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A Wife Watchers Tale Ch. 11

by Gilglim

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Warning. This story contains themes of Wife Watching, Cuckoldry, Submission, Humiliation and Feminization. If you find these themes in-appropriate, upsetting or simply unpleasant, I urge you not to read it.


Chapter 11 - Keith's mistakes lead to exciting changes for his wife and his boss.

The time had come for Keith to meet with his boss JJ, and present to him the results of the project which had caused him, in effect, to give up his position as Divisional Director. JJ had been pressing him and he could put it off no longer. He submitted his substantial report and awaited the call from JJ to meet and discuss it.

The simple facts were, that he had foreseen this new product as the most important development in the company's history and that he had been completely wrong. It was an interesting development and would bring some new sales, but in no way justified the dedication and expense that he and his team had given to it. He feared the worst and he was not wrong when they met on the following Friday.

"I have to say Keith that this project has turned out to be the biggest waste of time, effort and money in the company's history. I don't blame you for starting it and selling the concept to me, but you should have recognised much sooner that it was going to fail and cut right back on the very significant expense and misuse of manpower.

You have grown well with the company and done many good things, but in view of what has happened I can't see a future for you with us. You found an outstanding manager to take over your divisional role and he has built on what you started and created a very successful business. There is no way that I can reverse that and so I have no alternative but to confirm Callum as Divisional Director in your place.

I was of the view that we would have to let you go but, to his credit, Callum has asked me to leave that decision to him and to see if he can find a new role for you in his Division. It will obviously be at a junior level, but he has convinced me that, in view of your previous good work for the company, he is prepared to maintain your present salary, although not your other benefits. I think that you should be very grateful for that and serve him diligently if he can use you. I will leave it to him to decide how to proceed and his decision will be final."

Keith had been almost certain that he would be made redundant and was surprised that Callum was willing to keep him on. He didn't know if he would be able to suffer the humiliation of working for Callum in a junior role, but since his income was going to remain unchanged, he certainly shouldn't make any rash decisions.

He called Evelyn and arranged to pick her up from her office and go home to discuss what had happened and how to proceed. She was devastated by the news, although in truth, when Keith had told her how badly the project had worked out, she wasn't completely surprised.

She was certainly in agreement that they should not make any early decisions but wait to see how things worked out. She also reminded Keith that if he were to lose his employment with the company, they would not be able to afford the substantial mortgage that they had incurred and would lose their elegant new home, which would be catastrophic for them.

"You know Keith, I realise that it will be very difficult to report to Callum in a junior role but we have both found him to be easy to get on with and he is being very generous to keep you on when JJ would have let you go - it's already weekend so let's wait and see."

She didn't say anything to Keith, but she was keenly aware that if Callum did keep Keith on, he would also expect to follow through on his intention to seduce her. She did find him very attractive and desirable and was actually thrilled by the possibility of finally experiencing his big cock, but what she didn't know was that Callum wasn't going to be satisfied with just a quiet little affair.

The following Monday Keith went in to find that Callum had already moved into his office. Susan, no longer his secretary, informed him that she had arranged for all his things to be moved to a small office in the works area and that she would let him know when Callum was ready to see him.

During the day several of his colleagues came to commiserate but in the main he was left to his own devices. He had plenty of calls to make to let various people know about the changes and wasn't surprised that no call came from Callum that day or the next. He knew that he was going to be humiliated but he didn't know how. Making him wait was part of the process.

The following day Susan advised him that Callum would see him at mid-day and that they would go to the pub for lunch afterwards - he didn't know whether that was a good or bad sign.

Callum apologised for keeping him waiting - he had so many things to organise but was now ready to discuss a way forward.

"I realise Keith that it is going to be very difficult for you in a junior role, but you do have good knowledge of the business and I can benefit from that. In the meantime I want you to occupy your time by managing the works area. I have been dissatisfied with the present guy and he has gone, so that will keep you busy. I also intend various special duties for you but I will advise you about these in due course. Are you willing to work on that basis?"

The supervisory job was low level, but Keith saw that Callum needed to have him in a specific role so that he could use Keith as and when he saw fit. They had previously manufactured their own products but now imported them and the works team were a small team of six engineers led by a roughneck foreman, Fred.

He feared for the future - Callum was quite callous in his actions, but, quite simply, he had no choice and chose a suitably humble reply.

