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Chance Encounter

by aaron

07/18/2016 12:45 in slut

This story contains details of wife sharing, so please don't read it if that is likely to bother you.

* * * * * * * *

When I was young airports seemed glamorous places and I usually enjoyed the whole experience. Perhaps it's the fact that I've just turned forty or maybe it's the increased security which leaves me feeling that airports are tedious places which have to be endured rather than enjoyed.

Despite that my wife and I had arranged to go on a city break to Copenhagen. It was really just a long weekend - a flight out late-morning on the Friday and then returning on the Monday afternoon. The choice of Copenhagen probably had more to do with the cost and convenience of the flights, rather than any burning desire to see the Danish capital. Having said that we both enjoyed Danish TV dramas The Killing and Borgen, so having a look at a city where they'd been filmed had a certain appeal.

The trip was also partly to celebrate our new found freedom. Our twin sons had recently headed off to university, which gave us more flexibility and freedom to do what we wanted. We'd had the occasional weekend away in Britain as a couple, but this was our first weekend break abroad.

Our local airport was probably as quiet as I've ever seen it, so the wait for our plane was more pleasant than on some previous occasions. Boarding was pretty much on time and Kim took the window seat while I had the middle one in a row of three. We took off into some pleasant autumn sunshine and were soon high over the North Sea.

It's a relatively short flight and it didn't seem long before we were heading out of the terminal and hailing a taxi to take us to our hotel. Once we'd checked in we had a coffee then took a stroll to see what the local area had to offer.

On previous weekends away we'd settled into a pattern where the Friday evening was rather relaxed, but on the Saturday we dressed smartly and went to a good quality restaurant. Kim always wore a dress on the Saturday night. She's not vain, but like any woman she does like to dress up occasionally and I certainly encourage that. When you've been married a while it's easy to take your partner for granted, but I still found Kim very attractive, especially when she was dressed in a way that made it clear that she was a woman. Not that she would ever wear anything sluttish, but I did like to see her in dresses which emphasised her trim figure, ample breasts and shapely legs.

We would invariably have very good sex when we got back to our room on the Saturday night and I certainly hoped that some energetic sex was on the agenda for this weekend. However as we were also staying for the Sunday night I wasn't certain how things would play out on this occasion.

In the event it turned out that we did rather more walking and sightseeing on the Saturday than we intended and we were both tired and agreed it was best to save our "special" time for the Sunday evening.

After speaking to some of the hotel staff and a couple of guests we booked a table at a nearby Italian restaurant for the Sunday evening. So after a more relaxed day's sightseeing we found ourselves showering and getting changed ready to go out in the evening.

I'm sure I'm not the only husband who enjoys watching his wife getting ready to go out. There's an element of reverse striptease about it and of course there was the knowledge that I would later be removing that dress and lingerie and enjoying the intimate pleasure of my wife's body. For this weekend I had bought Kim a stunning black and red bra and pants set and she had agreed to indulge me by wearing stockings and suspenders (a garter belt to our American friends).

It was wonderful watching Kim clipping her stockings into place and then running her fingertips across them to smooth a couple of wrinkles out. I don't really understand why stockings are so sexy, but they undoubtedly are. Perhaps it's the thrill of sliding your hand upwards across smooth silk, onto warm flesh and then a pair of damp panties.

Although Kim was in her late thirties she had kept her looks and figure incredibly well and I felt a surge of pleasure that she was my wife. She was a virgin when we met and throughout the eighteen years of our marriage we had both been faithful to each other.

When Kim was fully dressed I snuggled up behind her and told her how fabulous she looked. As if drawn by magnetism my hands slid up to cup her breasts. Save yourself she said, there'll be plenty of time later. An encouraging reply.

We took the lift down to reception and found ourselves leaving the hotel at the same time as Bruce, a guy who I'd been sat next to on the plane. He was here on a business trip to see some engineering equipment and this weekend was the only convenient time. We'd exchanged a few pleasantries at breakfast with him yesterday and he seemed a very pleasant guy.

