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A Little Help from a Friend Ch. 05

by adventurer

08/09/2016 12:32 in slut-wife

It had been almost a month since Claire's tubes had been tied. She agreed to fuck the Doctor in lieu of payment. Although four times was the agreed upon terms, three was her post-op check up, four was a follow-up the Friday after that and since then she has been stopping as a late appointment patient after she got off work at 5 o'clock. This was going on a couple of times per week since then, once three nights in a row.

This meant her being an hour late which left me picking up the kids and feeding them. Claire would get home and within a few minutes Ralph would be over shoving his big cock in her. Since Ralph didn't notice and Claire wouldn't tell, I assumed the Doctor didn't have any bigger cock to offer her than I would. Claire would just be in it for the cheating sex and another stranger's cum in her cunt.

Considering her recent history her having the two guys didn't seem too bad. Then she got to being late all five nights per week. After some questioning the truth came out about that.

"I'm still fucking the Doctor, but I started banging a salesman that comes into work. Then my boss got suspicious when I had gone to lunch with the salesman and came in late. He called me in the office with a word of warning. He said the guy was always after women on his route. A woman that worked in my job before me got caught by her husband and got divorced. She lived with the guy for a little while then moved out because she learned he still chased other women."

"So what happened after that conversation?" I asked.

"A couple of times I've fucked him, too. Not big deal. His cock is smaller than yours."

"Thanks for the compliment." I spat my words back at her.

"Well, it got me a raise."

"What did you get? Twenty bucks? Then you'd be fucking him for ten or twenty dollars?"

"It's a hundred a week. Smart ass."

"That would be $5200 per year. And, what Ralph pays you and you're a twenty thousand a year hooker!"

"Well, at least I'm not giving it away from free. I'm sorry for what I said about your dick being bigger than Ben's. I know that pissed you off."

"It's not that Claire. I thought you were fucking Ralph and the Doc. I thought two guys would be enough for you until you get over this strange cock fixation you're going through. Now I find out you are fucking four guys and keeping secrets from me."

"I'm sorry. I know I threatened to be with a lot of guys and make sure you'd know about it after our little fight involving Ralph last month. I just wasn't sure that you'd really want to know. You'll know from now on. Trust me."

"Well, at least you're home earlier tonight so you can help with the kids and dinner."

"To be honest with you ... I need to shower. I fucked the boss at lunch and I'm pretty gooey down there. I need to freshen up before Ralph comes over."

I was getting more than enough of Ralph. The son of a bitch was just too comfortable with coming to my house and fucking my wife. Claire's raise would almost cover the loss if he was gone. The sight of him between her legs two or three times per night was getting to be too much.

I had interviewed for the assist manager job at work. There were several outsiders interviewing with more years of experience and lots more education. But I had my hopes up that, as they say, I had the inside track. I should know the answer to that within the next few days because the last day for the old assistant manager was the Friday of the next week.

I'd hatched a plan to deal with Ralph. His wife knew about him and my wife and was bugging me wanting to know what I knew that would help with her divorce. She had called several times wanting to know if I had photos. Sure I did. She just didn't know I had them. I figured the longer I worked it the madder she would be at Ralph as the more she'd hang his ass out to dry.

It turned out to be a good night when Ralph got there. After me being on Claire's ass for being a whore he handed her a wad of cash. I over heard the conversation about it covering it all for the month. Right before she dropped to her knees to suck his cock he said something about a guy that had worked for the company going into business for himself. Ralph had been giving him leads and selling him parts stolen from the company below wholesale to get the cash to pay Claire.

"It's a sweet deal." I heard him say as Claire gobbled his cock and leaned under to suck his balls. "I get the money to fuck you and fuck the company while doing it. Fuck my wife and her asshole daddy's company."

Claire was in the zone, now taking his cock down her throat. I tiptoed away when I heard her tell him to hold it, that she wanted his seed against her cervix, not in her stomach. I played with the kids and got them to bed. Usually Claire wouldn't have it that way. Cock now took precedence over her kids.

Before entering the room to check on Ralph pumping his eight inches in and out of my wife I decided the time to act was right then. I picked up my cell phone. I found where Laura had last called and hit send.

"Hello?" She answered.


"Who is this?"

"I can put Ralph in jail for you now."

"Holy Shit! What do you have?"

"I can prove he stole from the company."

"That's better than pictures."

Then I went a little crazy. I thought of her husband and my wife in the other room, knowing how deep his cock would be in Claire as she fucked back at him. I thought of my kids tucked in bed without a kiss from their mother.

"Ralph's been fucking my wife. I want a shot at you. It's only fair."

"I'm not just some whore. You've got your own right there in your own house."

"Well, you're going to have to be a whore at least once to get the goods on your husband."

"Meet me out front of my house."

The conversation was short.

"What do you have?"

"I need the know your answer as to if I get to do to you what Ralph does to Claire."

"If I can divorce him and put him in jail I'll think about it. How do I know I can trust you?"

"Do you agree with the sex? If so, I'll trust you and tell you right now."

"Okay, it will be worth it. I'll know I cheated on him, too."

I told her what I had heard. Right there near her front door she pulls out her phone. I could hear it ringing.

"Dad, I know that Ralph is stealing from the company. Yes, I just got the information. A guy that quit and started on his own. Ralph is giving him leads and stealing parts and selling them to him cheap so he can pay some whore in the neighborhood to fuck him."

I could hear her dad go ballistic on the other end of the call. Mostly about because he hated Ralph anyway, a maybe a little because she used the F-word.

"You do?" Laura almost squealed in the night. "Okay, Dad. Keep it cool until we have the evidence. It shouldn't be hard. Ralph isn't that bright."

Laura opened the door to go inside.

"Are you coming in with me?"

She reached for my hand, led me inside and closed the door.

"Come on. A deal is a deal. We're going to my bedroom."

Laura was wearing sweats. I didn't expect her to be naked underneath. As they came off I was very impressed with her body. The woman was beautiful. Not to take anything from my wife, but why would Ralph want to fuck my Claire? I guessed it had to be the same cheating gene that my wife had buried deep within her soul. Sure, Laura was a little older, but didn't have any kids. All the good places were in the right places.

"Are you sure this is the right time?"

"Do you think they're going to miss you over at your house? Fuck me in my marriage bed. Fuck me in the bed where that bastard crawled back into with me after fucking my neighbor."

I was very surprised when her legs flopped open exposing a slightly hairy, slightly moist pussy. A pussy I considered a place I'd like to bury my face.

"The look on you face tells me he eats her pussy before he fucks her sometimes."

"Sometimes. Claire is usually too anxious to get his cock in her rather than take the time to get eaten out."

"Why don't you get me started?"

I almost lunged at her open cunt. Pay back is so much fun. The lights were all on in the room. Her slit was starting to glisten. I put my tongue in her pussy and worked it around in her as she started to trickle juices into my mouth. I sucked in her clit and she we totally wild. She oozed pussy juice on my lips. I know that I had made her cum fairly easily. Maybe the wicked witch wasn't so wicked after all. Maybe she just needed some cunt loving from a man other than her husband like most women do. Maybe he never ate her cunt out for her.

"Oh, my Lord, Jesus." Laura was catching her breath. "You made me cum."

"Glad to me of assistance, My Lady." That made the evil witch giggle.

"Does she suck his cock?"

"All the time. She deep throats him."

"Heard about that. Wondered how it was possible."

"Oh, it's possible."

"Come, let me suck your cock."

I was ready to fuck her, but why not let her suck me? There wasn't a need to hurry. If one of the kids cried at home let Claire have to break it up long enough to care for her own kid. She'd never guess where to look for me.

