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4th of July

by adventurer

06/23/2016 21:49 in hotwife

It was as hot as summers come in St. Louis. Kat woke up sticky with sweat, having just dreamt of being filled to capacity by her husband's cock. She was alone in bed and horny. She had just finished her period a few days prior and always spent the first week thereafter horny as all get out. Nature, she supposed, was making her horny during her most fertile time.

She stretched her body like a cat. Her full tits pressing against the thin cotton of the black camisole she wore to bed. Her nipples protruded slightly and she had a tingling itch between her legs. She let her hands slide languidly down her body, sliding on top of her pink silk panties and coming to a rest at her pussy. Her fingertips danced across her labia, flicking back and forth, tickling her most sensitive of spots. Her other hand slid beneath the first to put pressure above her slit, working in a small, clockwise motion. She could feel the intensity build. She scooted the wet fabric to the side and let the tip of her middle finger slide into her slippery cunt.

Ding Dong! "Shit," she said aloud, "I overslept!." She and her husband, Brad, had about 20 people, family and friends, coming to their house for a 4th of July barbecue. She knew that Chris and his wife and kids were coming early so Brad and Chris could get some meat smoking.

Kat yelled for her husband but got no reply, he must be out back already getting things set up. She hopped out of bed and peeked out the window. She could see Chris standing at the front door holding a box full of smoking supplies. His wife, Kimbra, and kids were still working on getting out of the car, so Kat rushed to the front door and opened it.

A quick "Hi," was all she offered before she retreated back toward the bedroom.

"Hang on," Chris said as he dropped the box onto the bureau. He shut the front door behind him and took two long strides toward her.

"I missed you" he said as he grabbed her face and planted a kiss squarely on her mouth. He used one hand to hold her neck while the other coarsely ran down her body, stopping briefly for a grope of her excited tits and then down to her magnificent pussy. He cupped his hand over her crotch, holding the wet, soft heat in his hand. Her panties were still askew, she hadn't bothered to adjust them for her part-time lover, so he felt the flesh beneath his touch, giving little wiggles and tweaks with his fingertips as she moaned into his open mouth. It had been over 2 months since they were last able to hookup. She missed him too. She missed his cock and what it did to her.

Bang! Bang! Kimbra was at the front door wanting in. Chris broke the kiss, letting Kat escape to the bedroom.

"What the fuck?" Kimbra said when Chris finally got to the door..

"Sorry," he replied, "The A/C is on, I had to shut the door." She passed by him in a huff, luckily not noticing the bulge in his shorts. When she was safely in the kitchen Chris raised his fingers to his nose and inhaled the sensual aroma of Kat's young vagina.

Kat peeled off the camisole, letting her tits bounce as they escaped the fabric. She admired herself in the mirror briefly - her hair still tussled from a restful nights sleep, her heavy, D-cup breasts casting shadows across her modest belly pooch, her nipples still erect and sexy as they sat atop her tits. She quickly pulled on a flower print sundress with spaghetti straps and sandals so she could get back out and help unload.

Chris found Brad in the backyard and handed him a beer as they got down to business. The girls stayed inside, organizing food, watching the kids and fixing margaritas. Almost immediately the guys began they're usual conversations on sex. Chris was going through another drought and needed to get laid badly. Brad was going through no drought, though with her period it had been a week or so before he'd been laid.

"Well, mi casa su casa," Brad said. Looking up at Chris he added "mi esposa su esposa."

"Man, I'm so grateful for you all. I can't believe things have worked out like this. Kat's so amazing. Too bad we didn't have these conversations back in high school, I could've been sleeping with your wife for years now."

"I would've been good with that, but I don't think she would've. She's hornier now being in her 30s. More open."

"Well I think she's fucking great. She's sexy as hell. She's sweet. She's smart. She's got the most amazing tits I've ever had the pleasure of sucking."

"That she does," Brad replied. "That she does." Just then Kat came out the back door holding a stack of plates. Both men stared in silence.

"What?" She asked them, looking at both men with suspicion. "What were you two talking about."

"You," Chris chimed in. "And your general awesomeness." Chris tried to keep eye contact with her but had a hard time pulling his gaze away from her skimpy dress and the ample cleavage it provided.

"Aw, well thanks," Kat said with a smile as she straightened her back for him and set the dishes on the picnic table. "Boy this brings back memories," she said as she knocked on the tabletop, "Springtime and creampies" she added with a wink.