I asked him where he was going and he pulled a face and said he was going out with his Danish host. I asked him why the face and he said he didn't actually like the guy, but it seemed rude to refuse.

"He's a typical salesman, all talk and no substance. I wish I'd said no, but he was very insistent."

I wished him luck and we set off towards our restaurant. It wasn't far from the hotel so we decided to walk, despite the rather high heels Kim was wearing.

The restaurant was good, though to be honest I wasn't quite as keen as Kim, but didn't say anything in case it put a downer on the good mood she was in. The weather wasn't exactly cooperating though as it was raining when we came out of the restaurant. That scuppered our plans for a slow walk back stopping off at a bar we'd spotted earlier.

"Why don't we get a taxi back, have a drink in the hotel bar and then get an early night," Kim said playfully. "It's probably best not to have sex, let's save our strength for tomorrow's journey," she teased.

"There's no chance of that. You look so gorgeous I've got to have you." She laughed at that and we hailed a cab to take us back to our hotel.

When we got in the bar it was fairly quiet, but it had only just turned nine o'clock. We were surprised to see Bruce stood at the bar and we went and asked him why he was back so soon.

"Don't ask," he said. "It was a disastrous evening, I'd rather just forget it."

Of course that intrigued us and we asked him what had happened. We ended up sat at one of the tables while Bruce explained that his Danish host had taken him to a club which turned out to be a real dive. The guy had arranged for two prostitutes to meet them and Bruce said they were two really rough East European girls.

"I couldn't decide whether I was scared of them or sorry for them because of the terrible lifestyle they were trapped in. After a while I went to the toilet to get some breathing space and that contained a couple of dazed looking guys who were probably doing drugs. There seemed every chance of the evening ending badly, perhaps really badly, so I went back to Anders told him I felt unwell and left."

We chatted some more and to my surprise Kim asked Bruce whether he did many trips like this and if calls girls were a regular feature of them.

"No, I really don't do many business trips and this is the first time I've come across this sort of situation."

"Are you sure you weren't just a bit tempted?" she asked in a surprisingly playful manner.

"No and if you'd seen them you would understand why. If they looked like you then yes I would have been tempted." Kim looked surprised, startled almost, when he said that.

"Sorry, I didn't mean that how it sounded," Bruce stuttered. "I'm not saying you look like a...well you know. What I mean is you're good looking." Now he shot an embarrassed look at me.

"Sorry, I really am digging a hole for myself here. Can we forget what I just said, I honestly didn't mean it to come out the way it did."

I laughed and reassured Bruce.

"Don't worry, neither of us has taken offence. In fact I take it as a compliment if someone comments on how good looking my wife is."

Bruce looked relieved, but what he missed was the coolly appraising look which Kim gave me. I could almost read her thoughts about the direction which this conversation might be taking.

There was a time years ago when a friend of ours suggested swapping our wives. Nothing happened and when I later suggested that it might actually have been interesting, Kim said it didn't appeal to her.

The idea stayed with me and changed slightly in that my thoughts became more centred on the idea of Kim with another man. Eventually I plucked up the courage to ask her whether she would be interested in a threesome. She was shocked and said it wasn't going to happen, but fortunately she wasn't actually upset.

Nevertheless the idea did seem to take root, in that we would occasionally use it as part of our pillow talk. Kim insisted that she had no interest in having sex with another man, but said that the thought of a ruggedly handsome man brushing her protests aside and taking his pleasure was quite arousing. Chatting about it always got me hard, made Kim wet and invariably resulted in great sex.

So despite what Kim said I did still have lingering hopes that one day, if all the pieces fell into place, something might happen.

I was thinking that the situation we were in now just might provide the perfect opportunity for an erotic adventure. Bruce was a single, reasonably good looking guy in his early thirties and I remember a woman once telling me that was the best age for a man - they've lost the impatience of youth, but aren't yet middle-aged.