"I am most grateful to you Callum for keeping me on and I will dedicate myself to doing absolutely anything that you instruct me to do to the best of my ability."

He was soon to find out what he had just committed to and after discussing some specific matters they retired to the pub, where Callum got some drinks organised and they slid into a wooden booth.

"I guess Keith that you are asking yourself why I would be willing to keep you on at your full salary in such a subservient position.

I wanted to continue our discussion away from the office because there is a second element to your future employment, which is of a more personal nature and separate from the business arrangements, but which is even more important if you want to stay employed.

It is true that you have knowledge that will help me and in due course you will undoubtedly develop a role in the business that doesn't threaten me. However, I want something from you in return and before we leave this pub you will accept my conditions to the full or I will retract the offer I have made. Do you understand?"

Keith mumbled his acceptance, he had no choice, but he had already guessed what was to come.

"As I am sure you are aware, I find your lovely wife Evelyn very desirable and I know that she feels the same about me. However, I don't just want to fuck her, I want her as my whore, to do whatever I like, whenever I like with her, and your first task will be to procure her for me, for that purpose.

As well as in our business relationship, you will do exactly what I say without question. In the office you will address me not as Callum but as Sir. This will be a signal to the rest of the staff of your subservience to me without them knowing the details.

Up to now, you have enjoyed being my boss and keeping me down, but this will now be reversed. I intend to humiliate you, so that you will find out how that feels.

You will need to know that my personal assistant Susan is very well informed about my intentions and you are act on any instructions from her precisely as if they came from me. I did have a fling with her but she is now with a new man and completely dedicated to serving me. You were her boss but as my trusted assistant she is now superior to you. Make sure that you treat her with respect.

I have no doubt that you will need to discuss all this with Evelyn and I will give you the rest of the week to decide how to proceed. On Saturday, I will come to you for the weekend and our new relationship will commence. Now that you know some of the details, I will give you just one last chance to resign, but once we go out of that door, you are irrevocably committed.

Keith knew that if he refused, they would have to lose their home and Evelyn would never forgive him. They would break up and she would probably finish up in Callum's evil grasp anyway, while he would be unemployed, destitute and alone.

He had to face the facts and, for the time being at least, accept the situation and get on with it, so he said nothing and they returned to the office.

When he arrived home, Evelyn was not yet back from the city and so he poured himself a stiff drink and pondered how he was going to break the news to her, and how she would react. He thought about only telling her part of what had transpired, but realised that the truth would come out sooner or later, so he had better be honest and face the music.

In the event it turned into a almighty row, with her accusing him of using her to achieve his own ends and refusing to co-operate. But as they calmed down it became obvious that she would have to accept the situation in the same way that he had. For the immediate future they had no choice, unless Keith could find an alternative position and that wouldn't happen quickly.

He had sugared the pill by not telling her that Callum wanted her as his whore, but simply as his mistress. She did want to sleep with Callum and if it was to become a full blown affair would that be such a bad thing? In view of Keith's cuckold desires and his acceptance of Callum as her lover, she might be able soften the blow for him by pleasing Callum.

The next day Keith went to Callum's office. He was not there, but to his surprise Susan was very well informed and brutally direct. She advised him that Callum would be coming to Keith and Evelyn's home on Saturday evening. Evelyn was to be wearing exactly the same clothes that she was wearing on Keith's birthday, but Keith was to answer the door completely naked.

He could hardly believe his ears but she simply turned her back on him and got on with her work. Still shaking, he returned to his new office, which was on a raised platform looking down on to the works, suddenly aware of the likely extent of his subjugation. However, he concentrated on getting to know the department and men who were now his responsibility, to clear his mind. The foreman, Fred, was not pleased that his previous boss had been fired and was not particularly co-operative, which didn't help.

When that evening he told Evelyn what Susan had said, she was amused rather than shocked as Keith had been, and said that he would have to accept it, as she was going to have to.

On the fateful Saturday, when Callum arrived, he just gave Keith a brief glance and told him to stand in the corner, before taking Evelyn into his arms and kissing and stroking her. She then asked him if what he would like to drink and instructed Keith to get them and serve them as they sat on the sofa. She was learning fast as Callum told Keith to kneel in front of them.