Laura was driven enough not to hesitate to take my pecker in her mouth. She shoved down on it until she gagged."

"Hey, don't expect to swallow it on your first try."

Laura was nice or polite enough not to mention the difference in size between my cock and her husband's. She had to notice. Her eyes sparkled at me as she looked up with my cock in her mouth. She pulled me from her lips to speak.

"You know there's a way would could do each other."

I couldn't tell if she was bullshitting me or knew what a sixty-nine was all about. I stayed on my back as she turn around so her cunt was just above my face. I put my hands on her ass and pulled her wet gash down to me. Sucking cock seemed to have lubricated her slit. I realized that her pussy tasted better than Claire's. A funny thing to be thinking about at a time like that. Especially knowing Ralph's cock would have been in her, too. Not that that would be happening again soon, if ever.

We spent several minutes with our faces in each others crotch. I'd made Laura come again. She had me ready to lose it.

"If you are going to let me fuck you it needs to be now. I can't hold it with you doing that with your mouth and tongue."

Laura rolled off me and laid on her back, legs spread, there was not a look of resignation or remorse. Just a "fuck me" look that made by dick throb. I lined up with her slit. She reached down to guide me like getting in where Ralph had fucked would be a problem. Her cunt felt like hot, wet, silk. She immediately began thrusting against me. There was a slickness much like glycerin that made her even more welcoming than my own wife. Not the sloppy messiness of being multi-fucked and cum in, but something much, much better.

With a feeling like that and knowing I had all my cock buried in my neighbor it should have made me lose it right away. But, instead, I made her cum pretty hard with a lot of sounds and fury. I slowed it down while she recovered and I enjoyed her married pussy.

My balls started warning me that I was about to send a load of sperm into her welcoming cunt. She picked up the pace with me. Then slowed down like she was stopping to think.

Ralph was sterile. He couldn't make me have kids. The two of us, however, could be quite fertile."

"Are you on the pill?"

"I stopped when I learned that Ralph was shooting blanks. I never pictured myself as a cheating wife."

"Should I pull out?"

"I don't know. I'd have to figure that out. Let's see ... probably so."

Laura gave a huge lunge up at me. Fucking her cunt against my groin as her ass left the bed. She was cumming hard and taking me with her. She grabbed my ass with both hands and had me buried in her. I could feel her sheath grasp against my shaft. My sperm was near its release. He stomach was spasming against mine as she started to cum.

"Fuck him! He always wanted kids. Let him pay child support on one after her gets out of prison."

There was no pulling out, even had she let me, nor was there any way I wasn't going to flood her pussy with my seed. Suddenly it was in her. Making u both sticky with the mess from both of us.

"Wow, Laura. I've never had a fuck that good from my wife."

"That's a shame ... her being a professional and all!"

Laura laughed. I laughed with her. Then she wanted to get all kissy-faced, us making out with my cock still in her. If it weren't for Ralph being done fucking my wife soon I would have liked to spend the night there between her legs.

"You'd probably better get back home."

I slipped in my front door. Ralph was on his back watching the game. My wife was riding his cock with her back to the television.

"There you are!" My wife looked me over. "Did you get the kids to bed alright?"

"Didn't you check on them and kiss them goodnight?"

"No, I thought you'd kiss them goodnight for me. Where have you been?"

"I was with the kids until they went to sleep. Then I checked on something for work on the computer, then was outside for a while. Looks like it might storm tonight."

I watched Claire continue to ride his cock. She had probably cum several times while I was fucking Ralph's wife. They'd both be mad if they knew. Cheaters are like that. I sat down and smiled to myself partially watching the game as I replayed fucking Laura in my head. Both of them grunted as my wife rocked around with her shoulders and head swiveling in a circle as she was cumming and Ralph was pumping his last load of cum inside her.

The leather couch caught the usual load of guy and girl cum as it splattered from Claire. She leaned over him and sucked his cock clean as it softened in her mouth. Maybe this was it. Maybe Ralph would be in jail before they could fuck again. I could feel Ralph's wife's juices dried along with mine on my cock. Ralph shock my hand before he left, almost like he knew it was goodbye.

"Did you check on you kids?"

"I thought I'd shower ... unless you want some of this." Claire took the palms of her hands over her stomach and down to her dripping cunt."

"No, I'm good. I thought you'd check on your kids."

"I'm sure they're fine. Fuck ... back off and let me shower."

The next morning at work I got a call from Laura. They hadn't done anything with Ralph yet. They wanted to get the old employee to roll over on him.

"I wanted to see how you were after last night." Ralph's wife practically purred over the phone.

"I'm good. One of the best nights of my life. How about you?'

"No complaints. In the light of a new day I'm glad I did it. Ralph came in and plopped right down on the sheets where we had been fucking."

"Look how wicked you can be!"

"I know. I checked back on my last period. We were probably right at the danger zone. Maybe a night early."

"That's good news, I guess"

"Is it? Want to come over again tonight?"

"You mean get you pregnant?"

"Like I said, let him pay child support when he gets out of jail." She laughed. Let's do it the rest of the week. I'll make sure he fucks me this weekend, then we can finish up the first couple of nights of next week. You game?"

"I'd be a fool not to be."

"I'll be waiting with open legs." She giggled. "I love you."

What's with women? Fuck them once and they get all into love and shit.

My cell rang again a half hour or so later.

"It's me. I'm going to fuck Ben at lunch. I told you I'd keep you informed."

That was it, no was it okay, or any excuse. He was Ben now, not Mr. So and So. She was earning that hundred dollars a week. A long ways from the thousands of dollars Ralph had been paying her. Too much cock in and her value was going down.

The late afternoon call came in. She was fucking the salesman again after work. Driving the minivan to some park. I fed and took care of the kids. Claire never did check on them the night before. Ralph and my wife were fucking when I slipped over to see Laura. We did the sixty nine again. She almost got my cock down her throat, promising she'd get it before the week was over. I got between her legs and started fucking her. It felt good when I made her cum.

"You're still all decided about this getting pregnant thing, are you?"

"Keep fucking me and see. As long as I can hang Ralph's ass with the kid I want your seed."

That kind of talk doesn't help a guy hold his load. My sperm boiled into her willing fertile cunt. Unbelievably Laura was right there cumming with me when I shot my seed up against her cervix. She seemed content to keep my cock in her while my swimmers worked their way around her pussy. Then she ushered me out the door with a kiss.

"See you tomorrow night. I think it's our best chance to get me knocked up if you haven't already. I love you".

"I love you, too, Laura."

For some reason I almost meant it. But, what's with women? What can turn one into a cock chasing slut? Who would have ever expected Laura to be anything but a prude?

The next night was Friday. Claire called me from work that morning.

"I'll be late tonight. The salesman will be out of town all next week. I want to fuck him a couple of times before he goes."

"Don't be too late. You know Ralph always wants extra on Fridays."

"I'll do the best I can. No promises. This guy's not a salesman for no reason."

She made good time, but came home with cum all over the blanket we kept in the minivan. Ralph showed up ten minutes after she had pulled into the garage.

Again, I had fed the kids and got them ready for bed. Claire went right into fucking Ralph like she hadn't already done the salesman twice less than half hour before Ralph slid his cock in her. I looked in on them. My wife gave me a thumbs as Ralph's ass moved to poked his eight inches in her.

She hadn't talked about the size of the others, so I guess it was understood that Ralph gave her the most cock she had ever gotten. He had already put a load in my wife when I slipped out the front door.

Laura scared the shit out of me by waiting in the dark on the bench that sat beside her front door.

"It's about time you showed up."

