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A Perilous Journey

by aaron

08/03/2016 18:58 in wife

It was Monday before Anita and Niki were able to talk and they decided to meet for lunch at The Loop. They had barely sat down when Niki asked, "Well? How did he like it?"

"He has not said much. We were both so wore out we just laid by the pool yesterday. I think it went ok. He did not participate as much as I thought he would. Did he fuck you at all?"

"No. We never got to it," said Niki. "Honestly I think he was just as happy watching. Greg thinks he is sexually submissive. Once you and Greg started I don't think he even looked at me."

"I am not sure if that is good or not. Everything still on for next weekend?"

"Yep. Thought I would give him a call when we finish lunch," replied Niki.

They continued their lunch and talked about Saturday and the plans for this weekend. Anita was feeling good about things. If all went as planned this weekend it should be smooth sailing for the date with Al the next weekend.


Paul was still confused about Saturday night. Unfortunately it was not everyone else that confused him but it was himself. One day he was ok with toying with the lifestyle and the next day he was trying to talk Anita out of it. One minute he had been enjoying playing with Niki and the next he was sitting on the sidelines watching Anita play. Even more confusing was that he had enjoyed it. He was a little jealous but not as much as he would have thought. He had been analyzing that and thought maybe it was because Greg was married and he knew it was going no further than sex. He was not sure how he would feel about a single guy.

He had avoided talking with Anita on Sunday and had left early for work on Monday to avoid her again. He was not sure he wanted her to know how much he enjoyed it. She might think he would be ok with anything she wanted to do. He tried to concentrate on his work but his mind kept wondering. As he tried to once again focus on the numbers on his computer screen his cell phone rang. Glancing at it he did not recognize the number so he picked it up. "Hello."

"Hi Paul. It's Niki. How are you?"

Paul was caught off guard and it was obvious as he searched for the answer to a simple question, "Hi..I ...uh...I am fine. You?"

"Doing great. I wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed meeting you on Friday. I hope you enjoyed yourself?"

"It was nice meeting you also," Paul said recovering quickly. "I had a great time."

"Good. I hope you didn't mind but Anita seemed to have most of the fun between the two of you. I would love to make it up to you. What are you doing on Saturday?"

"I am not sure what Anita has planned. I can ask her. Should I tell her to give you a call?"

"Well to be honest Greg has plans already and I thought maybe you and I could grab a movie. I enjoy movies and Greg does not like to go. Anita is welcome if you don't think she would feel like a third wheel but I would enjoy some time alone with you."

Paul was caught off guard again. The last thing he expected was a call from Niki asking him on a date. "I will ask her and see what she says," he replied.

"Great. You should have my number now so just ring me back and let me know. Talk to you soon."

Niki hung up and smiled at Anita. "Ball is in your court."


It was Wednesday before Paul decided it was time to talk with Anita about Saturday. Over dinner he broached the subject of the path they were on. "How are you feeling about Saturday night and things in general?" Paul asked.

Anita considered her answer carefully before responding, "I had fun. I am more submissive than I thought and I enjoyed Greg taking control. I don't think being dominant sexually is in your nature and it brought out a new side of me. I was a little surprised you chose not to be more involved. Did you enjoy watching?"

"I guess I am still just confused about how I feel. I know when this first came up I said I saw no harm in it. Then when you started really getting into it I got concerned and wanted to back off. Saturday night I enjoyed playing with Niki but then I started watching you and first thing I know I am sitting on the sidelines. I am not upset or anything. I enjoyed it but I am just confused by my reaction to things."

Anita noticed that both of them had stopped eating and dinner was an afterthought. "You know this is all about us trying new things. There is no pressure on either of us to do anything we do not want to but if there is a side of our personalities we want to try we should. I worry that if you see me being slutty or submissive that you may be upset or think less of me. Does that bother you?"

"I had not really thought about that to be honest. I know that whatever happens we have agreed to so you should not worry about that. I guess you are right that it is about exploring sides or ourselves that we have never tried. I enjoyed watching you play. Does that bother you? Isn't a husband supposed to be jealous and be the man for his wife?"

"Baby whatever happens you are the man for me. Just because you let me explore and enjoy seeing me have fun does not make you less of a man. If we play together and you enjoy watching then that is what you should do."

They were both silent for a few minutes before Paul spoke again, "What about our kids or family. What if they found out about this? Would they think less of us?"

"I don't think family is an issue since they are all up north but I have thought about the kids. I am not sure about John but I think the girls would be shocked. Not because they think it is a bad thing but just because they would not think about us doing it. You know parents are not supposed to enjoy sex. Laura would be analytical about it. Cyn I am scared to think what she might do. I am sure she has already had a few sexual adventures that would surprise us."