"There are a few house rules Keith, make sure that you follow them. I have already discussed them with your wife earlier this week.

1. Unless instructed otherwise, when I am here, you will be a completely naked servant in my presence.

2. You will remove all your clothes and belongings from the bedroom and move them to the spare room where you will sleep in future - whether I am here or not.

3. You will not have any form of sexual activity with your wife or any other woman without my express approval. You will also resist masturbation. I realise that this will be difficult for me to monitor, but if you disobey and I find out, you will be punished.

4. I shall require Evelyn to give up her job in the city - I am not going to share her with you or anyone unless I intend it. I have made arrangements with a local secretarial agency to employ her as a temp so that you can replace the loss to your joint income. My arrangement with the owner, who is a friend, is that she can be made available whenever I want her.

5. This list is not exhaustive and I intend to use her considerable sexual talents to the full. I expect you to do everything to make my relationship with your wife as enjoyable as possible - your continued employment at the company depends on it. It goes without question that everything that transpires between us is kept absolutely confidential.

Keith could barely contemplate what was happening to him but he already knew better than to say or do anything and kept his head bowed.

"Good, now I want you to come over and open Evelyn's dress exactly as you did in the office on your birthday and tell us what you were doing and why."

The serious game had started and Keith knew that he had to play his part to the full.

"I wanted to completely submit to you by deliberately displaying my wife's lingerie enhanced nakedness and, effectively, offering her to you. Although unplanned, I was also thrilled that JJ and Susan could see my humiliation"

"And what then?"

"I left you alone with her, and I was very excited by the thought that you might be fucking her in my absence. It was my dearest wish and I am most grateful that you have now taken the necessary steps to bring that about in whichever way that you desire."

"Good, Evelyn and I are going to get to know each other intimately and you will watch. You will not do or say anything unless asked. I want you to have the image of my big hard cock entering her mouth burnt into your mind. You will never see it again - I have other plans for you."

Callum told Evelyn to take her dress and panties off and proceeded to strip himself. Keith remembered the size of his cock from the sauna, but standing naked in this room and not yet fully erect it was truly impressive. It wasn't un-noticed that his own cock rose in response at the delicious sight..

Callum held Evelyn's head as she took it hungrily into her mouth, and Keith was amazed as she seemed to be able to take more and more of it right into her throat, without choking. He had incredible stamina, but eventually was good and ready and pulled out to shoot streams of hot sticky cum into her open mouth, on her face and over her lovely tits. She knew this was an important moment and swallowed as much as she could, as well as wiping the remnants off her full breasts and licking her fingers.

"Look at your husband's pathetic little cock Evelyn and count your blessings that you won't have to suffer it any more. Let us go to bed and leave him to clear up after us."

After they had gone, Keith sat on the sofa close to tears - what his actions had brought them to with probably worse to come. He knew that he was forbidden, but the incredible tableau he had witnessed had taken him to the edge, and he quickly tossed himself off before going to bed. The sounds from their bedroom precluded much sleep however.

Callum had the night before him and so they rested with more drinks before sleeping to recover. In the early hours they awoke and Evelyn went to remove her stockings and suspenders but he stopped her and made her kneel on the bottom of the bed. He wanted her exactly as she was in one of Keith's secret pictures.

Her round ass was absolutely delightful in this pose and pulling her cheeks apart he thrust into her waiting cunt, already running with creamy juices in anticipation. In a matter of minutes she had her first quivering orgasm as his manly cock entered her as deeply as possible. She expected to feel the spurts of cum soon, but he just kept reaming her and driving her mad with excitement.

Eventually, he withdrew and smeared her asshole with her own juices, pushing in first one and then several fingers. She had dreamt of this moment, and she said "Yes please" when he asked her if she could take his big cock in her ass. After all, this was something that she had been trained for by Adrian, but for some reason, she didn't quite know why, she had forbidden it to Keith when he had tried. She had allowed her boss, Michael, to use her ass but she was pleased that she had saved it for her new Master rather than her husband, Keith.

Never the less, it did hurt her quite a lot to begin with, but he didn't hesitate to go deeper with each thrust and she realised that it didn't matter what she wanted. He was going to fuck her ass to his own satisfaction, as her Master not her lover, and soon filled her full of spunk. The full realisation of that fact came when he lay on his back and told her to suck his cock clean, pushing her head down when she hesitated.