I jumped about two feet. Laura laughed at me, then gave me a passionate kiss.

"Where do they fuck in your house, the two of them?"

"In the den, in the back of the house."

"Can we get to your bedroom without them seeing us?"

That question was frightening.

"Since tonight is my dead center night for getting impregnated why not slip in an fuck in Claire's and your bed?"

"That sounds kind of risky."

"It also sounds wicked and like pay back. What can they do if they catch us?"

If Ralph's wife would have had balls they would have been a huge pair.

"Are you with me?" She giggled.

I reached out to take her hand. We ran through the shadows to my front door. Leading her down the hallway we could hear my wife cry out as Ralph fucked his big cock into her.

"We won't have much time."

"I'm sucking you cock first and you are going to eat me in your marriage bed. Then you'll try to knock me up."

Laura was pretty wound up. She came really fast when I started eating her out, almost letting out a small scream that I'm sure Ralph and my wife would have heard even over their heavy fucking if her hand hadn't muffled the sound. Ralph's wife took my cock in her mouth.

"Maybe we should skip this part."

"You don't need to finish. This is just mostly ceremonial. I need to suck your cock in her bed."

The angle was a little different and to the surprise of both of us her nose buried in my pubic hair, pushing against my groin. She pulled back off me.

"Oh, fuck! I can't believe I just did that. I had your cock in my throat!"

She was so delighted she took me to the root several more times until I had to stop her. She went on her back and opened her thighs. She was so wet she was probably going to dribble on our sheets before or definitely after I unloaded my cum in her. I put my cock in her slit and she rocked he hips up taking my length.
I had never been with a woman so hot to take cock. I could have held still and she would have fucked me to death. Instead I met every movement and soon starting spraying my seed around inside her greedy cunt.

"That's it!" She grunted. "Inseminate me. Make me have your baby."

I gave it my best effort, still atop her, I held in deep as my sperm searched for their target. I didn't want to ever leave between her soft thighs. The back of my mind let me wonder if I asked Claire and Ralph to swap for the weekend how much hell I'd catch. My memory of their jealousy killed that idea. I slipped out of her when I softened and stood up by my own bed.

Laura had been wearing sweats again and quickly pulled them on. I pulled on my shorts and shirt and started to lead her to the door. Looking back, there was a puddle on our bed. Claire would probably think it leaked out of her. I heard my wife's little whimper sounds she made as she was building up to a big orgasm.

Laura heard it, too.

"Let's peek in on them. I want to see the bastard's cock in her."

Before I could stop her she was at the door to the den, just her face looking inside. I could tell by her reaction as she jumped back that she must have gotten a good view of my wife and her husband. She kept muttering something as I got her out the front door. She stopped right outside on my porch.

"It's all different when you see it ... his cock going in and out of her. I don't see how you could stand watching him fuck your wife, but I could have hidden and watched them for hours. I wish I had pictures."

"Oh ... I've got pictures."

"You do? How? When?"

"A while back. I acted like I was playing around. Then switched SD cards before they made me delete them."

"You have pictures? How many?"

"Probably a couple of hundred."

"I want to see them."

"I'll make you a copy of the SD card. But, we get Ralph with the theft charges. I don't want Claire knowing I was behind this or every one finding out in court that he was fucking her. I thought your Dad would have taken care of him by now."

"You know how Mormons are. We have to pray to the Prophet about it. I told my Dad that I was still praying. I need Ralph to keep Claire busy until you and I finish our business. You know, round tummy."

Laura made a baby bump motion with her hands. Then she kissed me and walked back home. I went back inside. I couldn't leave the big cum spot on our bed. I wiped at it with a wash cloth and went into the den to watch Ralph and my wife finish up. I thought about what Laura and I had done right in my own house with Ralph and Claire going at it only a few feet away.

Claire saw Ralph out and came to the bedroom. I felt Laura's presence there as I looked at my wife so hung up on getting herself fucked she would never notice. She didn't check on the kids again, coming straight to bed right after a shower. She lay next to me for a few minutes in the dark.

"You could be still fucking me it you wanted. I wouldn't mind a little of your cum in me.. I know it can build up in you, you know like maybe you just need to unload."

"I think I'll be fine. I'm sure you've had enough any how. You know Ralph was the third guy in you today."

"I do need to tell you I'm meeting Ben tomorrow at their cabin in the mountains tomorrow. His wife thinks he'll be fishing. He wants to fuck me there and says he has something to ask me. It sound's important. I told him that I'd tell you I was going to my sister's for a while."

"Okay, except for the mall kid, this is your first on a weekend. I wonder what's up?"

Early the next morning I heard Claire moving around the room at 5:00 AM. I turned on the beside lamp to find her fully dressed in a long sleeve shirt and jeans.

"Why are you up so early?"

"I told you, his wife thinks he is fishing. We have to leave early. I'm leaving the minivan at the grocery and riding up with him."

"I still wonder what he wants."

"Probably mostly he wants some of my pussy. He's pretty randy for a guy in his late fifties."

I had no idea my wife was fucking a guy that much older. I had began to worry when she wasn't home in the late afternoon when the phone rang.

"Sorry I haven't called sooner. The cabin is about four miles out of cell phone range. He just called his wife to tell her he is spending the night. I'll be home tomorrow night. Kiss the kids for me."

"What was it he wanted to ask?"

Either she hung up or the signal was lost. I didn't get an answer to my question.

It was dark when Claire dragged in Sunday night looking the worse for wear. Claire told me how they fucked when they got there. Then went fishing. When it warmed up they stayed in the cabin. Claire could hardly contain herself.

"Guess what Ben wants me to do."

"I have no idea."

"He says I can work from home and work on a commission. I'll be a customer rep and sales person."

"What would you be selling?"

"Ben's always wondered how it would go if his wife would go along and fuck some of his new clients. He isn't going to ask her to do that, but he is going to pay me to pretend to be his wife and see what happens. He says we can go out to try it at the end of the week, a Thursday/Friday kind of thing. If I get an account by fucking some guy it will be my account, my commission."

It was good to fuck Laura again on Monday and Tuesday. If she wasn't knocked up, this would be the last chance of it. It seemed like she got even more wild in bed each time. She loved her new cock swallowing talents and was kind enough not to mention me being smaller in the that department than her spouse.

Tuesday night was a bit melancholy as Laura insisted that we were probably done fucking. It was sad taking my cock out of her for the last time. As we kissed goodnight I didn't want to let go.

"You are a surprising woman. I thought you were a stuck up prudish bitch. That turned out to be far from true."

"Doesn't everybody think that of me? No one knew what's living inside me trying to take control of my very being. I've started finding myself looking at every man and wondering what he'd be like to fuck since you've got me started. That's going to be hard to keep in control."

"I'll help out whenever I can."

"I'll bet you would." Laura smiled and walked away.

My wife and her boss, Ben, left late Wednesday to spend the night in a hotel in Idaho to call on a client early Thursday morning. She called me at noon Thursday to tell me what had happened.

"Ben got us nice hotel room. Yes, I know what you are thinking, he fucked me a couple of times. The client we went to see was a balding man in his forties. Ben had tried to get the account for years. He introduced me as his wife. I could see I had his attention right away. Ben recognized it and ask where to find the restroom. I gave the man a nice smile and crossed and uncrossed my legs."

"How did that work out?"

"I leaned forward and told him how much Ben wanted his business. Then I told him I'd do anything to get him on board. The man swallowed hard. He said he had been had been buying from another company for years. I bluntly told him that my "husband" would be playing golf with a client in the next town all afternoon and that I'd be all alone in the hotel room. The guy was a little more bold than I expected."