That look Kim had given me clearly suggested she knew what was crossing my mind. The big question was what she was thinking. The look she gave me was cool, but not discouraging.

All these thoughts were still running through my mind when a minute later Kim said she was popping to the toilets. Quite possibly I was reading too much into it, but I did wonder if she had left me alone with Bruce so we could have a chat. I was uncertain what to do, but felt that if I didn't at least raise the subject with Bruce I would end up looking back at this as a wasted opportunity.

Bruce made another apology for what he'd said earlier and that provided the perfect opening for me.

"That's alright, I certainly wasn't offended and I don't think Kim was either. The fact that you think Kim is attractive doesn't bother me, in fact I quite like it."

"That's an interesting response," Bruce said. "What exactly are you saying?"

I paused very aware that I was at a crossroads. I could use this to explain what I had in mind or I could make some non-committal response and deflect attention away from what I had said. I took a deep breath and continued.

"A while ago I suggested to Kim that a threesome with another man would be interesting. She said no, but there have been occasions since then when I've detected signs that she might just be interested. Or put it another way, if the perfect opportunity arose she might go with the flow. Tonight might turn out to be the perfect opportunity - are you interested?" Sensible man that he was Bruce didn't hesitate.

"Yes, yes I am interested - definitely interested." At that moment I saw Kim heading in our direction so I interrupted Bruce.

"OK she's coming back now. In a couple of minutes why don't you head to the toilets and I'll try and have a word with her. At the moment it's just a possibility, nothing more and it totally has to be Kim's choice."

There was no time to say anything else. As Kim sat down I could feel my heart pounding away inside my chest and I worried that she would pick up on my excitement. In a minute I was going to ask her whether she would be willing to spread her legs for another man and that was quite a heady thought.

Actually I couldn't be as blunt as that. All I could do was raise the possibility and see if Kim took the bait. I knew her well enough to know that if she didn't want to do something then I wouldn't be able to persuade her otherwise. And to be fair I didn't want to manoeuvre her into a position where she felt obliged to do it. I wanted it to be her free choice and for it to be a rewarding and pleasurable experience.

Bruce excused himself soon afterwards and I casually asked Kim what she thought of him.

"He's a pleasant guy. Why do you ask?" she said with that look again.

"Well, you know he finds you attractive don't you?" She gave me another careful look and then paused before answering.

"Are you thinking what I think you're thinking? Is it that fantasy of seeing me with another man? Would you really want to go through with that?"

Lots of questions, but not the flat refusal which I thought I might get. In fact in a way it was quite an encouraging response.

"Yes I would. It's the perfect opportunity and it might never happen again. I don't want to be looking back and thinking about what might have been. Life isn't a dress rehearsal - just this one time why don't we go for it."

"You do realise that if I do it there's no way of turning the clock back - once it's done it's done."

I know it's a cliché, but my heart did miss a beat when she said that. Kim is actually quite conservative and that answer was probably as close to a yes as I was going to get. She wouldn't appreciate me making her to spell it out that she would fuck Bruce and she wanted me to be responsible for what happened. But I was sure that if she wasn't interested she would have squashed this conversation at the start.

So I said yes I realised it was something that couldn't be undone. Kim simply shrugged and picked up her wine glass. I looked round the room and could see Bruce returning to join us.

The momentum all seemed to be in one direction, so I moved to the opposite side of the table to Kim and gestured to Bruce to sit next to her. He hesitated for a second then took the seat I had indicated.

I have to admit this was an awkward moment. There was a definite tension in the air and none of us knew what to say. To a certain extent the onus was on me, but I couldn't think of anything appropriate. I was saved when two couples came in and stood at the bar.

"Beautiful dress," murmured Kim in obvious reference to a stunning electric blue cocktail dress which one of the women was wearing.