"Hell ya it does," Chris replied. "You know I've only got laid once since the last time we were together?"

"Yikes!" Kat said. "Bummer. Wish I could help, but alas, I think we're going to have a full house. I've gotta get back inside before the children destroy our hard work."

As she sauntered back toward the house the sun shone through Kat's thin skirt, letting the men see the entirety of her legs, up to the bump that was her vagina. Kat stopped to pick up the kids' shoes by the back door. She bent down, keeping her legs straight and slightly spread.

Both men stared, mouths agape, as the hem of her dress inched higher and higher, coming to a stop a whisper below her vagina. She picked up the shoes and turned toward the men to pick up one more. They kept staring as the neckline of Kat's dress fell open and they could see her young breasts hanging down, all but the nipples visible. She stood back up, glanced at the house behind her, then reached up and quickly pulled her right tit out of the dress, flashing them. She loved the power she held over these two men. She loved how wet their attention made her. She turned and went back inside, leaving the men to reel.

Shortly thereafter the guests starting arriving en masse. The house was full within an hour. People out front, out back, all over. Despite their best attempts, Kat and Chris couldn't find privacy enough for any more than a quick kiss or grope.

By the middle of the afternoon everyone was having a great time. The adults all had a nice buzz, especially Kat. She was on her third margarita when her brother in law, whom she'd noticed ogling at her all day, brought to her attention that the beer was running dangerously low. Being the constant hostess she assured him she would take care of it. While he stood next to her she opened the fridge and leaned inside, looking throughout for any more beer. She found two hidden in the back and handed them to him.

As he grabbed it his eyes fell to her chest, where the frigid air had made her nipples stand out prominently. She inhaled deeply, letting him enjoy the sight for a moment. Unbeknownst to her, her father in law had also come in through the back door and was now standing in the pantry, pretending to grab some potato chips, but really staring at his busty daughter in law with lust. It wasn't his fault, she did it to all the guys. She turned and noticed him. She flashed him a smile before going to look for Brad.

She found her husband in the bathroom. He was stuck giving all the kids a bath as they had been into a mud puddle under the deck; they were filthy.

"Hey, I've gotta go on a beer run, any requests?" Kat asked him.

"Somethin' good. How many have you had to drink?" Brad replies.

"3... 4 maybe?"

"And how far are you driving'?"

Right then, as if by kismet, Chris popped his head in, "Hey guys, I'm in trouble. I forgot the gluten free deserts for Kimbra. I've gotta run to Whole Foods. I'll be right back."

"Perfect," Brad replies, "Kat needs something too. And she's been drinking a bit so she's too loose to drive. Maybe you can drive her." He gave his best friend a knowing wink and received an odious smile in return.

"I'll be in the truck." And with that Chris slipped out of the bathroom, passing his own wife to give her a kiss before disappearing out the front door.

Brad pulled the shower curtain over so the kids could no longer see him as he stood up and gave his wife a passionate kiss. Grabbing the base of her head and turning it into his open mouth, he pressed his tongue hard against hers. She wrapped her arms around his neck and accepts his advance. His hands slid down her body, from her armpits over her ribcage, firm like a man should grab a woman. His hands found their way to her ass, kneading it over her panties as she ground her lower stomach into his cock. Brad hooked his fingers in her panties and slid them down her legs, breaking the kiss to take them all the way to the floor. She obligingly stepped out of them.

He placed them in her hand and closed her fingers around them, standing up and whispering in her ear, "Put those back on after he cums. I'll use those this week when I can't have you."

"Be right back, baby." She lifted the hem of her flimsy dress as she turned, flashing her bare ass at at him.

Honk! Honk! Chris beeped twice.

"No rush!" Brad called after her as she disappeared out of sight. On the way out the door, only her brother in law, Dan, now on the couch, noticed her fistful of pink silk fabric. He watched with interest and suspicion as she walked out the door and got in Chris's truck. When she closed the door she threw the panties at Chris. He put them to his nose and inhaled deeply before smiling wide and tossing the moot apparel onto the dash.

Before they were even out of the driveway Kat had her hand sliding up Chris's thigh from under his shorts. She used her right hand to wave to all of the guests seated on the front lawn shooting fireworks off in the street. As they pulled away his right hand found its way to her soft, creamy thigh, sliding under her dress toward her sex. Within seconds of turning the corner down the street he had is right hand cupping her bald, naked pussy. Wiggling his middle finger around. Teasing her labia with his fingertips.