"I guess you are right. John is pretty open about things like sex so I don't think he would disown us."

After a few more moments Anita added, "It really does not matter. We have a right to enjoy ourselves. It probably will not happen but if it did we can cross that bridge when it happens."

Finally Paul brought up the call from Niki and was not surprised that Anita already knew about it. "I was not sure if she had called or not but she did call me and ask if it was ok before she called you," she said.

"Well what do you think? Want to meet her or should I beg off?" Paul asked.

"Do you have something planned?" Anita asked trying to sound confused.

"No. I was not sure if you did or not though."

"Well I told Eve I would join her for a tennis match on Saturday and I doubt I will be back in time but that shouldn't stop you. Go if you like. There is no sense you staying home when you can go out and have some fun."

Paul considered it for a while. He was not sure what was going on but he felt like he was being set up. Was he going to come home after going out with Niki to find Anita had gone out also? He suspected that was the case.

"I think I will go out then. I think she wanted to go to a movie. I will text her and let her know."

He walked up to the bedroom to get his phone off of the charger where he had put it when he got in from work. "Niki, spoke with Anita and she has plans with Eve. I would enjoy going though. Want to meet there or should I pick you up?"

He put the phone down and headed for the shower.

When he got out he saw Niki had responded. "You can pick me up if you want. It starts at 7:45 so why don't you pick me up about six and we can grab a bite before we go."

"Sounds good. See you then."

Paul put his phone back on the charger and lay down to read for a while before going to sleep.

Anita got a text from Niki as soon as things were set with Paul. She felt a little guilty about setting things up and not telling Paul the entire truth. She did have a tennis game with Eve so it was not a complete lie. She finished cleaning up the kitchen and headed up stairs.


Anita was putting on her tennis shoes at three on Saturday when Paul came in from golf. "How did you play?" she asked.

"Lousy. I was hooking like crazy. I never hook. I guess I was just over swinging."

"There is always next week," Anita said as she stood and grabbed her gym bag. "What time are you meeting Niki?"

"I am supposed to pick her up at six. We are going to eat and then go to the movie. I should be home about eleven I guess," Paul said looking at the gym bag. He wished he had gotten a chance to peek inside.

She gave Paul a quick kiss as she headed to the door, "If I know Niki she will not let you get home that early."

Paul watched as she walked out with an uncomfortable feeling. He could feel it in his bones that she was not going to be home when he got in and it was Niki's job to keep him out as late as she could. Trying to shake the feeling he went up and showered before lying down to watch a little TV.

He picked Niki up at six and they got dinner at a Japanese steakhouse before heading to the movie. Paul had a great time. Niki was quick witted and had a great sense of humor. He was surprised by how comfortable he felt with her and when got back to Niki's house she invited him in. "Greg is out and we can have some time alone," she said smiling.

"I would love to but I think I will go home for tonight and see how Anita is doing. This is still pretty new to me and I am still adjusting.

Can I take a rain check?"

"Sure. Give me a call anytime. I will tell Anita you behaved," she said.

Paul walked her to the door to make sure she got in ok and then quickly walked back to his car. He wanted to get home before Niki had time to call Anita and warn her he was headed back. He did not think she would have time to get back before he did but he wanted to cut her night short and make her come home and face the music.

When he pulled into his driveway her car was there which surprised him a little. Surely she did not have someone pick her up or have someone come to their house without telling him. There were no other cars but he quietly unlocked the door and walked in. He heard the TV in the family room and headed that way. Anita was asleep on the couch and he stood watching her for a moment surprised that none of his assumptions appeared to true. He started to wake her and hesitated before heading upstairs.

He checked the dirty clothes hamper and noticed her tennis clothes. He felt them and could feel the sweat and then turned and grabbed her gym back. He quickly went through it and found nothing out of the ordinary. Going back downstairs he woke Anita up.

"Hey beautiful. You should go get in bed. I will take a shower and join you."

Anita smiled up at him through sleepy eyes. "What time is it? Did you enjoy the movie?"

"It is almost eleven. Yea, it was a good one. I don't think you would have liked it though. How was tennis?"

"I am glad you had a good time. Sounds like you have a movie partner from now on. We can never agree. Eve ran me into the ground. I need to practice more," Anita replied as she got up and headed to the stairs.

Paul showered and slipped into bed. Anita was already asleep again and he laid thinking for a long time. Anita had not tried to deceive him. She had played tennis and then came home. He felt like an ass for thinking she would try to mislead him and finally fell into a troubled sleep.