The woman was probably a similar age to Kim, perhaps a few years older. She was a blonde with short, straight hair, so quite different from Kim's long, dark wavy locks.

We were all watching as she levered herself up onto one of the bar stools. The front of her dress parted and we got a glimpse of stocking tops before she unhurriedly smoothed her dress back into place.

"It must be a night for stockings," I said to Kim with a smile.

"Are you wearing stockings? Bruce asked. Kim simply nodded and asked him which he preferred stockings or tights.

"I'm sure you can guess the answer," Bruce replied. " Stockings are sexier, more enticing. They're for special occasions, whereas tights are more everyday."

"She's got some lovely new ones on tonight. They're French with a wonderful silky sheen."

"I must admit I had noticed the lovely sheen to them." Without waiting to be asked Bruce ran his hand along Kim's thigh. In truth he only stroked a few inches, but it was enough to push the hem of Kim's dress up and he probably came quite close to exposing the lace top of her stockings.

"That feels wonderful," he added with delicious ambiguity. Did he mean the stockings or her leg?

Kim is distinctly shy and strait-laced, but fortunately we were sat in a corner and no-one could see where Bruce's hand was resting. If there had been a chance of anyone seeing then Kim wouldn't have allowed any liberties to be taken. To be honest I didn't have a good view of what was happening and I had to rely on the position of Bruce's arm to give me an idea of where his hand was.

As far as I could tell it was still resting on Kim's leg and more importantly she wasn't doing anything to make him move it. When you've been married to someone for twenty years you can read their body language quite easily and there was nothing discouraging about Kim's posture.

I was wondering if I should do anything to help ease things along, but my help wasn't needed. I saw a definite movement of Bruce's arm and that was answered by Kim moving her feet. She shifted her left foot to the side and also raised her right foot so that it was resting on one of the metal struts under the table.

The effect was to part her legs slightly and that was clearly an invitation for Bruce to explore. I could hardly believe that Kim was willing to allow him intimate access. At the very least he was going to touch her through her panties and it was quite likely that he would pull her panties to one side and finger her pussy.

It was clear that Kim was very nervous, but also very excited. I could imagine that when Bruce touched her panties he would find they were damp with her arousal and that would intensify his lust for her.

It was deeply frustrating that I couldn't see what was happening and was having to use my imagination, though if anything that increased the excitement. They say the mind is the greatest aphrodisiac and mine was well into overdrive.

I could see a gentle motion to Bruce's arm and realised that he was stroking my wife through her panties. Then there was a pause followed by a slight, but audible gasp from Kim. I guessed that he had pulled her panties to one side and was savouring the silken feel of her velvet cunt.

"I want to kiss you," he said looking straight into Kim's eyes. "But not here."

His approach was perfect. He hadn't been crude or too forward. If he'd tried to kiss her in public she would have been embarrassed, but instead he'd made it clear that he wanted to be somewhere private with her and of course our bedroom was just a few floors away.

"We're in room 327," I said, standing up. "Give us a couple of minutes then join us." Kim looked embarrassed by the confirmation that what we all thought might happen, would happen.

There was no protest or indeed any word from Kim as we left the bar, crossed the lobby and called a lift. As soon as the lift doors closed she turned to me.

"You're absolutely certain you want to go through with this? You're the only man I've ever been with and if I sleep with Bruce that's it, the deed's done and it can't be undone."

"I realise that, but this really is the perfect opportunity. Just this once let's go for it."

She shrugged as if saying that it was my choice. Again I realised that she wanted me to be responsible for what was about to happen. That was fine by me, but Kim was no wimpy female and there was no way I could coerce her into something she didn't want to do.

As soon as we entered the room she went into the bathroom to check her hair and make-up.

"Nervous?" I asked when she came out.

"Very," was the simple reply, so I followed it up by asking if she felt excited. She gave me a shy smile and a brief nod. I moved towards her, but when I tried to slide my hand up her dress she backed away.