"What hotel and what room number is that?" He asked.

"I told him and smiled."

"I might get some time off after lunch. Shall we say somewhere around one?"

"That would be fine with me."

"Let's understand, this is what one would call and unlimited visit, is that correct." He leered at me.

"Just as unlimited as you want it to be if you agree to buy from us."

"If we do that, would you say you'd be by every month or so to take my order, if you know what I mean?"

"As long as you are taking everything that I offer."

"I think we have a deal." We both smiled, then heard Ben clear his throat on the way back down the hall.

"Ben asked me how it went when we walked back to the car. He said it looks like he'd have to find some place to hang out tonight. I told him that he was playing golf in the next town all afternoon."

"I am, am I? I knew that son of a bitch would go for it?" Ben was pumping his fist in the air and kissed me.

"Let's hope he shows up and wasn't just screwing with us."

"You might want to start keeping a list of the guys you fuck before you lose track." I actually laughed at her.

"I like that idea. Maybe with a note about how we met, how he fucked, and how big his cock was. I'll call you tonight."

Claire called right after that to tell me that Ralph had been arrested and would probably be in jail until either a trial or plea bargain. Ralph had stolen more than to pay Claire for pussy. Once they got him talking he wouldn't shut up. I told her about Ralph stealing from the secret fund.

"Claire won't know for a few days. She's out of town on business with her boss until Friday night. I'm not going to tell her."

"With her boss? That sounds interesting."

"Yeah, we'll see how that works out."

I picked the kids up at Emma's after work again. Her husband was always there since banking evidentially didn't take full time when your job mainly entailed fucking people over. I'd like another shot at my mother-in-law sometime if I could. She always looked like she wanted it, too.

The kids and I went home to an empty house for the second night. I was Dad, Mom, cook, and housekeeper. With them in bed I sat in the den thinking about Ralph in jail and how many times he'd fucked my wife on my leather couch. Then I thought what if he was in jail with a knocked up wife carrying my kid? Lastly, I thought of my own wife. Claire was probably in the hotel fucking her Ben.

It sound like a tapping of slapping sound somewhere in the house. I went into the hallway. It wasn't coming from the kid's room. It seemed to be in the front entry. I heard it again. Someone or something was tapping on the front door. I opened the door a crack and peeked out. Laura's voice came from out of the dark.

"It sure takes you a long time to answer the door. A girl could feel unwanted."

I pulled her inside and we kissed. She was wearing sweats again with nothing underneath.

"I kind of thought you were done with me." I teased.

"After we talked I wondered what you would be doing all by yourself, what with you wife out of town, and all."

She walked away towards my bedroom, taking off her top and bottoms as she moved ahead of me. In the bedroom I held her naked body against me as we made out. I remembered I should lock the bedroom door. As the latch clicked Laura scooted back on my bed.

"There's no need to hurry. You can start with eating my pussy."

I made her cum so much neither of use had any idea of the count. Finally feeling guilty about my boner she ordered me to lay down and started kissing all over my cock and stomach. That led to her sucking the head and taking my cock in her mouth. That went on to her using her newly learned deep throat skills as her nose pushed into my pubic hairs and nuzzled against my skin.

Although I had never shot a load in her mouth I'd leaked enough precum that she'd know what it tasted like. When I told her it was time, that I was losing it, an arm went around my hip as she held me in her throat. It felt like I sent enough sperm into her tummy that my balls would have to have been the size of coconuts to hold it all.

Laura didn't say anything about me cumming down her throat. We cuddled together with me kissing her breasts and sucking her nipples. She started playing with my cock and balls.

"We need to get this working. I need this cock in me."

Those words and a couple of minutes with my penis in her mouth led me to shoving my full hardon as deep as I could get it in her pussy. Not that I had forgotten how the now incarcerated Ralph would have gone deeper, but firing blanks into her. It wasn't that either of us were at a frantic pace, but Laura murmured in my ear.

"You know. We don't have to hurry. You might not realize it, but I plan on spending the night."

"You've become a very naughty girl. Do you know that?

We kissed and nibbled at each other for the next hour as my cock plunged in and out of her and her cunt rocked up to encase my dick. She had me close several times while she had several slow and intense orgasms. Her juices alone were soaking a spot below her ass. Finally we were cumming together as I filled her with more of my seed.

I checked the kids. Laura stayed in my bed, legs spread, my cum just starting to appear in her slit. Returning to bed, Laura moved in next to me like we were a married couple. Her nipples pressed into the skin on my chest. I started to wonder about Claire having not called. Laura's hand on my cock distracted me from worrying about that. She got me hard enough to straddle me and get my cock inside her. She moved around on it, forcing in and out of her slit as I went to full hardness..

Then my cell phone rang with my wife's call. I showed it to Laura so she would know to be quiet.


"Hi, Hon. Sorry to call late."

"How was your day? Did you make the sale?"

"Yes and Yes! The afternoon guy was really sweet. He wasn't bad looking, slim and tall, but pale. With the suit he was wearing he looked like an undertaker. I got a surprise when he undressed. The guy had a cock that looked to be ten inches. It was the longest I've ever had and he knew how to use it. He came to the hotel and fucked me twice while Ben killed time somewhere waiting for us to finish."

Laura wouldn't stop fucking my cock. Then she bent enough to suck my nipples, finally kissing my ear on the other side from my phone. She heard what my wife said and gave me a WTF look.

"We were done by 2:30." Claire continued. "So Ben said we had time to call on another man he had tried to get to buy from us. I was surprised that he was more my age. Ben introduced me as his wife again. Ben got a call from our office, really, and excused himself, saying the call was important. I crossed and uncrossed my legs for the man, being sure he would see the crotch of my panties when I crossed them back again."

Laura stopped the mischievous shit she was doing to me and rested her chin on shoulder to listen.

So, I said to him. "My husband has been trying to get your for business some time. Would you like to hear my offer?"

"Yes, if it's an offer involving you."

"Come to dinner with us tonight. My husband will drink to be sociable, but can't handle his liquor. He'll be out like a light when I get him back to the hotel. I'll let you in the room and you can fuck me on the other queen bed."

"With your husband in the room?"

"Sure, it will be fun! He's not going to wake up."

"Okay, I'll give you my cell number. Call me at home after you are sure he is out and tell me the alarm has been tripped at the business."

"So, that's the way it worked, Sweetheart. Ben pretended to be passed out and watched the whole thing. I sucked the guy's cock and let him fuck me twice. Then Ben had to fuck me after he left."

"How was the second guy in bed?"

"He was pretty good. Really hosed me down inside. Said his wife hadn't fucked him in two weeks. He's going to fax me an order in the morning. Ben said it looks like I'm already making three to five hundred per month on commissions. Of course, I'll have to stop by and fuck this guy some more just like the other one."

"No big cock surprise this time then?"

"No pretty average, but he did make me cum twice. I'm in the bathroom with the fan on so Ben can't hear me call you. He's probably still awake and will want to fuck me again. I'll talk to you tomorrow. I love you."

The phone went silent. Laura let out a laugh.

"Oh, my God! She really is a whore, isn't she?"

"I'm still lying here with my cock in you. What do you say about that?"

"Okay. So, I'm a little bit of a whore. But, nothing like your wife!"

We rolled over so I was on top and between her legs. My cock was rock hard now from both being with Laura and hearing my wife's story about her day. I pumped into Laura steady until we both cum together. I rolled off, leaving her full of my cum. I pulled her naked body against mine and drifted off to sleep. When I awoke later she was snuggled even tighter against me.

A little after 5:00 AM she woke me with a kiss.