Paul had breakfast ready for Anita when she got up on Sunday morning. As she came downstairs she could smell the bacon and coffee and as she entered the kitchen she asked, "What prompted this?"

"I just felt bad that you were stuck home last night while I was out so I thought I would spoil you. And I have to apologize. I thought for sure you would be out when I got in. I thought you and Niki were setting me up so you could get out. I guess this is still new and I just have to learn to trust you more."

"Come on honey. Stop it. We agreed when we got into this that it was not tit for tat. I had fun playing tennis and watching a little TV last night. Did you have fun?" she asked with a suggestive smile on her face.

Paul grinned back, "Yes but I did not get lucky. I wanted to get home to you. If I had known you were asleep I might have taken her offer of coming in for a while."

"You should have. She felt bad about the other night. Thought you got the short end of the stick."

"I enjoyed the other night. You were very sexy."

Anita was very pleased. She wished he had taken Niki's offer but things went well enough that she should have no problems this coming weekend. Al had texted her a few times over the last couple of weeks to confirm their date.

It was the following Wednesday when Anita casually mentioned that she would be going out of Friday.

"Another ladies night out," he asked hoping she was not seeing Al.

"Yes I am meeting everyone at Tango's. It has been a while since I have been there."

Relieved he replied, "Well go and have fun. It does you good to get out and see your friends. I can tell you have been a little keyed up."


Friday night Anita walked into Tango's at about nine and found Niki sitting in the back alone. She explained that Brett was going to be a little late but quickly moved to the topic she was most interested in. She and Anita had spoken a couple of times about last Saturday and expectations for tonight with Al, "So is tonight the big night?"

"I think so. I am so nervous. I really have no idea what he has planned."

"I think you two are coming over to Brett's. Don't let Al know I told you but he and Brett spoke earlier this week about it. I hope so. I would enjoy spending some time with you," she said smiling devilishly.

They continued to talk until Brett arrived and then Al walked in a few minutes later. He spied everyone sitting at the booth in the back and walked over, "Hey. How is the crew doing?"

"Great," Anita said as she slid over to let him in. Al slid in and leaned over and kissed Anita. She did not resist and let the kiss linger for a few moments. Drinks were ordered and they were discussing the latest ineptitude of the Jaguar's.

They danced and drank for next hour or so and Al slid his hand onto her thigh. She looked at him and he smiled as his hand continued to slide up her leg pushing her dress up. Anita quickly glanced at Niki and could tell she knew what was happening. Niki smiled and winked at her as Al's hand reached its intended target. "Spread your legs for me," Al said loud enough for Brett and Niki to hear. Her face flushed but she spread her legs and she felt Al brush his large fingers across her clit and sliding down to her pussy.

She had anticipated something happening tonight but not in a bar with a hundred people around.

Al moved his hand and asked the waitress for another drink and reached into his pocket. He held out two pills to Anita and Niki. Niki smiled and took the pill and swallowed it with a drink. Anita looked at it and then at Niki. "It is ecstasy. It is harmless and will make the evening ahead fantastic." Anita had smoked pot but that was the extent of her drug use so she hesitated. Finally Anita picked up the pill and took it.

Al continued to play with her a few moments eventually looking at Brett and saying, "I think Anita is ready to go. You two ready?"

"I have been ready," Niki replied.

The all stood up and walked towards the door. As they did Anita noticed a young man at the bar speak to Al as he looked at her. She smiled at him thinking she had seen him before and if he was a little older she might flirt with him. The drug was having its intended affect and when they got to the car Al and Brett opened the back door and let the ladies get in the back. The guys got in the front and before Brett could start the car Niki leaned in and began kissing Anita.

Anita's head was spinning and Niki's touch was sensational. Every part of her body was very sensitive and the hands on her body were starting to drive her crazy and she wanted more. Suddenly through the fog of the drinks and drugs she remembered Paul and with an effort she pulled away from Niki. Niki looked surprised but as Anita pulled her cell phone out she realized what was going on and leaned back and spread her legs as Al watched from the front seat.

Anita struggled with the phone as she tried to type out the text to Paul. "Going over to Niki's. Will be late. Don't wait up."

Putting the phone back in her purse she looked over at Niki who had spread her legs and was openly playing with herself for Al. Suddenly a little jealous of Al's obvious interest Anita reached over and began playing with Niki.

Leaning in she kissed her as she rubbed her clit and slid her finger inside. Glancing at Al she could tell he was pleased. It was only a few minutes to reach Brett's house and the ladies stumbled inside and fell on the couch in the den.