"No, Bruce will be here in a minute and I want to save myself for him."

"But you will let me fuck you afterwards won't you?" I asked anxiously.

"Yes, don't worry you've mentioned it often enough for me to remember that you want your turn; what's that phrase of yours - you'll want to reclaim my sweet married pussy."

My cock stiffened further when she said that. It was going to happen - soon I would get to reclaim her pussy. That sweet opening which she had reserved exclusively for me was about to be shared with another man.

Any further thoughts were interrupted by a knock on the door. Kim looked at me and I gestured for her to answer it. I moved to a chair in the corner of the room as Kim let Bruce into our room. He said Hi to me and then told Kim that he still wanted to kiss her.
"Well now you can."

He took her in his arms and they kissed passionately. At first it was just their lips, but soon their tongues were entwined. Perhaps the intensity was a bit much because they broke for a moment, though Bruce immediately opted for a series of short kisses. Then the deep kissing resumed and inevitably Bruce's hands began to roam. At first he was caressing her backside, but he soon started to explore her breasts.

Kim responded by moving one of her hands to the back of his neck, whilst the other moved to rest on his hip. To me that clearly signalled that she was a willing partner in this rendezvous.

Bruce clearly wanted to move things up a notch because he asked if he could remove Kim's dress. She was happy to agree, so he moved behind her, lowered the zip and then carefully removed her purple dress over her head.

I don't think my wife has ever looked more lovely than when she was stood there. The lamp in the corner cast a beautiful soft light on her lacy black and red underwear. I was glad I'd encouraged her to wear this particular set tonight. She'd referred to the bra as a "slut's bra" because her prominent nipples and beautiful dark areola showed through the flimsy lace. Similarly the lacy knickers left no doubt about the luxuriant growth between her legs. I've nothing against shaven pussies, but I adore my wife's furry bush.

Bruce took her hand and led her towards the bed. She slipped her high heels off and slid onto the bed. She was about to shuffle up the bed when Bruce asked her to wait. He reached for the waistband of her knickers and removed them with a slow, sensual movement as though he was savouring the exposure of her most intimate place.

With her knickers tossed carelessly to one side Kim moved up the bed until her head was resting on the pillow. Bruce began to unbutton his shirt and I was disappointed when Kim started to remove her stockings and suspenders. I've no idea why but I do like fucking her when she's wearing stockings, though I know she prefers to remove them.

By the time she had discarded them Bruce was down to his boxer shorts and Kim discarded her bra at the same time as Bruce peeled his shorts down. Caught up briefly in the waistband, his cock sprang upwards when released.

Kim had no inhibitions about studying his member. She once told me that the sight of an erect cock was a definite turn-on as far as she was concerned. He was fully erect and inevitably I checked the size of his equipment. He seemed to be a similar sort of size to myself - in other words average. That was fine because I know that Kim has no interest in large cocks; she says they'll probably be uncomfortable. For my part I didn't want him to be under endowed because Kim might find that unsatisfying and I did want this to be a pleasurable experience for her.

Bruce now moved onto the bed and laid facing Kim. She turned on her side to face him which meant my view mainly consisted of her back. I was tempted to improve my view by standing up, but I was worried that would disturb the intimate atmosphere, so I stayed where I was.

I could see that Kim had parted her legs and it was clear that Bruce was fingering her cunt. I guessed that she must be handling his cock and, as mine was the only cock she had ever touched, I was pretty certain that simply touching it would be very exciting for her. So how would she feel about having it inside her?

That was about to be answered because Bruce pressed gently on her left hip, Kim took the hint and laid on her back. She spread her legs in anticipation and Bruce moved above her.

The decisive moment had arrived and I sat motionless, barely breathing. Not that they were paying any attention to me. As far as they were concerned I wasn't in the room.