"I'd better get home while it's still dark. I should have set your alarm so there would have been time for you to fuck me before I go home to my empty house. We wouldn't want your kids to find a different Mommy in your bed."

I went back to sleep and dreamed about Laura. A dream where I was between her legs with my cock buried in her. When I awoke my daughter was jumping in bed with me telling me it was time to get up and fix breakfast. I got a hurried shower while they ate. I dressed them and rushed them over to their grandmother's house. I explained to her why I was bringing the kids.

"Claire's father is already at work. That's the way he is. It's just me and your kids. Since Claire isn't home you should come earlier tomorrow. We need to catch up, meaning it's about time you fucked your wife's mother again."

The look was smoldering. I kissed her, fondled a tit, promised to be earlier in the morning and rushed off to work.

Suzy had been off and on about our relationship and our noon time romance. It hadn't been an everyday thing like before. As I had suspected now that she had been sexually active with me she had found a young lad her own age. We met for lunch at her place where I came up with enough semen to get myself off and fill her cunt with my jizz. Lying naked and catching our breath afterwards she let me know.

"I've been seeing a guy my own age. It's getting serious. I've been fucking him. Having you over doesn't seem right."

"Sure, I understand." I felt relief.

"Maybe you and I will still fuck again. Maybe if I don't marry him, and maybe if I do, you know."

I kissed her goodbye.

"See you at work."

That would make life more simple. I loved Suzy's big tits and they way we would fuck, but what with fucking Laura and my mother-in-law wanting me to fuck her I was going to have to grow another penis and another set of balls. Plus, truth be told, I preferred the older ladies.

When I got back to work I had a message to see the boss in his office. Shit! I hope he doesn't know about Suzy. Surely she wouldn't have said anything.

"Come in. Sit down." The old assistant manager was sitting beside the boss's desk. "We have some good news and bad news. For the bad news, we passed over you, as you know, for the promotion. The good news, and also, bad news ... the new guy's wife decided she didn't want to leave Chicago to live in Utah. The word was that if he comes here he comes by himself."

"Sorry to hear that, Sir."

"Well, we are back to the good news. You were second on our list. We'd like you to take the assistant manager job. We'll even bump your salary up two thousand a year from what we told you it would be. Are you on board?"

I think if I hadn't drained all my energy into Suzy's cunt a half hour before I would have done a back flip or something. I managed to conceal my exuberance. Still the word was all over the building about my promotion before I got to my old office to collect my stuff. I saw Suzy give me a thumbs up and blow me a kiss.

The old assistant manager was in the office when I carried in my things. He motioned towards a table to put my stuff.

"Suzy looks pretty sharp in the warehouse. Do you suppose she could do your job on a trial basis to see if she could do it? Either way we have to hire someone new, either to replace her on the fork lift or someone to do your old job."

"She's almost like my assistant already. She knows how to fill orders and get things on the truck. She's smart and works hard. Why not give her a try?"
"We can do that. She's a little rough around the edges. You'll have to learn your job here and still run back and forth to show her the ropes out in the warehouse. I'll stay around a few days to help you through it. You're the new assistant manager. You can go tell her."

I went to the warehouse and called Suzy to my office.

"Be calm. Don't yell or shout, and for God's sake don't react towards me."

"Oh, fuck. Did they find out about us? Are you firing me?"

"No. Be calm. We want to try you out at my old job. It's just a trial. If you show you can do it we will hire a new forklift driver."

Suzy didn't say a word. Hardly blinked an eye.

"Okay. The job starts now. Mine does, too. I'll be in my new office. Call me with even the smallest question and I'll come out."

"Thank you. I won't fuck this up. I promise you."

"Don't screw it up. Bosses don't fuck things up. Be tough, but be a lady. I'm proud of you."

The rest of the day went with me learning the details of being assistant manager. I didn't hear from Suzy at all. I went out on the floor right before quitting time. The orders were filled and everything looked cleaned up and in place.

"I didn't hear from you. Things look good. Any problems?"

"We had a team meeting, the four of us. They want to see a chick do well. I've never seen them work so hard."

Suzy had a big smile. It looked like the girl was going to make it. I went back to my office hoping I wouldn't have to stay late. The old assistant was already gone home and the owner waived to me on his way to the parking lot. I watched though my new office window as the warehouse girls and office staff left for home. No point in me staying. I sat at my new desk for a few minutes, then headed for my car. I wasn't going to tell Claire or Laura about my new job.

I picked up the kids from Emma. Their grandpa gave me a half-assed wave and went back to working on something on his computer. Emma followed us out to the car. As I prepared to drive away she gave me a funny little smirk.

"See you early tomorrow morning." There was an emphasis on the "early".

Later I had the kids fed, dishes done, and about to give them their baths. They hardly missed their mother since she had been going in to full fuck mode with Ralph the whole week. They never even mentioned her.

The next morning I got that early start with the kids. They were both tired and wanted to nap on the couch in front of the television. Emma took my hand to pull me towards her bedroom, making out as soon as we got inside the door. As I unzipped the side of her blue Capri pants I found it was all Emma under there. She wasn't wearing her Mormon under garments. I dropped to my knees to pull her pants down and off. I pushed my face right up into her cunt. When she stepped out of them my wife's Mom opened her stance to give me access and laid her head back and moaned.

I found her completely soaked. I hesitated when I thought briefly about what that meant with her daughter. I looked into her eyes.

"I hope that's all you I'm tasting."

"Sweetheart, I started getting wet as soon as I was out of bed just thinking about this. It's all me. Do you like it?"

I put my face back in her slit to show my approval. The was a lot of girl juices there. I sucked the most of them down my throat. My wife's Mom had a good tasting pussy.

"Let's don't forgot what we are here for." Emma cautioned.

I took a few more slurps at her nectar and stood up to remove her top. It was a red pullover with thick material. As she took the hem to lift it over her head her boobs spilled into view. I was quickly undressed and started playing with her nipples, then mashed them against my skin in a naked embrace. Emma wiggled away from me and sprawled back on the bed with her legs wide open.

There wasn't a lot of time and we both needed the fuck, but I made another quick dive into her wet muff. Rather than resist she held my face against her clit. It only took a couple of nips and nipples to send her off again. That made her slick and slippery for when I buried by cock in her. Even though it was wet she was tight around my shaft.

We were at a pace I would have liked to have kept for hours. Then it allgot to Emma again, with her thrusting hard against my cock, and the proverbial balls slapping against her ass. The sex turned almost violent as my mother-in-law humped herself on to my dick. I filled her cunt pretty good with my seed.

A glance at the bedside clock reminded us that there was no time to spare. I pulled out leaving a trail of cum from her slit to down her thigh. She wiped at it with her fingers, then licked it off them with her tongue.

She was grabbing her clothes to get dressed. I couldn't get my clothes on fast enough. I didn't want to be late for my first new day as assistant manager. They wouldn't believe my excuse.

"Oh, I almost forgot. Did you get your morning after pill last time after you let me cum in you? I mean, you don't want my kids to have an Uncle that's their brother."

"I checked my cycle. I probably was pregnant from the load you left in me. I went to the drugstore and got the pill. I sat in the car and read the wrapper. It said to use within 48 hours after sex, no later that 72 hours. I hadn't been pregnant in years. I thought about your seed inside me. I liked the idea of it and waited the whole three days before taking the pill. I almost didn't take it. I could have been a sixty something Mom at a high graduation."

We found my kids asleep so I left for work without disturbing them.

Emma gave passionate kisses before she followed me out the door to my car, She turned to go back in the house. I admired her ass when she turned. She looked back to speak.

"I'm going to stay dressed and see how long it takes this stuff to leak out of me."