The men fixed drinks and watched the action as Niki went down on Anita as she leaned back and spread her legs. Niki was now completely nude and Anita still had her dress on but it was pushed up over her waste. Finally Brett could not wait any longer. Walking over he sat down on the couch beside the ladies and began playing with Niki.

Niki moved away from Anita and began removing Brett's pants freeing his cock which stood up hard as a rock. She swallowed it and began bobbing up and down frantically. Anita watched the scene as she played with herself before looking up at Al. Al motioned Anita toward Brett and Niki and she was confused until Brett grabbed her hand and pulled her towards them. Looking one last time at Al to insure he was ok she allowed Brett to kiss her as he held Niki's head on his cock. Niki looked up and smiled and she moved down to suck on Brett's balls offering his cock to Anita. Just as Anita was about to go down on Brett she felt Al take her hand and pull her up.

Both Brett and Niki stopped what they were doing as Al turned Anita to face them and unzipped Anita's dress. The dress fell to the floor and Anita was left standing only in her bra. Al expertly worked the clasp and removed the bra and then held Anita's tits out for the other two to admire. He slide one hand down and spread her pussy for Brett to see before turning her around and kissing her as he played with her ass. Anita was enjoying being displayed but was anxious to have Al. Niki and Brett sat watching as Anita was fondled before Niki finally said. "Give her what she wants Al and quit teasing her."

"What does she want," Al asked looking at Anita.

"She wants you to take that big black cock out and fuck her," Niki replied.

"Is that what you want," Al asked Anita. She shook her head yes. Al pushed her down to her knees in front of him and she could feel his huge cock through his pants. She immediately began to remove them until he was down to his briefs. She paused. She had never felt a cock this large before and she played with him without releasing his cock. Eventually she pulled the briefs down and released his cock.

Al was not completely hard but his cock was beautiful. It was a little over ten inches and very thick. As she lowered her head to take it into her mouth she had one last thought of Paul.

What would he think of her sucking a black man's cock. Neither of them were prejudice but it would probably throw him for a loop. She lowered her mouth taking as much in as she could.

Anita forgot about Niki and Brett until she felt Niki's hand sliding down her ass. Niki's hand continued down between Anita's legs and her finger slid slowly into Anita. "Look at me," Al said. Anita let lifted her head from his cock and looked into his eyes. "Look at me while you suck my cock."

She lowered her mouth onto his cock again while keeping eye contact. Between the drugs and the atmosphere Anita was not sure there was a limit to what she might do. She had never felt so sexual and slutty and when she felt Anita sliding beneath her to lick her pussy she changed her position to allow better access. She looked down as Niki licked her and then back to the cock in her hand.
"Do you enjoy Niki getting your cunt ready for me," Al asked. Anita moaned into his cock as she tried to get as much as she could into her mouth. She was not sure she could take his cock but she was looking forward to trying. Once Al's cock was rock hard he pulled her up and led her to the couch. He leaned her over the end and spread her legs. He rubbed his cock along her cunt teasing her until she finally begged.

"Please," she moaned weakly.

"Please what?"

"Please fuck me," she pleaded.

Al began sliding his cock into her dripping pussy. He went slowly and Anita could feel herself stretching to accommodate him. After about five minutes of slowly working his cock in he announced that she had taken it all and began to fuck her in long urgent strokes. Anita lost all sense of reality as Al brought her to multiple orgasms. After twenty minutes of fucking she felt Al stiffen and he began flooding her pussy with his cum. He buried his cock in her as far as he could demanding she take all he had to offer. Anita had an immense orgasm and slumped over the end of the couch completely drained.

Al slowly pulled his cock out and Anita could feel cum streaming down her legs. He placed a towel on the couch and gently helped her sit. He sat beside her and they watched as Brett continued to fuck Anita. Brett looked at Anita and smiled and said, "Let me see the damage."

Al pulled Anita's legs apart so Brett could see the swollen lips of her pussy and cum draining from her. The sight pushed Brett over the edge and he filled Niki with his load. They both collapsed trying to catch their breaths. Niki looked at Anita and smiled. "You will never be the same girl. He has ruined you for any other cock."

Anita laid her head in Al's lap and dozed. Two hours later Al shook her awake and handed her phone to her. "It beeped and I thought it might be a text from Paul. I thought you should answer if it is him," he said.

Anita looked at the phone and found that it was a text from Paul. "It is a little after four. Are you ok?"

She quickly text back, "I am fine. About to head home."