Bruce moved so his cock was pointing directly at her pussy. Kim reached down and rubbed the head of his penis against her sex in order to get some of her juices on him. She released him and staring into her eyes with deep concentration he leaned into her. He groaned as the head of his penis slid between my wife's cunt lips.

"Oh God," she gasped. Then he pressed deeper, but that was only the preliminary to a powerful thrust which took him deep into her core and forced a drawn-out ecstatic gasp from her.

Now they really were fucking - kissing passionately as his backside rose and fell between my wife's spread thighs. I could see her hips thrusting back against him, evidence that she wasn't just lying there passively, but was an eager participant.

His head went down and he latched onto one of her breasts, Kim instinctively moved one hand onto the back of his neck and held him close. It was nearly twenty years since I had first unfastened her bra and felt the soft, firm weight of her breasts with the tip hard against my fingertips. Now here I was watching as another man sucked and licked her breasts whilst his cock thrust deep inside her.

I had half-expected Kim to be hesitant and self-conscious, but she seemed totally absorbed in the moment. Perhaps that was because Bruce was a very assured and confident lover. That was brought home to me when he got Kim to turn over. She went on her hands and knees, but Bruce guided her onto her elbows so that her rump stuck up in the air. That really is the most submissive of positions - Kim was effectively offering her cunt and arse to him. I held my breath as he moved behind her, saw his cock poised against her cunt lips and then he thrust back into her. He went in so easily that it was obvious she was lubricating profusely.

Kim has always said that being taken from behind is her favourite position so I wasn't surprised when she began to shudder and moan as a massive orgasm racked through her. I thought that might take Bruce over the top, but he actually slowed down the pace of his thrusts and I realised that he was holding himself back. When Kim's orgasm was spent she collapsed face down on the bed; Bruce managed to stay inside her, though penetration can't have been very deep.

After a minute he asked her to turn over and now he took her again - thrusting powerfully into her, his balls slapping against her flesh. I realised his orgasm was imminent, then his body locked tight and he gave an agonised, primitive groan. My wife raised her legs higher, her body moving in unison with his as she accepted his sperm.

Finally he collapsed on top of her though still taking his weight on his elbows. I wasn't sure what was going to happen now. I assumed that Bruce would have the discretion to dress and leave, so that I could reclaim my wife whilst she gave me an explicit account of what it felt like to have another man's cock inside her.

Bruce finally moved off her and I waited for him to leave the bed, but to my surprise Kim asked me to take her.

"Now?" I stuttered.

"Yes, now," she nodded. "I need you now." I could only see her top half, but I knew the covers hid a pussy which was gaping open and leaking sperm after another man had taken his pleasure there.

I undressed hurriedly, my cock sticking out like a ramrod and confirming just how much this turned me on. Now it was my turn to move above Kim and take her in the missionary position. I sank into her, savouring a heat and wetness unlike anything I had experienced before.

I must admit I have read a few articles about sperm competition and how a man whose wife has been seeded by someone else will have this primitive urge to reclaim her. There's talk of a particularly intense orgasm, but what orgasm isn't intense?

All I can say is that I didn't last particularly long before giving a final brutal thrust and emptying what felt like a river of semen into my wife. For a brief period all I was aware of was my penis jerking and jerking inside my wife as I emptied myself into her. Now it was my turn to collapse on her, though I registered a few gentle movements as she coaxed the last few drops of sperm from me.

Finally I rolled to one side and lay there gasping. Kim asked for a tissue and I passed her one from the bedside cabinet, marvelling in the fact that we had done it and she was using that tissue to mop up sperm from two men which was leaking from her vagina.

She passed the used tissue to me and I tossed it towards the waste basket. Kim stroked my arm and asked me if I was OK. I told her I was, but just needed a minute to get my breath back.

What happened next surprised me. Doubtless it was the excitement and all the adrenalin which had been coursing through me and I know in many ways it's so typical of the male after sex, but I fell asleep!