In turn she found his cock and started stroking it with her soft, delicate hand. She loosened her grip and traced her fingertips along the shaft and around the head. She soon grabbed at the base and milked it forward, eliciting moans from the driver.

"Unzip me." He commanded.

They were two blocks away: She didn't hesitate. With a hungry look in her eyes Kat released his cock to unzip his pants. She dove her hand into the opening, gingerly working his erect cock out of its confines. She laid her torso down on the bench seat, on her right side, with her back to the steering wheel, she sucked his stiff cock into her mouth. She was so lust-filled by now, she sank him deep into her mouth, his cock sliding against the back of her throat. She let him go so deep she gagged before she slowly retreated, sucking like she was trying to get a marble through a straw. Chris moaned like a bear waking up from hibernation. Kat moaned too, making her mouth, and consequently his cock, vibrate luxuriously.

Chris's hand, meanwhile, had pulled down the spaghetti strap from Kat's shoulder and had pulled her dress down far enough to expose one of her fine D breasts. He massaged it and stroked it. He pulled ever so lightly on her hardened nipple, to which he received moans in return.

By the time they were three blocks away she had her right leg bent and laid flat against the seat and the left leg extended, foot on the dash with her toes pressed against the corner of the windshield. This of course caused the hem of Kat's dress fell back onto her stomach. The sun shining through the window lit up her pussy and surrounding flesh like the pot o' gold at the end of a rainbow. Chris swerved suddenly to miss hitting a light pole in his distracted state.

"We gotta stop," Chris said.

"Mmm" Kat moaned in disappointment as she popped off of his rigid cock. "Why?" she said before diving back down.

"No. Not stop that. Never stop that. I mean stop the car before we crash." Chris whipped the truck into an apartment complex not four blocks away from where their entire families wer celebrating the 4th of July.

He found an area of the parking lot near the dumpster where no one else was parked close. He shut off the ignition and basically dove toward her exposed cunt. She used to be timid, even shy, about letting her husband eat her out, preferring to just cut to the chase and just get laid, but since her awakening this winter she couldn't seem to get enough of it.

He wrapped his free arm around her extended left thigh, running his hands up and down her naked leg, to her hips, past the bunched fabric of her dress, and up to her wonderful breast. As he found her nipple he gave it a little tweak, causing Kat to yelp and close her thighs around his head. He sucked the folds of her pussy into his mouth. She was already so deliciously wet.

He pulled away slightly to look at the beautiful vagina he'd been longing for, giving it light kisses to which she giggled, wiggling her hips and causing her wet lips to trace around his mouth and the tip of his tongue. She tasted like Heaven. He began to kiss harder then. Pressing his tongue flat against her lips, massaging her labia with his mouth. He backed his mouth up to the top, where her crease began, and let his tongue trace down her slit, splitting it open and letting his tongue dive deep, only briefly, before making a final exit at her taint and starting again at the top. She reveled in the feeling. Chris put a constant, rotating pressure on her light patch of pubic hair.

And Chris was amazingly well adept. She told him as much by cumming under his touch. He sucked on her opening, drinking in her cum like wine. Her orgasm made her suck harder and Chris couldn't contain himself any longer. His salty ejaculate came coursing through is cock, emptying deep in Kat's mouth, almost shooting straight down her throat. She swallowed all that he had. Sucking it out like it was the first, still frozen bit of a milkshake.

The pair laid there a few minutes, catching their breath, toying each other's sex with their mouths. Him giving light kisses upon her soft inner thighs and lower stomach, tracing her beautiful landscape with his tongue and his fingers, while she in turn snaked her tongue around his semi-hard cock, keeping it steady with her cheeks and the suction of her mouth. In moments he was hard again and she was equally as ready. They both sat up and scooted to the passenger side to get away from the steering wheel. He pushed his pants down to his ankles and she pulled his shirt up over his head. Sliding her bare chest against his, she straddled his lap. Kat aimed the head of his cock at her pussy and sat slowly, allowing only the tip of the head to penetrate her body.