Work went well. I blended right into my new job responsibilities. Suzy had the warehouse working fine and orders going out on schedule. When I picked the kids up from Emma her old man was there. My wife's Mom and I got off aside enough to talk.

"I really liked the way your cum felt in me. I got a gooey wet spot at my crotch that I had to hide from the kids. Then after lunch one of the church biddies came over. Part way through the visit the rest of it ran out. She didn't notice the size of the wet spot. When she left I had to diddle myself because I wanted to cum again. Being married to you must be an adventure, with that cock of yours and all.

Damn! If she only knew about my marriage to her daughter.!

The kids got in the car and Emma and I buckled them in. She leaned on the car window as I was ready to leave.

"These on the same pants I had on after you fucked me this morning" She spoke softly. "Can you imagine the mess I have down there now?"

She gave me a wink and and an air kiss as I started to back out of the driveway.

Mr. Mom would have been proud. I had the kids fed, things, cleaned up and was playing with them in my daughter's room. My phone rang. It was my wife checking in.


"Wanted to let you know how it's going. We're up in Nampa, Idaho tonight. On the way up we called on a company that had bought from us before, but hadn't bought from us lately. The manager explained that the competitor took him out to play golf every month or so. I made him a better offer and he took me to his house at lunch time and fucked me. It was strange being in another woman's house and fucking her husband in their bed. Ben told him we were having trouble with the rental car for an excuse. They guy said he'd take me to lunch while Ben had the car checked. Ben and I play the game well. Ben had already fucked me this morning before we left the hotel so I'm feeling a little full right now.."

"So, another cock, another commission, huh?"

"Yep! You said it! Ben's surprised how well this works. He said he suggested to his wife years ago and she almost divorced him over it. He said if he'd known me then he'd be a millionaire by now. I'm meeting another guy here at the hotel in a few minutes. He thinks Ben is visiting a cousin here in Nampa and leaving me alone in the room. He's really going to a movie. Let me tell you about a problem."

"A problem? Okay, what's the problem?"

"The guy is about fifty and real brash. He just took over the job from a guy they fired, thinking this guy can turn them around. After about 15 minutes Ben excused himself when we were sure the guy was interested in a little sex for business trade. I told him that my husband really needed his business and that I'd do anything to get their account. I pulled my chair up by his desk so he would have a good view of me crossing and uncrossing my legs. I was pretty nervous because I'd never come on to a man like him."

"Well, you're going to have to show me why I should switch to your husband's company." The guy leaned back in his chair and looked upwards at my skirt that I had already let ride up my thighs.

"We ship fast, give good service and have quality products, all with a very competitive price."

"No ... I mean show me the reason I should buy from your company. You are half Ben's age. There must be something that you would like for yourself. Are you going to show me the reason?"

"You need to be more specific."

"Show me the reason, the reason you have under your skirt."

"I almost balked at his suggestion." Claire was telling me. "I almost waited to tell Ben he was going to need a different girl if he wanted the account."

"I assume you showed him what he wanted to see."

"I hesitated, stepped out of my shoes and put one leg up on his desk so he was staring right into my cunt."

"Then??" I had such a hardon listening to her story.

"Then he rolled his chair from behind his desk, reached one hand to my ass and ran his tongue up my slit. It made me cum and he thought he got a load of me but part of it was from my lunch fuck earlier. I let him eat me for a few seconds. Then he kind of took control."

"That's one fine white pussy. I bet you are good with it."

Claire told me they made plans, faking Ben's trip to see his cousin. The man said he usually had a couple of drinks with his buddies on Fridays, but he'd forgo that and come over and give her the fucking she needed.

"What's the problem you aren't telling me? Oh, shit ... you said white pussy?"

"I said white pussy. He's black. I've never considered fucking a black cock."

"It's never crossed my mind either. What do you want to do?"

"Ben said I should let him come over and see how things go. If I don't want to fuck a black guy, he'd understand, that there were plenty of other accounts."

"Is that what you are going to do?"

"I told you I was waiting for him to come over. If you don't want me to fuck him I won't."

"That's your choice. You've been doing what you've wanted so far. I shouldn't have a say in it."

"Maybe I shouldn't answer the door. I'm not sure I want a black cock in me and you know he isn't going to want to pull out when he cums."

I could hear the knock on the door.

"He's here. I'll call you later to tell you what happens. I love you!"

She was gone. I looked at the phone and put it down. Yes, she loved me alright. Wasn't really sure if she wanted to fuck a black cock? There shouldn't be a decision to make about crossing that line.

All the time I was talking to her I was watching the kids in the tub. Claire never even asked about them. What a cold hearted cock crazy cunt. Yet, there I was with a boner in my shorts.

My phone rang again. Had my wife told the black guy no deal?


"Hi, it's me. When's you wife coming home? I was hoping for a quickie."

"They've got a late meeting with a client. They're up in Nampa or Boise. They will be spending another night. Want to come over?"

"Can I come a little early? I'm lonesome. Sneak me into your bedroom."

"Sure I was just sitting the kids in front of the television for a few minutes before bed."

I hurried them to the TV and handed them a snack of sugary cereal. Laura tapped on the door. She tiptoed down the hall past where the kids were watching a cartoon. I followed her into the bedroom. Laura took off her sweats and slid under my sheets naked.

"I'm here when you are ready." Laura giggled.

The kids were engrossed in the program and snacking. I really needed to fuck Laura, knowing it was my conversation with my wife that had me so horny. I locked the bedroom door and joined Laura in my bed. Her legs came up exposing her wet snatch. I went in balls deep and began to fuck her with a passion.

"Oh, my. You are sure are glad to see me!" She squealed, then hushed herself when she remembered my kids we nearby.

We fucked hard at each other. I made her cum once and then again when my agitated seed filled her cunt.

"My goodness. I guess that ruins my hopes of getting my cunt eaten." Laura was watching my cum pool in her slit and bubble out."

"No, we'll shower after the kids are asleep. I'll eat your pussy for you."

"God? Who's the whore now?" I asked myself. "I'm as bad as my wife. I don't even know myself any more. Not only am I also the cheater now, my wife has no clue. She's going through cock at an amazing rate and thinks I'm just some poor cocksucker standing stupidly by while she did it."

I smiled at Ralph's wife in my bed. I wiped off my dick and went out to sit with my kids while my neighbor waited for me to come in and fuck her again.

I got the kids kissed goodnight and snuggled in.

"Let's get that shower. You promised to eat me out." Laura was so impish.

After we fumbled with each other in the shower I got Laura laid out on my bed and ate her out properly. Then she sucked me for a while, we fucked again and went to sleep with her back to me and my hand on her boob.

About eleven my phone vibrated. I moved away from Laura sleeping next to me and out of the bed. I answered as I got to the kitchen.


"I let him fuck me. I fucked a black man. I've been putting off calling not knowing how to tell you."

I didn't know what to say. The silence probably lasted a minute.

"Are you still there?" My wife asked.

"Yes. I guess I'm a little stunned. You sounded like you wouldn't do it when we talked earlier. I just assumed you and Ben were out on the town. Why did you change your mind?"

"I let him in the room. He was sweet and polite. Not the arrogant asshole I thought he was at the office. We talked a little while with him sitting in the chair. Then he sat on the bed beside me and kissed me."

"You let the black man kiss you?"

"Yes, it was nice."

"Did you kiss him back?"

"Yes, I kissed him back. We made out a few minutes, feeling each other up, with me ending up on my back. He was still kissing me, his hand was under my dress."

"You let him feel your pussy?"