The next thing I knew I was waking slowly, groggily aware that something was not exactly wrong, but certainly very different. In rapid succession I realised that I was in a hotel room, not our home bedroom, that last night we had had our first ever threesome and I had fallen asleep with the other man still in our bed. I now registered a gentle movement, looked to one side and saw my wife laid on one side facing me. Her head was twisted to the side and she was kissing Bruce who was laid behind her. His left hand was squeezing her left breast. The bed was rocking gently and I realised they were making love.

I felt an urgent mix of lust and jealousy. What had happened while I was asleep? Was she doing this because she loved him or was it just sex?

Kim realised that I was awake. She reached out for my hand and gave it a fiercely reassuring squeeze. Then she took it and placed it on her breast. So I caressed her whilst her lover took her from behind. After a minute I couldn't resist the temptation and I moved my hand lower intending to rub her clitoris. Bruce's hand was already there, but he realised what I wanted to do and he tactfully moved his hand.

Kim responded to my touch by parting her legs wider to give me easier access. She had stopped kissing Bruce and leaned towards me. I moved closer and we kissed whilst I rubbed her clit and Bruce fucked her cunt.

It's impossible to find words to describe how erotic it felt to be kissing my wife while she gasped and her body moved as Bruce thrust into her from behind, his cock enjoying a cunt which had been my exclusive preserve.

Not surprisingly the sensations were too much for her and she shuddered her way through another orgasm. Unlike last night she was very noisy, almost embarrassingly so, though Bruce obviously liked it, because he urged her to come. Kim does like a bit of dirty talk and she told Bruce to keep fucking her.

"Is that what you want?"

"Yes do it. Fuck me, keep fucking me."

"I'll fuck you, but you're going to make me cum. I can't hold back."

"Do it then - fill my pussy with your sperm."

Bruce groaned and bit Kim's shoulder. I kissed her passionately and Kim was sandwiched between us as Bruce emptied his balls into her lustful cunt. I knew my cock was rock hard and that I was desperate to fuck my wife, to take her and plunge my cock into a cunt which had just been enjoyed by another man. We broke from our kiss and I told her that I wanted her, I must have her now.

Bruce backed off slightly, Kim rolled onto her back and in an instant I covered her. There were no niceties, just a fast and furious fuck, culminating in an orgasm so explosive that for a moment I seemed to lose consciousness.

We lay together for a short while, then Bruce said he ought to get back to his room. He got out of bed, dressed quickly, then gave Kim a last kiss before slipping quietly out of the room.

Kim and I showered together, saying surprisingly little, perhaps both feeling that any discussion was best saved for another time. Our flight home was just after midday so we didn't have an awful lot of time. We tidied the room and did a little bit of packing, though it was only a weekend break so there wasn't much to pack.

Once that was done we headed downstairs and into the dining room. Bruce was already there and waved us over to his table. I must admit part of me didn't want to share breakfast with him, though it wasn't exactly a problem. With hindsight perhaps I was thinking that the deed had been done, so there was no need for further contact.

Certainly I was cautious and a bit worried as to whether there would be any signs of an emotional connection between Kim and Bruce. I would say it was rather neutral - Kim was friendly towards him, but not overly so.

What was less friendly was the glances we were getting from the woman a couple of tables away from us. She seemed to be firing disapproving looks in our direction and I couldn't understand it and wondered if I was imagining it.

"No you're not," Kim explained. "She's in the room next to us and I'm guessing that she heard some interesting noises this morning. The walls aren't over thick and if you listen you can hear the people in the next room."

"And if they're doing something noisy then I guess it's quite noticeable," said Bruce with an amused expression. The impression I'd had of a confident, self-assured guy was confirmed and when Kim disappeared to the toilet I said something along those lines to Bruce.

"Do you mean that I've been over-confident?" he asked me bluntly.

