon nap.

She knew it wouldn't matter though. Rubbing herself to an orgasm would provide only limited relief. She needed to be penetrated, filled, stretched. Jen had toys but they only went so far. What she needed was a man who would take control of her body and fuck her really hard and rough.

Mike would be home later today. While she loved her husband dearly, she knew he wouldn't be able to give her what she needed. Mike fulfilled her heart and soul, but not her body. Not when she was nympho horny the way she was right now.

Jen had a backup plan, a potential lover for tonight. She'd been reluctant to call him, but now she really needed it. She was fairly certain Mike would get off on her chosen lover, but she'd make sure before doing anything. Still, she had to set things up. With a mischievous smile, she picked up her phone and sent a text to the man she had in mind.

[Sunday afternoon at Reagan Airport outside DC]

Mike thanked Allen for the ride and entered the terminal. He looked unhappily at the flight status board. His flight was delayed. He'd hoped to meet Jen at home and go over to Death & Co. together. Now with the delay of his flight he'd have to go directly to the bar and meet Jen there.

His phone rang and he looked at the caller ID. He frowned seeing it was Jim. "Yes?" Mike said tersely.

"Hey mate, it's me, Jim," Jim said. He'd heard the displeasure in Mike's voice. "Do you have a minute Mike?" he asked warily. "I want to clear the air about Jen."

"You hit on my wife," Mike said accusingly.

"You're right Mike, I fucked up," Jim admitted. "I should have talked to you first."

"Yeah, you should have," Mike said, angry and annoyed.

"I fucked up Mike," Jim said again. "I just thought, I don't know ... I guess I thought you'd get off on it."

"With you hitting on my wife?" Mike asked incredulously.

Jim felt just as incredulous. "Mike, I mean, come on," he said gently. "I know you're into that."

"Not with you!" Mike growled. His voice was getting so loud people in the airport were turning to look at him. Mike moved to a semi-deserted area of the gate.

"I knew you had a problem with me," Jim said. "Is it because I'm a cuck? You know I used to be a bull."

"I don't get that," Mike said.

"Yeah well," Jim said with a laugh. He didn't quite get it either. He shrugged. "I'm decent looking, never had complaints in bed. I guess I kind of fell into it. When I was young my purpose in life was to get as much pussy as possible." Jim laughed at himself. "One night I hooked up with a married woman. She seduced me, not the other way around." He laughed at the memory. "She wasn't hot - I mean, she was okay - but any pussy feels good in the dark, right?" He laughed again. "That started it. I discovered married pussy was easier to get than single girls. Then I started meeting dudes who got off seeing their wives fucked. That started me being a bull."

"So, how did you become a cuck?" Mike asked, so intrigued by Jim's story he forgot his annoyance (at least momentarily).

"Fucking around was just a hobby," Jim said. "I had normal relationships too. My girlfriend before Stacy - her name was Penny - she caught me cheating. It's a long story - we broke up, got back together, talked a lot. Anyway, me and Penny ended up swinging together. That's when it started Mike. I saw Penny with her legs up in the air getting fucked by another man, and that got me more turned on than the pussy I was fucking. That's how the cuck thing started."

"So I understand you Mike, I know what gets you hot," Jim continued gently.

"What's that?" Mike shot back, although he knew what Jim was going to say.

"Your pretty wife giving another man a blowjob while you're home taking care of Anna," Jim said simply. "Come on mate, be honest. We're friends. Don't tell me you haven't jacked off on that."

Mike flushed. Recovering, he sarcastically shot back, "Friends, right. You seduce my wife without talking to me first."

"I said I was sorry," Jim said. "I was gonna talk to you. It wouldn't have been just me. We'd do Jen together."

"Oh, so you had it all figured out," Mike said with icy sarcasm.

"No Mike, that's not what I meant, it's just a possibility," Jim said imploringly. Showing his sexual frustration, he said "Stacy's got me all fucked up. It's starting with Deshawn, just like with Darren before."

"What's she doing?" Mike asked, suddenly interested.

"She's exclusive with Deshawn right now," Jim said. He added bitterly "Deshawn moved in. He's sleeping in my bed, eating my food. They're not fucking, Stacy's getting over her period. But they're hugging, holding hands, kissing. She's treating me like a roommate, not her husband. She won't hug me, the most I get is a peck on the cheek. I can't touch her or see her naked. She says she has to give herself completely to Deshawn to have a better chance of getting pregnant."

"I thought that turns you on," Mike said, his cock achingly hard in his pants.

"It does turn me on, that's why I need a fuck buddy," Jim said with a laugh.

"But why MY wife?" Mike said.

"It doesn't have to be I guess," Jim said, resignation in his voice. "It'd just be nice if the girl was a friend." He gave another suffering laugh. "It'd feel good to have some female affection."

Mike didn't respond as he processed this. Jim wanted more than just sex with Jen. He wanted to cuddle, hold hands, whispered sweet nothings.

"I know what you're thinking," Jim said. "I'm not trying to cuck you Mike. We could share Jen. Threesomes, you know? It'd only be a few weeks, two months max. By then Stacy will be pregnant."

"What happens then?" Mike asked, his voice hoarse from excitement.

"It depends on Deshawn," Jim said with a shrug. "He'll still be around. I know Stacy wants that. But men like Deshawn, he'll move on to someone else. He gets off fucking white wives, getting them pregnant. Once he's knock up Stacy he'll want another girl. He might try to hook up with Jen." Jim added a laugh to make his last statement sound like a joke.

"Jen's not into black," Mike said. "We haven't talked about another baby."

Jim asked hesitantly "Do you want that? Stacy could talk to Jen."

"... I don't know," Mike said after a long hesitation.

"Mike are you as hard as I am?" Jim asked with an embarrassed laugh. "Just talking about it gets me hot."

"Yeah," Mike agreed with his own laugh.

"Can you think about it? About Jen?" Jim asked pleadingly. "She's so beautiful. And a friend. It'd just be mercy fucks, I swear Mike."

"You're asking for more than that," Mike pointed out.

"I'm not trying to cuck you," Jim pressed. Laughing to make it sound like a joke, he said "Think of it as a new twist in your game." Then he added seriously "It'll just be temporary, a couple months max. Then I'll have Stacy back."
Mike didn't say anything for long moments, thinking. He finally said "I'll think about it."

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