She froze, keeping him here as he feasted on her exposed breasts. Despite her attempt at staying stationary to tease her beau, the upward thrusts of Chris's hips were enough to try her patience. She relented and sat down fully, giving herself to him just as he wanted. Once there she stopped again and kissed Chris passionately on the lips. He sucked her bottom lip into his mouth and nibbled on it while she flexed her vaginal muscles around his steady cock. Her hands carressing his neck and shoulders, and his hands caressing her hips and waist. They made out for at least five minutes, relishing the feeling of their entwined bodies: his cock buried in her hot womb, her tongue lost in his mouth, their arms wrapped around one another and their flesh pressed together.

Despite the shade, the air was getting stale and hot in the truck. Chris cracked the window a few inches. The small breeze was nice but it didn't stop their bodies from sweating profusely together. Their stomachs slid and her tits slid against his chest and his dick slid into her sweet, womanly vagina.

She continued to kiss him and grind her hips into his lap. She was going to give him the ride of a lifetime, she'd decided. Kat started moving her hips in circles like she used to do with the hoola hoop when she was a kid. Slowly at first, then faster and faster as the momentum increased. He moaned into her mouth. Both had their eyes closed, so there's no way they could have seen the 20 something man pass by on his way to the dumpster. As he passed he heard Kat whimper and looked over, staring at them he walked slowly, uncomfortably lo the trash bin. He tossed his garbage and let the lid close with a "Bang!"

At that moment Chris and Kat looked up and caught eyes with the man. All three froze, contemplating their next move. Chris was the first to act, grabbing Kat's soft ass and prompting her to continue her movements once again. She turned back to her lover and switched to vertical movements, sliding slowly up until his prick had nearly escaped her body, then slowly back down, feeling every centimeter of his hard cock pushing into her soft pussy.

The man approached the truck slowly, cautiously. When it became apparent that the couple didn't mind his presence, he checked his surroundings quickly before releasing his erection from his shorts. He stood just outside the truck, separated by a passenger door window from one of the hottest women he had ever seen naked in real life, fucking this lucky bastard right before his eyes. She was bouncing up and down relentlessly now, helped only by her lovers hands squeezing her ass, helping her along.

The man stroked his cock vigorously as he watched her tits bounce and her face contort in ecstasy. He was mesmerized by the perfection of her D-cups, topped with stout, dark pink nipples. He wanted so badly to touch them, to squeeze them, to kiss them. At that moment, as if Chris had heard the man's thoughts and felt sorry for him, a motor began to whir and the window came sliding down, releasing a rush of air conditioned cold and noises of hot sex upon the man. Kat was grunting rapidly now, each time she impaled herself on Chris. He was moaning in kind as this beautiful woman rode him without mercy.

The man placed his left hand on the door at the open window space. When Chris saw this he grabbed the man's hand, gave him a wink, and placed it on Kat's breast. She opened her eyes and saw the stranger's hand sliding around on her breast. She arched her back, pointing her tits toward the man as much as possible.

He caressed her fair skin, watching the goosebumps rise on her flesh. He stepped up on the running board and leaned in, kissing her stiff nipple. Kat began to whimper, grunt and growl all at the same time. The young man's strong tongue circled her nipple gently, he bit teasingly. He moved his right hand down to her plush ass and squeezed. When she didn't protest, he worked his way to the center and pressed gently against her puckered asshole, so wet from her continuing cum mere centimeters away that the tip of his finger easily pierced her hole.

A shockwave went through her body. Her hips shook as she worked Chris's manhood around her vagina. Chris felt hot wax run down his shaft as she came, cooling as it ran into his pubic hair and was exposed to the a/c. Her pussy tightened and released, squeezed and pulled on Chris. She bounced up and down, the man struggled to keep his mouth clamped to her breast. She tensed, closed her eyes and bit her lip and finally convulsed through the pinnacle of her orgasm.

Just as her climax was subsiding Chris exploded deep between her legs. The stranger reached down and instantly came onto the side of Chris's truck. Chris, however, chose to plant his seed about 7 inches deep into the fertile womb of his best friend's wife. She knew he was cumming and so she milked his cock with her tight pussy. She kept fucking until he was entirely limp and she was successfully spent.
She lifted off of Chris and went to put her panties on, but couldn't find them. She looked all over. They weren't on the dash and they weren't on the floor. It was then that she realized the man was gone. As Chris was driving away Kat realized her mysterious helper probably took a souvenir. She doubted her husband would mind if she just explained the situation.

She was right.

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