"No, it's not that. It's just that last night was a pretty momentous occasion for us, but you seemed to almost take it in your stride, as if it was something you're used to." Bruce paused and looked at me.

"Last night was special and Kim is an amazing woman and you're a lucky guy, but I'll be honest and say that I was at a hotel a few years ago and something similar happened. A couple were there and they decided I was the right person for a threesome, though really it was a case of the guy watching while I serviced his wife."

"No wonder you weren't as surprised as I expected. You've been there before."

"Exactly," said Bruce with just a hint of a smile.

After that it was really just a case of heading back to our room, sorting our gear out and heading off to the airport. We did see Bruce at check-in, but the flight was full and we were seated well away from him.

The flight home was uneventful and after a brief, but tedious wait at passport control we were heading out of the airport. Our car was in a multi-storey car park and we had just popped our bags away when Bruce came past.

We had already said goodbye once, but that was in a crowded terminal. This time Bruce was able to say how wonderful last night had been. He shook my hand firmly and then turned to Kim.

"Perhaps I ought to just give you a friendly peck on the cheek, but am I allowed one last proper kiss?" Kim glanced at me, but without waiting she nodded her approval.

Bruce took her in his arms and they kissed - a deep, passionate kiss. I got a surprise when Bruce's hand slid up and started to squeeze her breasts. Kim's hand moved as though she was going to stop him, but then she must have thought better of it. Encouraged by that Bruce slid his hand down the front of her jeans. That made Kim break from the kiss with a wriggle of protest.

"No, Bruce." He smiled and whispered into her ear, but in the quiet of the car park I clearly heard him ask Kim to part her legs. He started to nuzzle at her neck while his hand slid back down the front of her jeans. Kim's eyes were locked on mine, then in an unmistakeable invitation she parted her legs.

Through her jeans I could see Bruce's hand working between her legs, Kim closed her eyes and looked away as some embarrassingly liquid sounds confirmed that he was finger fucking a very wet pussy.

He started fumbling with her zip, then everything happened very quickly. Her jeans were down, the car door was opened, Kim was laid across the back seat and her panties were tossed to one side.

Bruce plunged between her thighs and they fucked like animals. Bucking and heaving in a brief, but violent collision which ended with a final brutal thrust as Bruce fired another load of sperm into my wife's sweet married pussy.

They tidied up in a breathless and hurried manner and we said a final quick goodbye. I had to concentrate while I negotiated a maze of signs and tight turns to get us out of the car park, but then we were onto a dual carriageway and speeding away from the airport. I glanced at Kim.

"Are you OK?"

"Yes...yes, I'm fine," she stuttered. "I'm sorry, I don't know what came over me. Do you think I'm a slut?"

"No," I said. "Of course not. I encouraged you, so if there is any blame, then it's as much my fault as yours."

"No-one saw us did they?" Kim asked anxiously. I told her no, suppressing any concerns I had about it being captured on CCTV.

It took us just over an hour to get home and Kim immediately headed upstairs. She said she needed to get changed because her knickers were soaking. The knowledge that Bruce's sperm was the cause of that wetness caused a distinct stiffening to my prick.

Not much more was said that evening, but inevitably in bed we snuggled up to each other and chatted.

"How did it feel having another man's prick inside you?"

"It felt different, very different. I didn't think it would, but it did."

"Did you enjoy it?" Rather shyly she admitted it had been very nice. "Better than with me?" I asked.

"No, you shouldn't think that; it was just...different." I couldn't help myself and pressed on with the burning question.

"Would you want to see him again?" I asked, well aware that, unbeknown to Kim, Bruce had given me his phone number.

"No - and if you're really asking whether I've fallen for him then the answer is definitely not. It was fun, but I'm not bothered if I never see him again."

"Would you ever want to do anything like that again?" I asked.

"It's too soon to say," she said. But then she paused and looked at me with a twinkle in her eye. "But I think I could be tempted."

My prick stiffened further and I moved above her.

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