"He worked a finger into my cunt. I let him do that for several minutes while we kissed some more. Then I got off the bed, took off my clothes and laid back down. He stood at the foot of the bed looking at me and undressed himself. I was wet and his cock was sticking out rock hard. I opened my legs for him and he got between them and pushed the head of his cock at my slit."

"Jesus Christ, Claire. I didn't think you could do it."

"I looked at how black his cock looked against my pussy, then compared his dark skin to my own. He pushed the head in me. I raised my legs and spread them wider to give him better access. He fucked his cock right into me. His balls were against my ass. I started a slow rhythm as I fucked up against his cock. Then he began to pump harder up into me. Then it got frantic. I started to cum and before I realized it I could feel his sperm flood into me."

"The black guy put his load of cum in you, and you let him."

"What was it going to hurt? I'm not having any more babies." She was trying to defend herself for her actions.

I let the phone be silent for a long time while I thought about the black man cumming in my wife.

"Are you still there? Are you mad?"

"Yes. I'm mad. I didn't think you start fucking black guys. Was he big?"

"No, not that big. Big around, but about like Ralph. It was incredible watching him pull his black cock from my pussy. He had it so far up in me his cum didn't run out when he pulled out even though I could feel how messy he made me in there. He stayed on his knees looking at my slit and commented that he'd never seen a woman that didn't leak it back out."

"Why did that happen?"

"I don't know. I clamped down trying to hold it inside me. I guess it worked. He was amazed. I even stood up and twirled around and was able to hold it inside me. I could feel there was a lot in there. I just clamped tight with my cunt muscles and held it inside me. I'd never tried that before. It was weird, but nice in an odd sort of way. I laid back on the bed. He was ready to fuck me again. His cock was hard and he had it lined up with my pussy."

"I don't know where that last one went, but I'm going to put another load in there."

"Never underestimate the power of white pussy." I giggled.

Then I let the whole mess gush from my cunt, down my ass, and onto the hotel sheet.

"Did he fuck you again?"

"I moved over to a dry spot on the sheet and he fucked me twice more."

"I've always heard black cocks were a foot long and once you go black you never go back."

"If it was a foot long I wouldn't have minded a bit. But, I'll see you tomorrow."

"Wait! Did you get your new customer?"

"Yeah." Claire laughed. "You bet I did."

The next morning Laura was up at six wanting to fuck.

"If Claire is still in Nampa they won't be home for a while. It's got to be a six hour drive." Laura reasoned.

Her mouth went over my cock and she worked it down in her throat.

"I'll bet that was something you'd never dreamed you'd be doing ten days ago."

"Well, I like it. Do you want me to stop?"

I enjoyed watching her take me to the root, my whole length going easily down her throat now.

"If you don't stop it will be too late."

Laura withdrew for a second.

"No it won't."

Then she took it all the way down again, holding it in her throat for what seemed like forever, her making just the tiniest of movements. Then repeated it twice more. The last time my balls sent my whole load down her throat.

"I wasn't expecting you to do that."

"You've got a lot to do today. That will take the edge off for you." Laura smiled. "Let me strip the sheets and get them in the washer for you. Claire might wonder why you had different ones on the bed otherwise."

I grabbed her naked body and gave her a hug and tried to kiss her. She pulled away and ran the back of hand over her mouth.

"I probably shouldn't kiss you. I need to brush my teeth."

"You can use my toothbrush." I offered.

"Wouldn't that defeat the purpose of brushing in the first place?"

"Then use Claire's. She'll like the taste or won't even notice."

"Really?? She didn't take it with her?"

"I think she took a travel one that folds into the handle. If it's in the bathroom it would be the blue one."

Laura looked in the room and laughed.

"It is in here. Hell, why not?

I heard her giggle and then heard her start to brush. Back in the bedroom she gave me that kiss.

"There that should be better."

"Now you taste like Ralph." I kidded her.

Laura poked me in the chest and laughed, then pushed me on the bed.

"I guess you should know. She probably sucked him a lot."

Laura went home. I went back to bed to wait for the kids to wake me. Before they got the chance the phone rang.


Just wanted to let you know Ben and I are just checking out of the hotel. We'll get some breakfast and be on our way. I'll see you after 2 o'clock.

I didn't say anything.

"You aren't saying anything. You're still hung up on me letting a black guy fuck me, aren't you? We'll talk about it when I get home. I love you."
The fucking whore had to bring up the black cock again, not that it had much left my mind, and again she didn't ask about the kids.

I was pretty mad and pretty rattled. I needed to calm down and get the shopping and groceries out of the way. Like an angel knowing I needed help my phone rang. The caller ID said it was Emma.


"Hi, calling to see if Claire's home and how the trip went, and how are you?"

"I'm fine, Emma. But, your daughter and her boss worked late to sign up a new client. Then spent the night in Nampa and should be home after two o'clock."

"Why don't you bring the kids over here? I'll watch them while you run your errands. Plus, you know I'm a golf widow on Saturday. I may have something that needs your attention here, if you know what I mean."

"I think I know just what you mean." I chuckled.

When I took her grandkids over to her I didn't expect to do her a lot of good. My hopes that the kids would get distracted enough to let me eat her out. That so do my wife's mother some good. Emma was wearing one of those house dresses that goes to the floor, a duster, moo moo, or whatever you want to call it. I could see my her nipples poking the fabric. She was naked under it. I nodded at the dress.

"You're certainly looking grandmotherly today."

The kids were all over the backyard, running from the sandbox to the swings and climbing gym. When Emma pulled the big dress over her head and laid it on the chair by the bed my thoughts of just eating her were gone. I had to fuck her. I was beginning to think my cock may be made of iron. It wasn't any trouble working it in her. We fucked pretty steady on her bed for about twenty minutes. We could hear the kids playing and squealing in the yard. Remarkably she started to cum just as my load shot up my shaft.

Fucking her felt good. Maybe it should have been creepy, but Emma really liked to kiss and fondle while she fucked. It made it more than just sex between me and my mother-in-law. I guess that's what felt creepy.

It was pretty remarkable how fast she could put that granny dress back over her head when we finished.

"That was nice." Emma started with the kissing again. "Any time my daughter needs to go out of town I'd be glad to help you out. I wouldn't want you to suffer some damage down there from doing without."

"Oh, but you don't know about Laura." I thought to myself.

I got my shopping done and groceries bought. It went quickly not looking after two kids. I'd left the bed sheets running in the dryer. I needed time to get the bed made before Claire got home. Everything was done, including the bed and all the groceries put away when I heard the car door in the driveway. I decided not to go out so he'd be all formal and the like thinking I didn't know he'd been fucking my wife or what she had done to get him new accounts. I watched from the window to see if they kissed. They talked several minutes before Claire got out of the car and waved goodbye to him.

"Hi, Sweetie. Did you miss me?" She was so cheerful.

"Yeah, I guess."

"You guess? What kind of answer is you guess?"

"It's just odd. Since we've been married neither one of us has been gone overnight without the other. I always assumed if one of us was going to be gone it would have been me."

"Yeah, kind of funny how that worked out, huh? Where are the kids?"


She didn't make any effort to get a hug from me or even get close for that matter. She went into the room with the kids. They didn't jump up and yell Mommy's home! They sat watching TV. Sort like they knew their mother wouldn't ask about them if there was cock involved somewhere.

She hugged the kids, but didn't kiss them. I followed her into our bedroom, looking around to be sure I didn't miss any sign of Laura being in there.

"Oh, you washed the sheets!"

"Yeah, well, you left big cum stains when you let Ralph leak out of you all over them."

"Aren't you the little domestic?"

I let that one slide.

"I need to brush my teeth and get a shower. We stopped by the office before Ben brought me home. I gave sucked his cock and took the load in my mouth before I swallowed."