So began their new life, Keith working hard to try to regain some respect in his new job and Evelyn loving the attention of Callum as his new fuck toy when and where ever he wanted her - sometimes at their home with Keith naked in attendance, or at his apartment, or once or twice in his office. She was thrilled by the attention that he gave her and she did everything she could to please him. The sex was marvellous although he was very demanding and expected her to meet his every whim and act and dress provocatively, particularly when with his friends.

A couple of weeks later, she had a call from Susan to say that Callum wanted her to come to the office the following day, wearing only a buttoned blouse, a very short skirt, high heeled shoes and nothing else. She said that she couldn't possibly come to the office dressed that way but Susan just told her to do as she was commanded. When she arrived, Susan took her into Callum's office saying that he was waiting for her.

"Well Susan, what do you think, will that get their attention?"

Susan casually lifted up the back of Evelyn's skirt just an inch or so to show her bare ass.

"Yes, I think it will be very satisfactory but she needs to show her big bare tits properly and I have bought her a special top for that purpose"

Rather than have Callum tell her to change, she enjoyed unbuttoning Evelyn's top and removing it in the office, leaving Evelyn's superb naked breasts fully exposed to anyone who might come in. She took her time in retrieving the new top from her own office, so Callum got up from his desk and amused himself by slapping her ample tits hard from side to side. In spite of this rough treatment, her pleasure was revealed by her increasingly erect nipples.

The new top was also buttoned but although not actually transparent, it was made from very fine white linen which showed the shape and colour of her nipples and aureole perfectly. Susan only allowed a couple of the buttons to be done up so that even the slightest movement revealed most of her breasts. Evelyn wanted to protest that she couldn't wear such a revealing top outside the office, but she knew better than to say anything but to simply accept her exposure to all and sundry.

Evelyn didn't quite know what was going to happen next until Callum explained that he wasn't satisfied with Keith's relationship with his men and that he needed to be brought down a peg or two. He was going to take her down to the works, and they were going to act out a little game to humiliate Keith. Evelyn protested but Callum reminded her that their continued employment depended upon them both obeying his orders without question and that he had already instructed Keith what to do.

"We will go down to Keith's office which is on a raised platform, with open metal steps up and a rail around so that he can see the whole works area. I shall send you up the steps first and I want you to stand by the rail as I ask Keith to come out of his office. I shall drop a pen and you will bend over to pick it up. All the men below will be able to see that you are not wearing panties and get a nice view of your naked ass.
Keith will ask the foreman, Fred to come up and he will introduce you and ask him to give you a tour of the works area and explain what they are working on. The men will have a good chance to look at your tits and ass as you go round. He will then take you into the storeroom which is closed off, he will undoubtedly want take advantage of you and you are to let him do whatever he wants.

Evelyn tried again to protest but one look from Callum silenced her and he held her arm as they went together to the works. It was clear to her that she had to play this game fully as he wanted it and she was frightened that if she didn't please him she might lose him. It wasn't just their employment and the security of their home, she had fallen in love with Callum and would do anything to continue enjoying the marvellous sex and his wonderful cock up her ass. In the event the game played out pretty much as he had planned

Once in the works and up to Keith's office, Callum had a few words with Keith. She had hitched her skirt up as high as possible on the way to the works and the cheeks of her round buttocks were only just covered even before she ascended the stairs. She stood by the rail and then bent down as instructed but unexpectedly, as she stood up, Callum put his hand up her skirt and openly fondled her naked buttocks in full view of the men. Fred was already standing close to the steps and unashamedly ogling Evelyn's beautiful ass as Keith asked him to come up.

"Oh Fred, may I introduce my wife Evelyn. She has never been in the works area and would like to find out a little more about my new role here. I know that you are very busy but I would be most appreciative if you could show her around, meet the guys and see what they are working on. It would also be interesting for her if you could take her into the storeroom to see the finished products."

He might just as well have said - This is my slut wife, let the lads play with her and then take her into the storeroom and give her a good fucking.

Fred just grinned as he nodded his agreement and taking Evelyn's hand, led her down the stairs and on to the shop floor. The guys couldn't believe their luck and ignoring the fact that Keith could probably see them, proceeded to play with her as she passed along the benches. At one point they were between two rows of cupboards and as one kissed her, another took her tits out while yet another fingered her juicy cunt and she was passed from man to man. Eventually, Fred pulled her away, reached the storeroom and took her inside.