She looked at Al and then glanced around for Niki and Greg. Noticing her looking Al said, "They went to bed about an hour ago. I was going to let you sleep a little longer but when the phone went off I thought better of it. Do you want me to take you to pick up your car or should I just drop you off at your place. I am not sure you should drive."

Anita thought for a moment. The last thing she wanted was for the gate guards to ask as lot of questions as she was being delivered home at five am by a black man. "I had better get my car. It is pretty much on the way and it is only a few minutes from there to my house. I will be fine."

As they left she noticed two joints on the end table. Picking them up Anita looked at Al. "Think Brett will mind?" she asked.

He smiled and shook his head.


Paul was stunned by Anita's condition when she walked into the house and once again confused by his own reaction. She was obviously drunk and high and should not have been driving but just knowing what she had been doing made him instantly excited when he should have been angry. She looked at him and could not tell what he was thinking. She instantly decided to go on the offensive rather than wait for him to start fussing.

"How was your night?"

"Are you ok?" Paul asked ignoring her question.

"Never been better. I had a wonderful night."

"It must have been good. It is almost five. What have you been up to?"

Anita thought for a minute. She suddenly felt aggressive. He was so passive and after being used for another man's pleasure all evening she was in the mood to be in charge. "Want to see what I have been up to?"

Paul was at a loss for words. He had never seen Anita act this way. He was confused by her actions and even more by the hardening of his cock that he suddenly felt. Anita saw she had the upper hand and decided to push it. "Go upstairs and take off your clothes. I will be right up."

Paul turned slowly and walked upstairs unsure of what was going on. He had been prepared to take Anita to task for being out so late but now he found himself excited by her new attitude. He stripped down and lay on the bed propping the pillow behind his head. Anita walked in a few minutes later and walked over and sat beside him. "I had to find a lighter," she said and put the joint in her mouth. She lit it and inhaled deeply before handing it to Paul. He started to shake his head but she pushed it towards him. "You will need it."

Paul took the joint and put it to his lips as Anita stood up. She was still dressed and walked to the end of the bed. "Do you really want to know what I have been up to?" she asked.

"Yes," Paul replied quietly.

"Well I met Al, Niki and Brett at Tango's and we danced and drank until about midnight. But that is not really what you want to hear about is it?" she asked trying to delay while the joint took effect. Paul shook his head and she continued.

"Everyone decide we should continue the party at Brett's place so we all piled into Brett's car. Niki and I in the back and the guys in the front."

At this point she lifted one foot and took her shoe off and then the other. She slowly reach around and unzipped the back of her dress and let it drop to the floor. Paul was surprised at what he saw. She still had her bra on but she was wearing no panties. The top or her tits where exposed and he could see love bites and could tell she had been sharing them with the guys.

She slowly undid the clasp of the bra and let her tits fall out for him to see. Her nipples where hard and she was obviously excited.

Paul's head was spinning from the joint but even more so by the sight of his wife who had apparently been having sex with someone. Despite himself his cock was hard and he had trouble responding to what he saw. Anita continued, "Niki and I played a little in the back seat but the real fun began when we got to Brett's. Al has the largest cock I have ever seen. It is at least ten inches and very thick. And Paul, Al is very demanding. I will show you what he did to me under one condition. Do you agree?" she asked noticing his cock twitch.

"What am I agreeing to?" he asked.

"That you will kiss it and make it better," she purred feeling sexy and wanting to dominate Paul.

Paul did not respond so Anita did it for him. "I will take the lack of response as agreement. Take another hit before I show you."

Paul did as he was told as Anita sat on the end of the bed and slowly spread her legs exposing her swollen pussy. Paul could see cum still leaking from her as she played with her clit.

Anita was nearing another orgasm as she thought about what she was doing. "If you want to fuck me Paul you have to clean my pussy and make it feel better. Do you want to fuck me Paul. Do you want to feel how lose I am after having such a big cock. If you do then you have to get it ready."

Paul knew what she wanted and hesitated before moving his head between her legs. The smell of her excitement was overwhelming and he kissed the inside of her leg. Anita placed her hand behind his head and pulled his mouth into her pussy.

Paul could taste her cum mixed with that of Al's. "Do you like the taste of Al's cum as much as I do Paul?" she asked as she lifted his face so she could see. His face was glistening with their juices and as she watched he licked his lips. "Good boy. Now let's see if I can still feel your cock in me."

Paul slid up and she spread her legs as wide as she could. Paul slid in and she could barely feel him enter her. She smiled and almost giggled but controlled herself. Paul's cock would not be any use to her from now on.

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