I watched her pull off her orange top and jean shorts she wore on the ride home. She wasn't wearing a bra. She pulled her panties off and tossed them and her other clothes on the floor to be taken to the laundry room. As she put toothpaste on her toothbrush I picked up her panties and looked on the crotch. There was no doubt it was cum in the crotch.

"I this cum from you black friend?" I scowled.

I was still looking at the cum when she answered.

"No, that's Ben from this morning. He decided he wanted a fuck before we went to breakfast."

She stood in the doorway brushing her teeth while I continued to stare from her brushing her teeth to he panty crotch.

"The panties I slept in after fucking the black are the green bikini ones in the laundry bag."

She spit out the toothpaste and started the shower.

"Want to join me?"

"No, I think I'm okay."

She put her laundry bag in the suitcase to bring it home. The green panties were right at the top. I picked them up. I think there was more cum than panty. The whole crotch had been flooded, most of it dry and crusty from the black guy's sperm. But, where she kind of tossed them rolled up in the bag there was a big, sticky spot of cum that was still wet. I looked at it. It looked like regular cum, but it had be squirted deep in my wife by a black guy then ran out of her over night while she slept.

I studied the gooey mess, thinking about the scene as it spurted into Claire. Seeing it really rattled my feelings about my little whore wife. I put my finger in the goo and then rubbed it between my finger and my thumb. I wiped it back into the crust that surrounded it. I lifted the material to my nose and smelled the essessence of her infidelity.

Inside the bag I could see cum on other clothes. My hands starting through it all. Every pair of underwear had cum in the crotch. There was cum on dresses, shirts and even one of her bras. The whole mess smelled worse than my idea of a whorehouse with a dozen harlots fussing over cock and jizz.

Claire came out of the bathroom as I came back from the laundry where I examined each piece of clothing closely.

"I took your clothes to the laundry. The room smelled like a whorehouse, Claire."

"It probably did. I had cum on almost every last piece of it."

Claire said it in a very matter-of-fact voice. Like it was what should be expected after a business trip with your boss.

Claire dressed in just a pink t-shirt and black shorts. Nothing underneath. We went into the kitchen to get something to drink. Claire called the kids in for lemonade. With her teeth properly brushed of Ben's cum, I guess she didn't suspect Laura using her toothbrush to clean her teeth from me, she finally grabbed our kids for a proper hug and some kisses. She looked like my wife again, not the whore that just got home from her trip.

"Did you miss Mommy while she was gone?"

Our daughter was the one with the vocabulary. Our son knew the words he needed at his age.

"We had a lot of fun with Daddy. Grandma kept us while her went to the store."

"But, did you miss Mommy?"

"I don't know. I suppose so. I don't really remember."

Claire gave me kind of a disturbed look that she didn't think I'd see. She swung the toddler up on her lap.

"I bet you missed Mommy, didn't you, little man?"


He tried to get down and reached for me. Claire handed him to me and went into our bedroom. When she came back in the kitchen I could tell she had been crying, but didn't think I knew.

"Let's take the kids to the back yard and let them play. We can sit in the chairs on the patio and talk if you want." I suggested.

The kids hung by us a few minutes then played and chased each other around on the grass.

"This is going to be about me getting fucked with a black cock, isn't it?"

"We can talk about all of it, but I do want to hear more about you fucking a black guy, especially you letting him cum in you like that."

"Well, I did it. I fucked him. It was a big account, he was in my room and after a couple of minutes I realized I wanted him to fuck me. Him cumming in me was just part of it. You know I like cum in me. It was so wicked, like I said before. All it, his dark skin, big cock, all of it being taboo made me want him all the more."

"You said his cock was big, but not the biggest."

"I said he was bigger that Ralph. A little longer, but quite a bit thicker. It really stretched me going in the first time we did it. But, the undertaker looking guy. He said he was ten inches and that thing went places I didn't know I had. I don't know which was best, thicker or longer. I'd like to find one that was both."

"You said you screw the black guy three times, and he put cum in you all three times."

"Yes, three times and there was a lot of cum."

"I know. I saw your panties."

"I know." Claire giggled. "Wasn't that an insane amount? When I woke up this morning with my panties soaked I couldn't believe all that had been inside me."

"How long was he with you?"

"A couple of hours. It took a while the third time to get him hard. I finally took the head of it in my mouth. There was no way that thing was going down my throat."

"You gave a black guy a blow job."

"Not a blow job. I just took his cock in my mouth and sucked it to get him hard. There was a little leakage I could taste. Then I felt his shaft throb so I stopped. He shot a little spurt in my mouth, but I let him calm down, then he fucked me."

"What did you do when he shot that spurt in your mouth?"

"There wasn't any place to spit it. That would have been rude. So, I swallowed it, he put his cock in me, fucked me, shot a load, then went home. I called Ben, he came back to the room. Some bimbo at a bar had him all worked up. I figured he'd want to fuck me, but I guess the idea of the black guy must have intimated him. I think that's why he he waited to bang me this morning before we left."

I listened to all of her stories from the week. All I could think of was how much of the bastard's African American seed he pumped in my wife. I kept the anger inside because even though I didn't fuck any black girls I had been a little naughty myself with her mother and her now ex-fuck buddy's wife.

"It's going to be odd fucking Ralph again with him not being the biggest I've had any more."

I might not get a lot of little victories being married to a cunt like my wife. But, there are some. With a smile in my heart and a somber look on my face I told her.

"Ralph's in jail. You won't be fucking him for a while."

"What??" She screamed. What the fuck happened?"

"Two things actually. Laura came over. She told me Ralph was arrested for stealing from the company and selling parts to an upstart competitor."

I explained what I knew. She look at me like she was trying to figure if I was the rat since Ralph had just told her. I kept my poker face.

"Then she told me she heard him talking to his brother about cheating on her with some woman that was making him pay her money to fuck him."

"What?? She screeched. What did you say to her?"

"Nothing. What could I say?" I said nothing. Guess what she said next?"

"Oh, My God! What? Oh, My God. She knows it's me!"

"She said, and I quote. Ralph is either at work, with her, or at our house. Your wife is a fucking whore and there's no way you couldn't know about it."

"How long has she known?

"Must be two, three weeks."

"These times I've seen her, she's waved, I've seen her at church and she knows I been fucking her husband ... for money?"

"I don't think you two are ever going to be friends, but I don't think word will get out that it's you. He's lost his job. He's going to jail. She's divorcing his ass as soon as he's convicted. He's is a world of shit. And, what the fuck. You've found a bigger cock ... and it's black ... and his balls are full of cum. You should be alright."

Jesus Christ! Oh, fuck! How do I deal with this? I've got to call Ben. He wanted us to work on some new customers next week. Hell, he wanted to go for the whole week. I told him I'd think about it. She started to call.

"I'd better text so his wife won't overhear the conversation."

Claire started texting. She texted twice then got up to go in the house. I went into the kitchen. I still could see the kids in the backyard. There was my wife pacing from the living room, into the dining, back to the kitchen, and into the bedroom. She got into the fridge, got out three beers, went into the bedroom and closed the door. I heard he door lock. Her phone vibrated on the countertop by the fridge where she had left it. It was an answer to her last text to Ben. I opened the whole conversation and started the first one.

HER: Thought about next week. It's on!"

BEN: "Great! What day?"

HER: Monday! All week."

BEN: Perfect!"

HER: "One condition. We need to go through Nampa."

BEN: " I-84. We can stop along the way going and coming."

HER: "Thank You!"

BEN: "I thought you'd like that. See you Monday @ 7:00 AM"

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