Once in the storeroom, Fred stood by a bench and taking her top in his hands pulled it right open to display her gorgeous tits. He took her already very erect nipples and pinched and twisted them cruelly before forcing her to kneel down and suck his hard and not very clean erect cock. She knew better than to react in disgust but instead sucked him longingly.

The windows to the storeroom were not covered and several of the men looked in to enjoy their new bosses wife's debasement. When he was good and ready, he bent her over some boxes and lifting up her tiny skirt in full view of the randy watchers, proceeded to spank her lovely pink buttocks until they glowed red. Finally, he pushed her thighs wide apart and thrust his rampant cock fully into her juicy and waiting cunt, grasping and squeezing her lovely tits as he did so.

After such preparation, he couldn't last very long and soon filled her with spurt after spurt of hot spunk. It said something for her skill, willingness and sheer bold sexuality that she voluntarily bent down and sucked and licked the remaining cum from his still quite hard knob. Before anything more could be said or done Callum came to reclaim her. As they left he spoke quietly to Fred.

"I need you to work properly with Keith and see that your team's performance is brought up to scratch. Do that and I will see to it that Keith arranges it for you to have a bit more of his slut wife from time to time."

Somehow she managed to cover herself up to get back to Keith's office where Callum reminded them of the facts of life as it now was, but she felt a true whore as she could still feel Fred's cum running down her exposed thighs.

"You Keith have been suitably humiliated and you will have to work with your men to get them back on your side, now that they know that your wife is my whore. Make sure that you thank Fred for his efforts and that he will continue to be rewarded You Evelyn, need to understand that you will fuck whoever I say and whenever I say. If either of you don't understand or are unwilling to work to our contract then this is the time to leave. Otherwise just await my next instructions and act upon them."

Once Callum and Evelyn had left, Keith asked Fred to come into the office.

"I'm really grateful for your co-operation in front of Callum, Fred, and I hope that you and the boys enjoyed having my wife to play with and that she performed to your complete satisfaction. I'm sure that he will soon instruct me to make her willing cunt fully available to you again and I realise that it will be in my best interests to do so. I need to keep this department running smoothly to meet Callum's high standards and you can ensure that it does so."

Although he spoke in this way to meet Callum's demands that he be humiliated in front of his men, he was absolutely consumed by his cuckold desires and wanted to be as servile to his foreman as possible. His fully erect cock straining against his pants was ample evidence of how absolutely thrilled he was at the possibilities of what Fred and his men might do to her, with his full knowledge and agreement.

It was the end of the day and they returned home, suitably chastised and agreeing that for the time being this was their life and they had to get on with it. After supper and some relaxation they were both tired and went to bed. Unsurprisingly, they were both aroused, Keith by his full cuckold enjoyment and humiliation and Evelyn by the excitement of being ordered by her lover to fuck that coarse workman, almost in public.

In the early hours Evelyn was awakened by Keith in her bed and trying to mount her. Still half asleep she opened her thighs and he penetrated her still juicy cunt. Suddenly realising what was happening she pushed him off her.

"Are you crazy Keith - Callum will kill me if he finds out that you have fucked me and it will be all over for both of us."

Keith, as horny as hell, tried to enter her again.

" How will he know, if you don't say anything he will never find out."

For a moment she relented and let him pierce her again and in his state of arousal shot cum into her almost at once. In the morning, she remonstrated with him but realised that now he had succeeded once, he would try again, believing that they could keep it from Callum. What he didn't know couldn't hurt him.

As a result, when Callum didn't want her for a while, she allowed Keith back into her bed and they both achieved some satisfaction in spite of their strange circumstances. Of course, it was bound to go wrong sooner or later.

One day, Evelyn had an unexpected call from Susan saying that Callum was away on an extended trip and suggested that they had lunch together to catch up. In her naivety, Evelyn simply didn't understand how close the relationship between Susan and Callum was, and that this was his way of checking up on her. After a couple of glasses of wine they were just like two girls swapping intimate notes together. Or so Evelyn thought.

"You know Evelyn, I do know all about Callum's relationship with you and Keith. It must be very difficult for him to be alone with you at home but not allowed to sleep with you. Does he have someone else to satisfy his needs or does he just play with himself?"

Evelyn giggled at the choice of words.

"Well, he does that of course, but I do feel sorry for him and just now and then, when Callum doesn't need me, I do let him come into my bed, poor thing. Of course, Callum doesn't know so please don't say anything".

She thought that it was harmless, telling Susan her little secret, but no sooner had she said it than she realised what she had done. She knew she would dig herself deeper into a hole if she said any more and so they parted company pleasantly. A week or so later she was commanded to Callum's office and expected the worst when she found Keith already there, although it wasn't quite as bad as she had feared.

" I am very disappointed with you both. I made it clear that there was to be no form of sexual activity between you and in Keith's case no masturbation. You have both deliberately broken this rule after a quite short time and I can't see any reason why I should not terminate Keith's employment with immediate effect and cease my relationship with you Evelyn. What do you have to say?"

Evelyn was close to tears as Keith spoke first.

"Callum - Sir, it was entirely my fault, Evelyn is not to blame. I was unable to control my sexual urges and I practically forced myself upon her and it was just once or twice, won't you please give us another chance. I promise faithfully that it will never happen again."

"No Keith, you promises have been proven to be worthless. You will be no great loss to the company, I can replace you easily. However, I am enjoying fucking your wife whenever I want and I do have plans to extend her sexual value to me, so I am willing to compromise. I will give you just one last chance but there are conditions.

I say again that I am not willing to share Evelyn with you in any way but, whatever you say, you have proved that I cannot trust you. I require you to be put in the position where you cannot fuck her and to agree to measures to achieve that objective as soon as possible. I shall not give you any details, the weakness of your position requires you to accept them without knowing. Evelyn, if you want to continue with me, then you are required to ensure that Keith follows his instructions without deviation. Do you both agree?"

They could hardly believe that they had saved the situation, for the time being at least, and signified their agreement.

"Susan will manage this matter for me and you are to accept her instructions without hesitation or the slightest complaint. I don't want to see or hear anything from either of you until everything is in place."

In his relative innocence, Keith didn't have the slightest idea what was going to be required but Evelyn had some idea what was coming - he was going to be fitted with a chastity device. It had been mentioned once previously by Callum and, in a perverse way, she was actually looking forward to it.

Back in Susan's office she advised them that she would make arrangements for them all to go to a specialist, which she did a couple of days later. She drove them out of town to a country house in its own grounds and when they went in it was rather like a small, exclusive hotel. The receptionist checked their details and directed them to a treatment room, a kind of massage room with an adjustable medical bed and cabinets with various bottles and body products.

A rather stern looking older woman came in wearing a white coat and introduced herself as Judy.

"You have been assigned to me and I will be your regular contact in the future. I have already met Susan, who is here to see that your boss's instructions are followed and as his wife Evelyn, you will be managing Keith on a day to day basis. I should make it clear that my instructions are to be followed to the letter and if they are not, then I shall inform Susan and I understand that you already know what would then happen to you. Is that all quite clear?"

Keith was already trembling at what might take place, while Evelyn was intrigued as they both nodded their understanding. She then told Keith to strip naked and doing that in front of these three women, including his wife, was very embarrassing for him. He started to say something but Judy stopped him.

"Look Keith, this treatment programme has been agreed with your company and your wife and it is already paid for, so the best thing for you to do is to accept it quietly and say nothing - it is for your own good. Now let me examine you thoroughly, lie on the bed."

She cupped his balls and examined his cock, pulling the uncircumcised foreskin back to check it properly. She then had him lie on his front and pushed his legs wide open. He tried to resist, so she just strapped them to the adjustable supports which pulled them fully apart and downwards. She examined his asshole and then taking a slim black dildo from a box, applied some jelly and pushed it firmly in, causing him to cry out, which she ignored. She then progressively slid it deeper in and out to reach about 6 inches before withdrawing it.

"Well ladies your man is fit and well, not at all overweight and with a nice slim figure, so very suitable for your purposes. His cock is a little small, about average. His has a nice ass and doesn't seem to have penetrated recently, but from his reaction I don't think that today was the first time. She pointed to his cock which had become fully erect from the stimulation of effectively being ass fucked. He has very little body hair, that makes our work easier and it will be better for the future."

She slapped his ass cheeks several times until they glowed pink, before undoing the straps and telling him to sit up on the bed so that she could examine his chest and nipples pinching them hard. Needless to say both Susan and Evelyn found this examination fascinating and actually quite arousing.

We will now proceed to remove the hair from his genitals and ass permanently by laser but we will just shave his chest and underarms. You can make him shave as required, or have it removed permanently later, as you wish. This will take some time, so I suggest that you go to the dining room and have some lunch and we will call you when we are ready to deal with the fitting.

Needless to say, the two girls enjoyed their chat over lunch and after some wine were eagerly looking forward to the next stage. When they returned Keith was sitting on the bed looking very smooth and quite pretty with his slim naked body.

"Everything's good so far ladies. We have been measuring Keith's cock and have decided on the right kind and size of cock cage for him. We prefer the steel cage type for permanent chastity, which leaves the cock fully visible and a good fit. He will not feel uncomfortable when he gets used to it but, of course, it prevents any kind of erection, so he will not be able to cum. It is possible sometimes to milk him and produce some cum without an erection, which can be quite amusing but he cannot do it himself anyway. If you are happy I will go ahead it fit it now."

When she was satisfied, she fitted the little padlock and invited Evelyn to clip it shut.

"There are two only two keys. We keep one here in our safe, in case of a medical emergency for example, but only available with Susan or your boss's signature. I understand that you will keep the other, Susan and which cannot be used by anyone other than you or your boss.

Now some practical instructions. Keith you must keep yourself very clean. The cage allows you to pee but that can be embarrassing if you stand as normal, so we suggest that you always sit down, you will get used to that anyway as the treatment continues. To make everything more bearable and subsequently enjoyable for you, we will be gradually lessening your libido, which will be helpful. Evelyn you must make sure that Keith takes the tablets that I will give you, twice a day to achieve this objective."

She then told Keith to wait for them in an anti room while she covered some further points with the ladies.

"We have found that our clients need something pleasurable, right at the beginning to help them get used to their changed situation and that the wearing of panties instead of their usual boxers is very effective. Of course, Keith will say that he doesn't want to do it, but just destroy all of his normal underwear and he will quickly get used to it and in fact desire it.

We have a supply of very pretty panties specially made for men and I suggest you make a selection before you leave and you can order more as you need them. Some clients want to wear their wife's panties but they are usually too small because of the bulk of the cock cage.

There are two kinds. One with an opening at the front that the caged cock can go through, or another which has a padded pocket for the cock and just two straps around the thighs at the back leaving the ass completely bare - these are very popular."

Evelyn chose a frilly pair of these with a pink bow at the back for Keith to wear today and disposed of his boxers in a waste bin.

Throughout this whole process Keith had kept silent as he had been ordered to do but inside he wanted to scream at what they were doing to him. However, he had decided to let them do whatever they wanted, he couldn't afford to fight back at this stage. Once back in normal life, he will find another job, even if at a lower salary, and taking Evelyn with him will escape the awful predicament that he had got himself into.

Keith was finally allowed to come back to dress and apart from the very pretty panties, looked absolutely normal once again. After collecting the tablets, some written instructions and a selection of panties Susan dropped them at home and said that she would report the day's events to Callum and that Keith should return to work the following day as normal.

Once they were at home they opened a bottle of wine and Evelyn put her arm around Keith and kissed him when he had a little cry. He had finally realised what had his ever consuming cuckold desires had finally brought him to - unable to fuck or wank, wearing panties and humiliated by his boss and staff.

Actually, Evelyn felt curiously empowered by what had happened. The original idea had been to have Keith fitted with a chastity device so that he could not fuck her, indeed not fuck anyone, and to lower his libido so that he wouldn't want to. That would satisfy Callum so that she could go on being his lover and Keith could keep his job.

In the event she had been overcome by the concept of achieving this objective by actually feminizing Keith. Her mind ran wild with all the interesting and exciting possibilities of having him as a girly toy for herself and Callum, while still enjoying being his whore and having wild and marvellous sex with him and anyone else that he commanded.

She had recently read about some women turning their husbands into their maid, wearing a frilly French maid's outfit and carrying out all the household duties, sometimes in front of their friends. With Keith effectively neutered they had already jumped the first hurdle and she determined to follow it through in the coming weeks. She was sure that Callum would be delighted by the idea.

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